Best Hotels In Asturias

Best Hotels In Asturias – Hotels in Asturias highlight the magic and romance that surrounds this beautiful region of northern Spain. High mountains meet the vast sea, and the Way of St. James splits the country down the middle, attracting thousands of people every year. Every lover of the splendor of nature will find this peaceful place to satisfy all their spiritual desires. Your romantic, family and wellness vacation in Astoria will surely leave an impression that will last a lifetime.

Asturias, a beautiful province of sunny Spain, is located in the most charming corners of the country, offering beautiful landscapes, lively cities, a diverse historical heritage and a unique culinary experience. Like many other regions in Spain, the province is a wonderful mix of old and new, but the former clearly dominates. Asturias retains the spirit of the gin past. On the beach, in busy cities or in the beautiful countryside, the variety of hotels and paradores will satisfy with quality and service and will make your dream holiday in Spain.

Best Hotels In Asturias

© Parador de Corias Asturias is a unique region located on the northwestern coast of Spain and is a paradise for lovers of nature and culture. The indented coast dotted with hidden coves is only the tip of the iceberg of the wild beauty of this region. Asturias is known for excellent hiking and climbing opportunities in the southern mountains of the region. These active vacation options are complemented by pleasant medieval towns, some of which date back more than 1,000 years. The choice of hotels in Asturias is as diverse as the region itself. From modern sophistication to rustic charm, there is something for every taste. For an authentic experience, choose a few nights at the Parador. These special buildings are maintained by the Spanish government and pay homage to the magical atmosphere and historical foundations they occupy.

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In general, Asturias can be divided into two main areas: the coast and the mountainous interior. The largest cities in the region are the coastal city of Gijon and the capital of the region, Oviedo. Both cities are good starting points for exploring the diverse country and boast the widest range of hotels in the region. Oviedo is known throughout the country for its Gothic and 9th century cathedrals. The main coastal road that runs through the province of Tir between Unquera in the east and Ribadeo in the west is a great way to explore the Asturian coast. Along the way, you will pass countless beaches, such as Play del Silcio, located in a very beautiful bay. For lovers of hiking and mountain exploration, a trip to the south is recommended. It should be noted that Los Pacos de Europa National Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Spain and will amaze you with its uniquely shaped mountains at an altitude of 2,500 meters, such as Naranjo de Blanes, which has a wall almost 600 meters high. tall. . The southern, interior region of Asturias has a well-developed network of hiking trails that offer extensive tours through the rugged mountains.

© Parador de Cangas de Onís Asturias boasts cultural and natural attractions. To experience the local culture, visit the Asturian Folklore Museum in Gijón to gain an insight into the history and people of Asturias. For art lovers, the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias in Oviedo illuminates the art history of the region. The La Pa Caves in the quiet village of Kundama are known for their cave paintings depicting past times. For a glimpse into the past, visit the Museum of the Stone Age of Asturias, not far from Colina. In addition to cultural monuments, Asturias is also known for its natural beauty. The mountain lakes of Covadonga are stunning. They can be reached by car and offer a unique mountain landscape with beautiful lakes in the middle of Spain’s oldest national park. One of the best routes is the so-called Ruta del Cares. It starts in the northern part of Los Picos de Europa National Park and reaches the highest peak in the park in a protected area. Well-maintained trails reward hikers with spectacular views.

The humid and cool climate of the region is suitable for livestock grazing. Cows are not very expensive in Spain. Accordingly, the quality of milk and beef is considered the highest in the world. Thanks to cows, Asturias is known for its excellent cheese. With more than 30 cheeses and a special ‘Cese Route’, cheesemongers are sure to get their money’s worth. If you ask a local about the region’s most important fruit, you’ll hear about apples used to make apple pastries and cider. This apple is reputed to be the most popular drink among the local population and you will get used to seeing it on the table with every meal. Asturias is famous for its fish dishes due to its proximity to the sea and the rivers that flow through the region. River salmon is considered a delicacy like fish. Various sausages are another regional favorite and are best enjoyed in hearty vegetable soups. Those with a sweet tooth will find themselves in good company at each charming bakery, where you’ll find delicious almond cakes and local favorites like rice pudding.

How to get there: Visitors from Asturias can easily travel overland by air. The only international airport in the region is located in Kasrillon. However, you can fly to Bilbao and connect there. Alternatively, Asturias is connected to the rest of Spain by a network of buses and trains. For example, trips to Asturias are often linked to Barcelona or Madrid.

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Best time to visit: Asturias is very hot between July and October. This is a favorite time to visit the region, thanks to the cool Atlantic air, the average temperature usually does not exceed 30 °C, and the water is a pleasant 25 °C. The off-season from March to May is usually pleasantly mild and you will be with fewer visitors. Boutique hotels in Asturias! Are you looking for boutique hotels in Asturias, Spain? ✅ We have selected the best luxury hotels in Asturias based on quality ratings. Enjoy our special offers for your trip to Asturias ✅ Book now online!

Avoiding the hustle and bustle of Asturias, Manolo renovated a beautiful house from the 18th century surrounded by nature and greenery.

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Charming boutique hotels in Asturias allow you to explore the sights of Asturias and enjoy every second of your vacation. How to get there from Asturias? Easily accessible from Asturias with a perfectly connected motorway network. The hotels are about 4 hours from Madrid and 2 hours from Bilbao. Asturias is known for its uneven terrain, which offers beautiful views. Exciting stages of La Volta were held on this section, which always gives a great boost to the region.

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What to see and do in Asturias? Boutique hotels are ideally located for exploring Asturias. Oviedo, Gijon, Avilés, Llanes, Descendants of Sella, Cudilero, Ribadesella, Lastres, Tazones… all unique and interesting places. Don’t miss Tito Bustillo’s cave paintings, Colinga’s Jurassic Museum or important pre-Romanesque monuments such as Santa Maria del Naranco or San Miguel de Lillo… Explore all our boutique and luxury hotels in Asturias. And order now! Gijon, Oviedo and Aviles are the most important cities in Asturias and offer a great cultural offer. Where to stay in Asturias? Our hotels in Asturias allow you to stay in style in the best places and at the best prices. What are the best beaches in Asturias? Among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Asturias; Po Beach, Allenes, Gulpiori, El Silencio Beach, Zigo, Torambia, Cuevas del Mar, La Concha de Artido….

Where are the best parties in Asturias? La Semana Negra, Descenso del sella, Carmín de la Pola, Fiesta de los huevos pintos, Descenso del Nalón in Gijón. When to go from Asturias?

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