Best Hot Dogs In San Antonio

Best Hot Dogs In San Antonio – Dogfather’s hot dogs include, left to right, the Brat (beer sausage, spicy mustard, horseradish cream, cabbage, fried onions) with a side of fried pickles, Frito Pie (spicy beef, four peppers, cheddar, Fritos, jalapenos, sour cream) and the elote (frank beef, corn, queso fresco, parmesan, tacos, mayo, lime).

After an extended closure for repairs, gourmet hot dog restaurant The Dogfader has finally set a reopening date. The Coppola-inspired restaurant will open its doors on Friday, November 26.

Best Hot Dogs In San Antonio

The San Pedro store known for its inventive and loaded franks has announced the Black Friday reopening on its social media platforms.

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“Thank you for waiting patiently for us and thank you to our staff for staying with us. We totally appreciate your support,” the post read.

In June, Father Hunt was renovating the roof when the store flooded and caused extensive water damage in the dining room and kitchen. During the repair process, the operation, jointly owned by Patrick Curel and Jaime Hoppe, was forced to close shop. Ahead of the reopening, Curel says the team is looking forward to the big day.

“We’re super excited. We know there’s a lot ahead of us, a lot ahead of us. It’s like a relief that it’s almost over,” Curel told MySA. “We appreciate their team and everything they’ve done for us and we stay with us.”

“Our burgers are killers and we decided to introduce the impossible burger to appeal to our vegans as well,” Kurel says.

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Earlier this year, the Dogfader received accolades from the Express-News’ catering team for being named “5 Places for Great Hot Dogs” and named the best hot dog in town in 2018.

You can find the Dogfather at 6211 San Pedro Avenue. On opening day, it will be open from 12pm to 2am.

Proudly serving up inventive hot dog combos, The Dogfather is a go-to for anyone looking to indulge in some awesome dogs. Choose from options like the Elote (with roasted corn, smoked queso, crumbled tacos and mayonnaise) and the Ratchet (topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, queso and fried jalapeños).

Editor’s note: The Dogfader is temporarily closed, but be sure to check this place once it reopens.

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Hot dogs get the pure San Antonio treatment at Dogfather, located at 6211 San Pedro Ave. Paul Stevens/Staff I’m known to be a picky eater. I’ve always hated hot dogs, but when I find a good hot dog,

Fortunately, San Antonio has a surprising number of hot dog restaurants that make for a foodie adventure for my fellow hot dog lovers.

If you want more than a Six Flags hot dog, check out the 7 best hot dog restaurants in San Antonio.

We have eaten at Dogfather’s several times and absolutely love it! They have some of the most creative hot dogs in San Antonio, with treats like the Tot Dog (my favorite) and the Elote (a hot dog with corn, queso fresco and crumbled tacos).

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But what is really great about this castle is that there is something for everyone. The Dogfather even sells vegan frito pie, hot dogs, vegan chili dogs and impossible burgers.

When my in-laws come to town, we take the family to Wrigleyville for dinner. They are known for their poppy seed buns (which our nephew calls “dotted buns”) and creative fillings.

The staff is incredibly friendly and the service is always top notch. Although you must try a traditional Chicago hot dog for the first time, you should also try their Greek cuisine!

I know it sounds weird, but Wrigleyville also does some really, really good gyros and pita sandwiches. Trust me on this one.

Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor

Yes, I know Fatboy is about some of the best burgers in San Antonio, but the “dogs” are named after them too. This all-American restaurant makes one hell of a hot dog. You can really customize the hot dog however you want!

Start by ordering either a Fatdog (if you’re really hungry) or a Slimdog (if you want something more substantial). From there, you customize the hot dog by adding as many toppings as you like. Personally, I like to add grilled jalapenos, grilled onions and mustard.

Hotdogologist has a small storefront, but the real story is its funky 1960s bus! This hot dog brand brings dogs to various events and even runs specials if you book them in advance.

And much more. These guys are so creative, so show them some love when you see their bold orange van.

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Chicago Hot Dogs started as a hot dog cart, but now has a drive-through location and all. It’s also just around the corner from McAllister Park, so you can always grab some hot dogs and go for a picnic in the park.

Chicago Hot Dogs isn’t trying to wow you with a big menu or fancy toppings. They have a Chicago dog, a chili dog, and a San Antonio hot dog (mustard, mayo, jalapenos, and bacon). They have burgers, gyros, corn dogs and even Italian sandwiches, but these people are hot dog purists and I respect that.

The shack serves all-American hot dogs, but with a Mexican twist. Get the Mexican dog, which comes with pico de gallo and bacon, or the Shacrizzo dog, which comes with chorizo, onions, jalapeños and Swiss cheese.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong when exploring the menu here. But it is a crime against humanity if you visit the shack and do not order the crazy hot dog dessert. If it’s your first time, opt for the Banana Nut Churro Split!

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Don’t let his rugged exterior fool you. RockerDogz makes some of the best gourmet hot dogs in all of San Antonio. It started out as a hot dog cart for the music scene, but it’s still one of my favorite places to grab a fancy hot dog.

Being a foodie, the chef often changes the menu. Right now they have a Thai Kickboxer Dog that comes with sweet chili, red cabbage leaves and a sesame-lime sauce. Definitely not your typical hot dog stand, is it?

But don’t worry, this place is not super fancy. They even have a kids menu where you can get simple hot dogs for picky eaters.

My husband loves JK’s Chicago Hot Dogs because these guys take their sausage seriously. You can get a Wisconsin bratwurst or a Polish sausage hot dog if you really know your meat. While they absolutely nail the Chicago-style dog (which comes with pickles, tomatoes, peppers, and onions), JK’s also does a great New York-style dog and Coney Island-style dog.

Sonoran Hot Dog

PS They also do one of the best beef sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. If you want a taste of Chicago, this is the place to go!

At Roaming Texas, we’re a team of proud Texans (born and bred!) who can’t wait to share our state’s best-kept secrets with you!

We use our personal experience to write about the best restaurants, bars, breweries, attractions and activities across Texas. Read more The Chicago hot dog is served at the original San Antonio Hot Dog House, which won the Critics’ Choice Best Hot Dog award. Cynthia Esparza / For The Express-News

It might be a little too much to rave about something as simple as a corn dog, but done right shows how much the people at the original San Antonio Hot Dog House, 1218 W. Bitters Road, care about making good food.

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Well-executed franks in a variety of styles are why this restaurant is the critics’ choice for the best hot dogs.

Instead of the perfectly formed institutional coat that is also common in corn dogs, this one is gorgeous in its imperfection. The batter tastes like a corn muffin wrapped around a hot dog, with some flavor and crunch from the frying oil. Chances are it’s been too long since you’ve had a well-made corn dog like this. You’ll never look at an institutional specialty the same way again.

The Chicago dog here may not pass the test of Chicago-born perfection, but considering how far this dog is from home, he’s definitely behind the scenes.

But this dog is on another level. It’s a bacon-wrapped dog, fried and crispy, covered in melted blue cheese sauce and bacon bits, all in a regular hot dog bun. It shouldn’t be that good or that addictive, but one taste invites another bite and it’s hard to resist.

Places For Great Hot Dogs In San Antonio: Rockerdogz, Bandit Bbq, The Dogfather, Jk’s Chicago Hot Dogs And The Shack

Other dogs have different names and styles: the Southwest Dog includes salsa and chili; The grilled cheese dog on Texas toast features American cheese; The Carolina Dog includes chili, onion and coleslaw. etc

Throughout the menu there is an emphasis on freshness and making from scratch, from the dough for the onion rings to the dressings that accompany the savory wings. There is a difference in all this. 1 of 12 All beef hot dogs are only $1.50 with a fountain drink

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