Best Hot Chocolate In Melbourne

Best Hot Chocolate In Melbourne – Place Mörk Chocolate Brew House Melbourne is a chocolate treat for all chocolate lovers, one of my best hot chocolate cafe experiences. Based in North Melbourne, the brand supplies cocoa to cafes and restaurants. The first and only physical concept opened about a year ago. Upon entering the cafe, I fell in love with Mörk Chocolate Melbourne’s clean and minimalist space, where all chocolate products and the open concept kitchen take center stage. It seats less than twenty, but I can’t complain about watching the chocolate “chemists” or baristas at work, because it’s so much fun watching them prepare the chocolate dishes on the menu. Interestingly, Mörk means dark in Swedish, so expect a lot of dark chocolate on their menu.

Food Mork Chocolate uses single-origin cocoa powder from Peru. Try the chocolate drink, which comes in a variety of flavors, such as salted caramel hazelnut and cinnamon, along with sweet cakes if you like a lot of chocolate. We tried the surprisingly rich Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (AUD$4). House Hot Chocolate caters to the full spectrum of chocolate lovers, with 50%, 70% and 75% cocoa options available.

Best Hot Chocolate In Melbourne

If you only try one menu item, my top pick is the Campfire Chocolate (AUD$8). It was a smoky and sensual experience, served with beechwood smoke and toasted marshmallows. Simply pour hot chocolate over a glass and watch the chemical reactions of the smoke. Entertainment is definitely 100%.

Of The Best Places To Get Hot Chocolate In Adelaide!

We tried the Morkshakes Malt Chocolate Shake ($7 AUD) for the contrast between the flavors of hot and cold chocolate. I personally like hot chocolate because it’s easier on my stomach

I will be back if you are looking for a chocolate cafe experience in Melbourne, Marc Chocolat is my top recommendation. The chocolate flavor is rich and I love the idea of ​​serving chocolate at its purest. Chocolate lovers, you won’t regret trying this. By signing up, you accept regular email. email marketing from the email address provided. Conditions. Privacy policy

With winter fast approaching, we’re cutting the ribbon and officially heralding the start of hot chocolate season! Anything made with chocolate is guaranteed to be a winner, but when it comes to this decadent drink, the people of Melbourne don’t play around. From the days of microwaving Nesqui and milk, we’ve come a long way from roasting cocoa to pouring hot chili. For all the chocolate lovers out there, here are some cool places in the city that offer the best hot chocolate in Melbourne.

Curious lovers of cocoa concoctions should enjoy the craft of Mork Chocolate Brew House. With cocoa roasting equipment on site, there are a number of options to choose from. If you prefer hot chocolate with a healthy dose of nostalgia, Campfire is for you. This Instagram star infuses her dark hot chocolate with charcoal salt, maple wood smoke, and toasted marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Festival @ Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Thanks to Columbia, one of Melbourne’s best hot chocolates, Fitzroy’s Sonido has scored an unexpected victory thanks to one ingredient: cheese. No, this is not an autocorrect error, this South American cafe calls for some queso, which increases the flavor and texture tenfold. It’s a common practice in Colombia that results in a creamy, rich and unique hot chocolate that’s equal parts rare and wonderful. To say we’re obsessed is a gross understatement.

If you can’t afford more than $2,000 for a plane ticket to Belgium, Chocolite CBD is nearby. Based in the Royal Arcade, chocolatiers Ross and Mariana Harvey have been quietly killing the hot chocolate game since 2007. While the classics (milk, dark and white) are top notch, the real magic is their mugs. Flavor explosions like Jaffa, Affogato and Chili. To enjoy, combine some of Melbourne’s best hot chocolate with couverture chocolates, handmade cakes and desserts.

Seven Seeds is a big name in the roasting world and the same cafe in Carlton is a popular meeting place for coffee lovers and visitors from the north. Coffee sure kills, but have you tried hot chocolate? Having been in the shadows for too long, this rich and rounded delight deserves its moment, and we’re here to give it to them. Made with 70% Ecuadorian Birdsnake chocolate, it’s just sweet enough to get you through these cold winter days.

When it comes to Melbourne’s best hot chocolate, four words stand out: Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. Featuring what can only be described as liquid Reese’s, Bowery Williamsburg’s traditional hot chocolate goes beyond the decadent sugar coma. Sweet, savory and oh so decadent, this classic New York diner style is perfect. Finish with a Reese’s snack on the side and you’ll remember the day you tried this peanut butter hot chocolate.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge Northland

When you’re in need of a sugar fix, you can be sure that Cocoa Black is never far away. With locations spread across the city, you’ll never want to be without Melbourne’s best hot chocolate. The chocolate speaks to its signature recipe, creating the perfect combination of 54 percent Belgian dark chocolate, cream and milk. The sweetness doesn’t stop there, with flavors like mocha, orange, cinnamon, ginger and chili. Did we mention that each store also has free chocolate samples?

Classic, hazelnut, cinnamon, pepper, chili, white, spicy chai, vanilla, salted caramel; You name it, Ganache has hot chocolate in it. Small handmade chocolates that are as delicious to look at as they are to eat, which means they serve some of the best hot chocolate in Melbourne. For those days when sugar just won’t cut it, Cocoa Angels will add a delicious rocket of your favorite spirits from their South Yarra flagship store to your drink, promising to brighten even the gloomiest of days.

For 30 years, Brunetti’s has been the premier destination for Italian pastries, desserts and pastries that need no introduction. Similar to what you’ll find in traditional Roman patisseries, Brunetti’s decadent hot chocolate is definitely one of the best. With just the right amount of thickness and sweetness, this simple drink gives the incredibly sophisticated cake in the window a run for its money.

Friendly neighbors HeartAttack and Vine have taken over Carlton’s cafe (and aperitif) scene with their old fashioned hospitality and charm. Although it’s best known in town for its cicchetti, a Venetian-style tapas dish, the undisputed hero is the hot chocolate. House-made ganache is topped with orange chili syrup for a crunchy, chunky chocolate explosion. This is really crazy…

The Best Hot Chocolate In Melbourne, Australia

Love Melbourne’s best hot chocolate and looking for more treats? Check out our article on Melbourne’s best bakeries to satisfy your carb cravings and Melbourne-based cake shops for all your sugar cravings. Ready for a glass of wine? Indulge your guts at one of Melbourne’s best wine bars. Here is a list of hot chocolates for this winter. With the colder months upon us, we’ve looked outside to bring you delicious hot chocolate options.

Now, we set out to test 5 hot chocolates for this winter season, but to be honest, many of them didn’t turn out very well; so here are 3 we think you should enjoy!

Note: If we find any more good ones, be sure to update the list, and be sure to leave your recommendations in the comments!

Would you expect anything less from a food artist at the Sandringham union hall? Perfectly presented with cute marshmallows and Ferrero Rocher on the side, this creamy Nutella hot chocolate is sure to get you in the winter mood.

Food Review: Mork Chocolate Brew House Melbourne

Pro Tip: Take a minute before drinking and scoop out that Nutella with a spoon!

For something more elegant and sophisticated, try Sisko’s Spherical Hot Chocolate. I think this picture speaks for itself – hot chocolate, with real chocolate.

No professional advice. 1: Don’t take too many pictures because the drink will get cold and the golla won’t melt.

No professional advice. 2: Stir well before sipping to make sure all that lovely chocolate gets into your drink.

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

There is also a Cisco Eastland store

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