Best Hostels In Tel Aviv

Best Hostels In Tel Aviv – 3 Best Hostels in Tel Aviv, Israel – Super female dorms and social environment in the city center

If you are thinking of traveling to Israel, we want to help you prepare for the best hostels in Tel Aviv. There’s actually a lot to choose from, believe it or not.

Best Hostels In Tel Aviv

We’ve put together this guide so you can spend less time finding the right great hostel to stay in Tel Aviv for you.

Best Hostels In Tel Aviv (2022 Insider Guide)

Especially when there are more important things to start with, like using hummus.

You can find all the 5 star hostels and all the “best hostels in” guides here.

Average price per bed: Hostels in Tel Aviv cost €13 – €26 per night for a dorm bed. A private room starts from €45 to €120 per night. This is a rough average just to give you an idea.

Entry and exit: The average time of entry is from 15:00 (15:00), while the time of exit is before 11:00 (11:00). Hostels usually offer packages if you arrive early or leave late. Check if the luggage storage is free or if there is an extra charge.

Amazing Neighborhoods In Tel Aviv!

We have put all three residences on the map, you can find the map at the end of the article.

Florentine House, named after the neighborhood in which it is located, is a modern residence with 5 floors, just 1 km from the beach.

Just as New York has Williamsburg, Tel Aviv has Florentina. It’s the place to be! One of the best hostels that Tel Aviv has to offer and also one of the most famous hostels in Tel Aviv.

This area is full of hipster bars, unique shops and great restaurants. An ideal location for travelers looking for culture, art, music and nightlife.

Best Hostels In Tel Aviv, Israel (2022)

This is definitely a place to meet new friends and it couldn’t be easier with organized group events.

There are many rooms to choose from, including a female dormitory, a mixed dormitory and a luxury rooftop suite.

However, if you are looking for a budget private option, there are also basic double and twin/quad rooms.

The female bedrooms have a balcony, a private bathroom, a towel and all the necessary little things that will make your stay super comfortable.

From Tel Aviv To The Dead Sea: Israel In A Weekend

This is easy in our 3 best Tel Aviv hostels thanks to their beautiful simplicity and homey atmosphere.

It is actually located in an old authentic Yemeni building, made of zifzf stone and complemented by wood, metal art and cool colors.

Each can accommodate 8 guests and each bed has a shelf and USB sockets. Each room also has a suite. Bonus!

Without a doubt, the best place to sit is the spacious balcony under the sun, surrounded by potted plants.

Hotels In Florentin, Tel Aviv

Tip: Grab the free breakfast at the hostel and take it here to enjoy the morning peace of the city.

Pepo is located in the picturesque Yemenites Vineyard neighborhood. Carmel Market is right next door and the beach is 2 minutes down the road.

If you are looking for a quiet, clean and friendly environment, we say you have found your hostel here.

Our third recommendation is on a larger scale with 350 beds and the noise here comes from the large on-site bar.

Exceptional Budget Hostel Tel Aviv By Ismail

Yes, Avraham Hostel Tel Aviv is all about social vibes. So which social network do you choose?

But no doubt you would also like to be active and see the sights. This is also very easy and possible if you stick with Abraham.

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes from 4-12 mixed dorms, male and female dorms to private and family rooms.

When it comes to location, research couldn’t be easier. The beach, Old Jaffa and major cultural attractions are within walking distance. Oh, and the very convenient bus lines also pass right in front of the hostel.

The Best Hostels In Tel Aviv, Israel

Perhaps you can ask the staff about their local secrets while enjoying a complimentary breakfast. That’s what we’ll do.

There are many cheap hostels and cheap hotels in Tel Aviv, but be careful as not all of them are value for money.

If you’re traveling on a budget and want to save every penny, there are ways to find the cheapest accommodation in Tel Aviv.

Also pay attention to the ratings, especially the “extreme ratings”. That is, the best and the worst. These ratings can give great insight into what to expect.

Best Beaches Of Tel Aviv Israel To Check Out & Where To Stay

We love this piece. It is always a pleasure to offer solo backpackers of all types an option that suits their hostel needs.

We found some amazing ones that we’re starting to think Tel Aviv should promote as a hot destination for solo travelers.

If you’re a backpacker looking for a good time, check out some great backpacker hostel recommendations below.

The wonderful roof terrace is where the social and festive atmosphere takes place. It has palm trees, a lively bar and lounge and regular events, including live music. Not bad, huh?

Abraham Tel Aviv From $23. Tel Aviv Hotel Deals & Reviews

Don’t miss free local bars and fun activities like cooking classes and yoga.

Once you’ve pampered yourself with the rooftop terrace and on-site bar, you don’t have to go far for entertainment.

There are plenty of board games if you want a social but tame night with new faces.

Breakfast is free and you can enjoy tea and coffee every day or in the evening.

Backpacking Israel: Things To Do, Itinerary, Safety, Budget + Travel Tips!

Still looking for the best hostel in the world? There you have it, our favorite hostels in Tel Aviv.

Of course there are many more hostels. While we’ve narrowed down the best for you, there are still a few worth mentioning.

Staff organize group dinners and local pub visits to get things done. But before you head to the bar, take advantage of the wonderful patio and garden.

Shh! There is no curfew and you will be in the heart of Tel Aviv, so forget about taxi worries.

The Best Hotel In Israel

Old Jaffa Inn has a very nice rooftop to enjoy. With lots of interesting old furniture and decorative objects, this vintage inn is refreshing and has a very relaxed atmosphere.

It is close to bazaars, flea market, beach and park, nice bars, restaurants and record shops nearby. Of course, there are many things to do and places to go in Tel Aviv.

Great jazz music plays in the lobby, bathrooms and dining room. Interesting, isn’t it? This is one of the best features of the Inn.

Location: Located in one of the liveliest parts of Jaffa. The bus station is only a 300m walk from Hostel Old Jaffa. Old Jaffa Hostel is located 500 meters from Milk and Honey Hostel Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv center and Hagana Train Station are 3 km away. Dan TLV or Dan Tel Aviv Bus Station is a 16-minute drive away. Overstay Hostel is a 7-minute drive away.

At My Age? Staying In Hostels In Israel

We have included useful links to each of the recommended hostels. Just click on the name of the hostel. This link will direct you to check pricing and availability.

All the best hostels in Tel Aviv are popular; Especially in high season. To make sure you end up in modern hostels, reserve your room or bed as soon as your travel dates are set.

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We personally like to plan our trips with a map that shows all the sights and possible hostels. We think this map will also help you plan your trip.

The Top 10 Very Best, Budget Friendliest Hostels In Israel!

Okay, you should have found a place to live by now. Below are all the frequently asked questions. to look

Not all cheap accommodation in Tel Aviv is necessarily safe, especially the cheapest accommodation in sketchy areas. It may be an illegal hostel without proper permission to operate and security measures.

So in all fairness it is best to look around as we have safe hostels in Tel Aviv. You can find the best rated backpacker hostel! Carefully monitor the overall rating on the booking platforms!

The best place to find hostels is of course. We have the best hostels the world has to offer.

Abraham Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Yafo Updated 2022 Room Price Reviews & Deals

We strive to provide you with the best accommodations. Check out the best hostels in the world guide; From Paris to Tokyo.

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Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv Video Guide > Abraham Home

If you want to check out the 10 best hostels in the world, save and keep visiting our website.

We’ve also created a huge hostel guide. Here we cover how to build lifelong friendships in hostels, the perfect packing list and more.

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