Best Hostels In Istanbul

Best Hostels In Istanbul – Wait a minute! Before you book your flight to Turkey, be sure to check out our 3 hand-picked hotels in Istanbul.

We strive to find affordable hotels, including the best party hotels in Istanbul. This is an internal guide to top class hotels in Istanbul.

Best Hostels In Istanbul

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Jumba Hostel, Istanbul

What you may or may not know is the best 5 star hotel in the world.

And guess what? We have included some great 5 star hotels in Istanbul here. Continue scrolling to find out more about Wabi Sabi Hostel Istanbul.

We have also created a collection of great 5 star hotels in Europe for travelers like you. Find our guide to the best hotels in the world here.

Average price for bed: Bed in dormitory varies from € 10 to 15 15 per night. This largely depends on the quality of the hotel and if you travel at the weekend.

Best Hostels In Istanbul For Solo Travelers, Party & Chill

This is a difficult medium to give you an idea. Prices vary depending on the season and holiday. Guest houses in Turkey are usually very cheap.

Check-in and Check-out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (15:00 hours) and the check-out time is before 11 hours (11 hours). Guest houses usually provide luggage storage in case you arrive early or leave late. Check to see if storage is free or if there is an additional charge.

Party vs Party Boutique Hostels: Consider the type of guesthouse you want. There are many basic hotels. Many guesthouses in Istanbul, such as Cheers Hostel, are suitable for travelers. Make sure you set your expectations correctly and choose the right category.

In this guide, we highlight each category of travelers in each hotel. Ideal for families, couples, parties and solo travellers.

Best And Coolest Hostels In Istanbul 2022 (solo Traveler + Map)

Taxi scams: Don’t trust random taxi drivers on the road. They can overcharge you without giving you change and trick you into driving a car. Taxi scams are common here. Here are some tips for taxis in Istanbul and what to avoid.

Ready to find a meeting place of the East and the West? We’ve added 5 of our favorite guesthouses, attractions and local news to our helpful maps.

If I were you, we’d be here. Cheers Hostel is Istanbul’s best hotel for solo travelers.

Private rooms include two, triple and twin beds in an additional building. This means that you can stay in private quarters, but you can also come and use the common areas to hang out and together.

Party Hostel Istanbul

If some energy remains; Try archery or backgammon.

Head to the on-site terrace bar and sit with a mojito overlooking the Blue Mosque. In the winter, sit by the stove with Turkish coffee.

Don’t worry if you are not staying in an 8-bed dormitory. You can enjoy the view from the roof of the inn.

There is a lively terrace overlooking the Blue Mosque. Enjoy party-inspired drinks and food at a discount.

Backpack In Comfort At Istanbul’s 8 Best Hostels

Downstairs there is also a bank restaurant. Guests can enjoy a 10% discount here and a free breakfast in winter.

The staff here really make sure you have a great time. Don’t be shy, it’s full of useful information, tips and hints!

Wabi Sabi Hostel Istanbul believes that just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to give up style.

Update: Bunk Hostel Taksim has been renamed. Now the new name is Wabi Sabi Hostel Istanbul. Don’t worry, it’s the same guest house!

Best Hostels In Istanbul (that I Love!)

Amazing plants 170 beds! Of course, this means there is plenty of room to choose from.

We are happy to hear that spice blankets, cowboy hats and password locks are provided free of charge during your stay.

Take the elevator to explore the rooftop terrace with stunning views. There is also a bar and cafe on top of it.

Taksim Square is only 750 meters away and is a nightclub, shopping and dining area. The old town is only 1.6 km away.

The Local Istanbul

If you are looking for more liveliness, we recommend hostels #1 and #2. This is a great hotel to sit on the roof with friends and enjoy their famous pizza and cocktails.

The atmosphere on the roof begins. Here you can smoke hookah, play games and make new friends. It is not the best party hotel in Istanbul, but the name says that it is a guest house, but it is actually a house Guesthouse.

There is a hotel bar where travelers celebrate their journey with 1, 2 or 3 drinks and more.

There are also many clubs and bars nearby in case you want to go out. Chillout Lya Bar is open until 4am – Fiesta is here!

Book Orange Airport Hostel In İstanbul

Taksim Square is a 3-minute walk from the Istanbul Guesthouse. Again you are surrounded by great nightlife, but you can also enjoy your stay in the hotel bar.

Of course, there are many more hotels in the city. In fact, there are more than 120 guesthouses in Istanbul, Turkey.

That is absurd! That’s why we always choose our 3 favorite hostels. So you don’t need to do this research and you have a reliable website to find the best hotel.

That said, here is a short list of other good hotels to choose from in Istanbul.

The 8 Best Hostels In Istanbul To Experience Staying At In 2022!

Hush Hostel Lounge offers modern dormitories and rooms with free Wi-Fi in the Anatolian part of Istanbul. It has a large garden and a roof terrace overlooking the Bosphorus.

There are two Hush guesthouses in Istanbul. This is the second seat, Moda (see below!)

Please watch the video below. It offers free breakfast, atmosphere and accommodation. They offer a yoga class and a small garden.

Each bed in the bedroom has a plug and lights. But they don’t have privacy curtains, and the bunk bed is a vibrating iron bed.

Best Hostels And Hotels

Stay Inn Taksim Hostel is one step from the lively Istiklal Street. This area is called the Beyoglu region.

The name Backpacker Place attracts you?! After all, a guest house should be your second home, your home on the street.

Second Home Hostel will be the most typical Istanbul Youth Guesthouse for people of all ages, nationalities and travel styles! The hotel offers great services and events:

Fun facts, social media and YouTube phenomena and travel bloggers are also welcome. Nice hotel for travel bloggers staying.

Archeo Hostel ⋆ Istanbul ⋆ Turkey ⋆ Rates From $45

Located in the heart of Istanbul, just 5 minutes walk from the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. The Terrace Café serves local and international breakfast.

There are many Istanbul Cheers Hostels throughout the city! Our favorite is the regular Cheers Hostel. See maps for their different locations.

Just a 5-minute walk from Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, Cheer Lighthouse is a hotel located in Sultanahmet, Istanbul.

This hotel is only for tourists, so locals cannot stay. There is also an age limit of 18 to 40 years.

Best Coliving And Coworking In Turkey + Hostels, Hotels & Airbnbs

Located in Istanbul, a 5-minute walk from Hagia Sophia and a 10-minute walk from the Blue Mosque, Cheers Vintage offers affordable accommodation with a bar and free WiFi. If you are looking for a cheap hostel in Istanbul, this is the right choice for the off-season. Not sure.

Although Cheers Vintage is the most beautiful hotel in the high season! It really depends on the number of people here. If you are a single person, you will definitely find it too quiet for a guest house.

Their little roof deck is an absolute highlight. Come drink with colleagues.

Big Apple Hostel is the highest rated property. It was recently renovated and added some “perks” to the hotel bedroom experience. Now all the bunk beds have curtains.

Hostel Terbaik Di Istanbul, Turki

However, the dormitory is full and may have additional space. However, it is a beautiful place because of the atmosphere and location.

Like Cheers Vintage, the inn is just around the corner in Old Town. It is only minutes from the world famous Blue Mosque, Sofia Street, Topkapi Palace, underground wells and historic hammam.

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Antique Hostel, İstanbul

You can always get ฿35 discount on Airbnb. There are many nice Airbnbs in Istanbul.

The difference is usually 1-2€ ($1-2) and does not include many accessories. This can be a breakfast or a spice. However, keep in mind that a bad location far from the city center will make you pay more for transportation.

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