Best Horseback Riding In Big Sky Montana

Best Horseback Riding In Big Sky Montana – If you are looking for more of a ‘western experience’ then you should check out our horse riding packages. Whether you’ve never ridden a horse or are an experienced rider, you’ll enjoy our rides in Big Sky Country. We offer 1-4 hour horseback riding tours and combo packages at both locations so you can have the perfect tour! Enjoy a scenic drive through pristine Yellowstone Country and you’ll see why Montana is known as “the last best place.”

Yellowstone area packages depart from the Gardiner office located just outside the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Here you can choose from 1-2 hour guided tours for children 6+ that explore the Paradise Valley High Basin. This trail offers wildlife viewing opportunities and beautiful mountain views.

Best Horseback Riding In Big Sky Montana

Gallatin flight package options are not available, please ask for alternative options as we have them! The historic ranch we have operated for years has closed for the 2020 season due to the challenges of 2020 and the temptation to retire. We love you always Broken Hart Ranch! We are now using Jake’s Horses Ranch as our alternate ranch and you will continue to receive discounts for your MWW activities as proof of riding with our new partner. Call us at (406)-763-4465 to discuss this option

The New West

Montana Whitewater offers two beautiful and popular ranch rides just outside the north and west entrances of Yellowstone National Park. We know it can be overwhelming to choose from so many options, so we’re here to help you narrow down the choices for the best tour for your group!

• The Gallatin office is located 40 miles north of the West Entrance to Yellowstone – near Big Sky, MT. and 30 minutes south of Bozeman, MT

Office we work with a family ranch with beautiful views of private land near the north entrance to Yellowstone. They offer a 1-2 hour ride. These tours are great for beginners, kids, and even school groups! These tours have room for people over 6 years old

A scenic hike through the Gallatin National Forest, with the option of horseback riding. This tour can accommodate ages 8+ with no experience.

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The journey passes through a high alpine desert valley with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. On this trip, you can expect plenty of warm sunshine, fresh air, and a chance to see wildlife!

The office is in a narrow, rocky gorge. It offers a wonderful landscape with rocks and thick pine forest. The mountains rise right next to the river. On the way back through the Gallatin National Forest there is an opportunity to see wildlife.

Yellowstone is the cheapest, Gallatin is a little more expensive, and the drive is longer. You can also book in advance without a deposit and cancel within 24 hours*. Pay when you arrive!

Start your day with a two-hour horseback ride at the historic Stermitz Ranch. Once you’re done, you’ll travel 11 miles to Gardiner to enjoy a half-day rafting trip on the Yellowstone River.

Guest Ranches In Montana You Need To Visit Near Bozeman

Join Gallatin for a full day of adventure! Start your day with a 3-hour horseback ride through the Gallatin Forest on the Hellroaring Trail. Cool off at the Gallatin office on a half-day rafting trip along the Gallatin River. You can choose one of the scenic (I-II class), Upper (II-III class) or Lower (II-IV class) rivers. Then head to the Zipline for a classic two-hour zip ride!

Join Gallatin for a full day of adventure! Start your day with a 3-hour horseback ride through the Gallatin Forest on the Hellroaring Trail. After your ride, you can join a classic zip-line tour. This two-hour adventure lets you fly over Gallatin on three loops, three bridges, and ladders! When you’re done with your trip, head over to the fly fishing office for a fly fishing lesson!

Join us for a day of adventure in Gallatin! Start your day with a 3-hour horseback ride through the Gallatin Forest on the Hellroaring Trail. After you’re done riding, enjoy a Super Zip Tour. This 3.5-hour adventure takes you up over the Gallatin on six rope lines, six bridges, and more!

Join Gallatin for a full day of adventure! Start your day with a 3-hour horseback ride through the Gallatin Forest on the Hellroaring Trail. After your ride, head over to our fly fishing office for a learn-to-fish lesson! This website uses cookies. If you like this, please continue browsing or learn more about our privacy policy.

Big Sky Montana Vacation Guide Start Planning Trip To Montana Today

The Rock Creek Ranch herd of 73 beautiful horses awaits you. Part of Forbes Travel Guides five-star hotel experience, everything you need for an exceptional horseback riding experience is available once during your stay as part of a private guided tour.

Our program includes other customizable options such as arena classes, ropes, and obstacle courses for younger guests. With ranchers ready to guide you through your ranch vacation experience, you can hone your skills while seeing Western Montana right between your ears.

With 6,600 acres and miles of trails to explore, there are always new adventures for all riding levels. The flat riverside trails are good for beginners, while the summit hikes and rolling pine trails are enjoyed by intermediate and advanced riders. Once you’ve got your boots and hat on, our experts will make sure you’re comfortable on a horse that’s appropriate for your experience level. They provide basic lessons in natural riding skills, horse selection and rider safety. Our small group size ensures that we are not nose to tail. Depending on the rider’s ability and comfort level, all trails have trot and trot opportunities. Longer half-day and full-day tours are available by appointment for intermediate and advanced riders.

Improve your riding skills with one-hour riding lessons in the arena. Arena courses are suitable for children and adults of all riding levels. Riders of all disciplines can enjoy a personalized training experience at The Ranch. Lessons are a great opportunity for beginners to gain confidence or for intermediate riders to discover new techniques. Arena games are customized according to the driver’s ability and comfort. Complete an obstacle course, learn how to run or bend a pole. Try a Horsemanship 101 session in the round box, learning ground exercises that build confidence with horses. Watch the pros do it at the weekly rodeo during the summer.

Kids & Teens

Zipline lessons are available to guests of all ages. Guests will first learn the basics of looping and practice holding a bull puppet. Available during special events and lawn games, as well as during the Ranch Rodeo.

Our obstacle course is designed for younger guests between the ages of four and eight (but welcomes guests of all ages). Guests can practice their skills with a fun obstacle course along Rock Creek. Riders build their skills and confidence by tackling ladders, bridges, mazes and other obstacles under the guidance of our experienced wrestlers.

“If you like to ride, there is a choice of horses. The trails and nature are amazing.”

“My favorite experience is probably horse riding. My full love for the ranch was born when I set foot in and around the barns.”

Horse Riding Adventures

Accommodation includes activities twice a day. Our all-inclusive pricing structure ensures that a visit to The Ranch is memorable in terms of adventure and convenience, not logistical hassles.

Children under the age of eight can participate in our obstacle courses or horse adoption programs. These programs include accommodation.

Our maximum weight limit is 240 pounds, which is standard for guest farms to ensure the longevity of our horse herd.

If the guest is 11 weeks pregnant or less, they must provide The Ranch with a medical certificate authorizing them to drive. A guest is not permitted to ride if she is 12 weeks or more pregnant.

Go Horseback Riding In Big Sky, Montana

In order to allow every family to ride, and to preserve our land and horse herd, we cannot guarantee additional rides during your stay.

We are not a traditional ranch, but an all-inclusive ranch that offers an activity program designed to provide guests with experience and instruction in a variety of Montana activities and hobbies. Our landscape offers fly fishing, hiking, sapphire mining, archery, archery, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, disc golf, snowmobiling, ice skating, cross country skiing and more. special for Riding a horse

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