Best Hole In The Wall Gas Fires

Best Hole In The Wall Gas Fires – Anthracite Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Profile gas fireplace with glass front, log effect gas bed and vermiculite cover.

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Verve graphite gas fireplace with glass front, gas bed and brick effect.

Best Hole In The Wall Gas Fires

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Glass gas fireplace with glass front, white stone insert and black reed hood

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Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Expression Graphite Steel Gas Fireplace, Brick Effect Gas Layer Front Glass with Vermiculite Cover

Gazco Studio Slimline fireplaces offer all the features synonymous with the Gazco Studio range, with the added slimmer insert specially designed for easy hollow wall installation.

The Slimline range offers a variety of styling options, including a wide choice of frames, a choice of four trims and a choice of gas effects, all allowing you to match the fire to your interior and provide the perfect heartwarming experience. up. for your home.

Whether you choose a contemporary white stone option, the mirror quality of a glass bead gas effect or the ultimate ‘real fire’ bottle effect with hand painted flame pads, your Studio Slimline. is a high-performance fireplace designed for the low-maintenance variety of homes – and you don’t even need a fireplace!

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Complete your Slimline studio with one of Gazco’s smart frame options, each one unique and complementing your fireplace. The sweet glass frame is made of chic, reflective black glass, while the rest comes in bright colors and finishes. Homeowners looking for a versatile look can opt for the Monaco volume finish, which can be tailored to individual interior requirements. Alternatively, the new zero-gap (ZC) steel and glass frame allows installation in conventional walls without removing plasterboard from adjacent surfaces.

The Edge’s minimal frameless look draws the eye inward to further emphasize the beautiful flame and shimmer effect, or you might want to make a statement with the smooth curved Verve frame. No matter what you choose, there is a frame that will make your stylish new gas fireplace the perfect addition to your home.

Breathe! There is no better way to describe a beautiful gas fireplace from Studio Gazco. With a range of designs, sizes, covers and gas layer effects to choose from, these modern gas fireplaces will instantly add style and appeal to any contemporary interior. Studio’s exclusive line of gas fireplaces comes in three different sizes, as well as the latest Slimline Cavity Wall and double-sided double-sided gas fireplaces. These beautifully designed studio fireplaces are the perfect combination of versatility and style. If you don’t already know, wall mounted fireplaces are exactly what they sound like. These are lights that sit on a bracket attached to your wall. They are slightly different from wall lights or holes in that they do not rest against the wall in a recess. Instead, leaning against the wall, they will push a little.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about the types of wall fireplaces we have, how to install them and which ones are the best.

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Just before we get to your options, we thought we’d answer one of the most frequently asked questions.

How high should the fireplace wall be? You can place the fireplace anywhere on the wall if it meets all the installation requirements. Most people like to sit at eye level, which is about 40 to 42 inches from the floor. Others like to place them between the wall-mounted TV and the floor. If you want to do this, first make sure that the heat won’t damage your TV.

The rest of the setup depends on what type of fire you have. Read on to learn more about gas and electric wall-mounted fireplaces.

If you don’t have a fireplace but want an impressive looking fireplace with minimal effort, this could be the perfect option for you.

Gas Fires Vs Electric Fires Vs Wood Burners Vs Bioethanol Fires

Electric wall-mounted fireplaces are relatively easy to install and do not require the same maintenance as gas fireplaces. As you probably know, gas fireplaces need to be inspected annually to ensure that you are not at risk of carbon monoxide leaks. At the same time, electric fireplaces run on cleaner and more efficient fuel.

The main advantage of a wall-mounted electric fireplace is simple installation and dismantling. If you move house, you can easily remove it and take it with you.

You will need to drill a bit to attach the bracket or hang the screws to the wall. If you have a fireplace, you can hide the wire by cutting a couple of small holes in the wall, one near the outlet and one near the fireplace outlet.

Alternatively, you can gently nail the cord to the wall and route it through the base of the outlet. A small painting, a strategically placed table or an accessory can also help disguise the wire.

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If you want to install a standard wall-mounted gas fireplace, you will need a hearth. Unlike a wall-mounted electric fireplace, you will likely also need some construction work. You will also need to find a qualified gas fire extinguisher fitter to install it for you who is on the gas safety register.

Before installing a gas fireplace, it’s a good idea to make sure your fireplace is safe. If there is a possibility of a carbon monoxide leak, you may need to install a chimney liner.

Unlike a hole-in-the-wall gas fireplace, a wall-mounted gas fireplace does not require a niche to fit into. This means that if you don’t have a deep fireplace or wall cavity, you can achieve a similar look without the same building requirements. If you don’t like the lack of a real flame in an electric fireplace, gas might be for you!

If you are interested, you can learn more about installing a hole in a wall gas fireplace here.

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All of our wall-mounted gas fireplaces have a glass front, making them one of the most effective firefighting options. Gas is also cheaper than electricity, so while electric fireplaces are cheaper to buy and install, you may find that they are more expensive to run. To decide which one is best for you, consider how much you’ll use it and whether it’s worth the initial setup cost.

A wall-mounted smokeless gas fireplace can be the best of both worlds. Like the wall-mounted electric fireplace, they do not need a fireplace. However, like a standard gas fireplace, they still require some construction work. However, they also offer a real flame that an electric fire lacks.

As the name suggests, your chimneyless gas fireplace does not need to be attached to a fireplace or chimney. However, a gas safety engineer must always connect it to the gas supply network. They are ideal if you want to enjoy the many benefits of a gas stove but don’t want to do major construction work.

One of the other benefits of choosing a wall mounted smokeless fireplace is that they are 100% efficient! This is because no heat is lost in the fireplace or chimney. Smokeless gas fireplaces work by using a catalytic converter to clean the smoke before it re-enters the room. It’s perfectly safe, although you’ll need to make sure your room is at least 30 cubic meters and you’ll be fine with a 100m2 ventilation brick. Of course, an annual safety check will also be required.

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