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Best Hernia Surgeons In Tampa Fl – Nomeshinaround® – Desarda Hernia Center USA® Non-Mesh Hernia Surgery Using Own Muscles to Repair Inguinal Floor or Abdominal Wall in Florida

If you are looking for non-mesh procedures for inguinal or inguinal hernias; You have found your answer. Our Fort Myers, Florida office trip can save you the risk of placing mesh in your groin area. To learn more about the Dezard Technique, Book a Free Online Consultation and Save $300! Or call 239-266-2925. You can also view our reviews online. Dr. This is the only center in the US approved by Mohan Desarda, so don’t go anywhere else.

Best Hernia Surgeons In Tampa Fl

If you are dealing with the pain and discomfort of an inguinal hernia; It’s time to find out the best kept secret of Desarda Technique hernia. Dr. Robert Thomas and Dr. Scott Brick of U First Health & Rejuvenation and Desarda Hernia Center in the USA are experts in this advanced procedure. During their Florida practice, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Brick have performed over 4,000 small and large hernia surgeries using the Dezard Method.

Dr. Whalen Clark

An inguinal hernia is a common hernia in adults and occurs more frequently in men than women. An inguinal hernia can develop when parts of the abdomen, such as the intestines, bulge through weak spots in the abdominal muscles. This rash usually causes pain; especially leaning over you; Carrying heavy objects or coughing.

An inguinal hernia is located in the lower abdomen just above the crook of the leg. When he stood up, the inguinal hernia bulged straight forward. On the other hand, oblique hernias often take a steep path to the scrotum.

Poor abdominal lining often occurs at birth. The inguinal canal is where a man’s testicles descend before birth. If this part of the abdominal wall is not closed properly. This may leave a natural defect called an inner ring.

An inguinal hernia is not necessarily dangerous, but it won’t heal without treatment. This can lead to serious complications. Inguinal hernia repair with Desarda gapless technology. These inguinal hernia surgeries are safer than ever before.

Dr. Jorge Lopez Canino Md, Facs, General Surgery

Traditionally, after the hernia is repaired, surgical mesh is used to provide additional support for weak abdominal muscles. However, the Mesh is an external body and has a long history of defects and recalls that put patients at risk. It can shrink over time, leaving you exposed and often herniated.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Bricks uses Desarda technology to rebuild the gut without mesh. In recovery, Desarda uses your own muscle tissue and two layers of absorbable threads to replace them with a durable natural mesh. The application of muscle tape in hernioplasty does not cause muscle weakness or deformity.

Whether you need direct or indirect hernia repair, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Brick use muscle grafts. When you have an inguinal hernia Often the intestines or stomach are squeezed by soft tissues – the muscles that cover it. The Dezard technique uses part of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle to close this opening. Healthy oblique muscles support the repaired gut and protect and cover the open limb.

Dr. Robert Thomas and Dr. Scott Brick are the only surgeons in the United States trained in the Desarda No-Mesh hernia technique.

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Dr. Mohandas Sada oversaw the reconstruction of the colon of several patients operated on by Dr. Robert Thomas.

U First Health & Rejuvenation is also the Desarda Hernia Center in the USA. Our Florida practice has served over 4,000 patients from across the United States and around the world. Dr. Robert Thomas and Dr. Scott Brick and our team specialize in inguinal hernia surgery in Florida, providing excellent results with minimal postoperative complications and recurrence.

Robert E. Thomas, DO, FACOS is certified by Dr. Mohan Desarda as the only Desarda hernia provider in the United States. Dr. Thomas is certified in general surgery and has over 20 years of experience. He has been performing lumbar spine reconstruction surgeries in Florida for over ten years, providing thousands of patients with exceptional results and life-saving results.

Before starting the Desarda process, our team in Florida will make sure you know what to expect as one of our hernia patients. We can provide you with a free consultation with Dr. Thomas or Dr. Brick in person or by phone. We use preoperative blood and ECG tests to make sure you are eligible for surgery.

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Dr. Thomas / Dr. Brick and his team will perform Dezard’s hernioplasty under local or general anesthesia, depending on your preference and medical condition.

Our team will then guide you through all care instructions to ensure a quick and safe recovery. A few days after the operation, Dr. Thomas/Dr. Brick checks the cut and oversees the recovery. Out-of-town patients after this appointment can go home. Most patients return to work within a week after surgery.

Click on the link below to enroll in our TouchMD program. This will guide you through the operation.

Here you see a hernia from the bottom of the canal. As you can see, there is a flaw in the floor leading to a direct hernia.

John Dietrick, Md

The first layer is used to cover the damaged floor of the inguinal canal and the hernial sac is no longer visible, as you can see.

Then reinforce the floor. The second row of sutures is placed on the muscular abdomen adjacent to the inguinal canal.

72 Yu.M. from New Hampshire with very large bilateral hernias, have been flying for over 25 years, No Mesh, im. I want to fix this with Desarda technology. Presented by Dr. Robert Thomas. After 6 years, in July 2022, it was confirmed that the man had not recovered.

A 44-year-old patient was brought to the emergency department with severe pain in the right side on pressure and a large hernia. It took a second operation on the right scrotum to cut the intestines. He said No mesh, I want to fix it with Desarda Technique. This operation was performed on an emergency basis at the Gulf Medical Center by Dr. Robert Thomas.

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73 YM, originally from Tampa, Florida, with a very large right-sided ovarian cyst; size of a basketball No mesh for many years on the left small intestine. I want to fix this with Desarda technology. Presented by Dr. Robert Thomas.

YM 64 arrived from northern Florida and had a large intestine with a large intestine in the scrotum. She did not need a mesh at all, so she turned to the Desarda Hernia Center, USA. This operation is performed under general anesthesia in the small intestine and right colon (abdomen). Robert Thomas, DO, FACOS implemented in November 2015 without a grid. Even these large hernias can be repaired using the Dezard technique.

A 45-year-old man complains of pain for several years after inguinal hernia repair with mesh. I couldn’t play hockey without pain. Dr. Robert Thomas recommends removing the strip. There was no pain after the operation. Note the reconstructed floor of the inguinal canal after mesh removal. The strength of the floor is your own bundle of the external oblique muscle of the abdomen.

Recent patient testimonial from Tampa, Florida (with Desarda technology)

Loren J Bartels Md Facs

When my urologist first diagnosed me with a hernia, I started researching. I was very concerned when I discovered that the basic method involving grid and brackets only had a 47% success rate. Almost half

I have an 8 year old son who loves baseball. I was very active at 58 when I coached/played football and basketball. But then he found out that he weighed 64 pounds and that his father was old.

With continued research and good luck, Desarda’s method at Ufirsthealth. No mesh, No stretch and Dr. Thomas has been discovered. I started doing more research and found they had an amazing success rate, so I contacted Ufirsthealth and emailed them under the “Ask a doctor” icon. Half an hour later, Dr. Thomas gave me a phone number where I could call to explain the operation. I called and he answered and spent ten minutes on the phone explaining the procedure. This is the first time.

I went to Fort Myers and met with all the staff as “first party” and when I met Dr. Thomas, his expression alone gave me all the comfort and reassurance I needed, and I had surgery the next day. About two hours after my arrival, Suffering on my way home to Tampa.

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