Best Hand Surgeons In Birmingham Al

Best Hand Surgeons In Birmingham Al – Dr. Michael Smith is very excited. Both Drs. Smith and his wife love Birmingham and Hoover and consider it a privilege to serve in such a dynamic community. Dr. Smith believes in patient-centered care focused on the patient’s goals. As a hand and upper extremity surgeon by training, he is happy to treat shoulder, elbow, hand or microvascular problems.

Harvard Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital, Boston

Best Hand Surgeons In Birmingham Al

When I first went to medical school, cardiology was my path. However, in my third year of medical school, I realized that I loved surgery. I quickly learned that orthopedic surgery offers the opportunity to care for the young and the elderly. Restoring health and functioning in a meaningful way for all young people. In high school, I always enjoyed an active life, whether it was playing football, rugby, wrestling, or working out. I understand the importance of caring about one’s business and realizing the privilege of helping people maintain the health and lifestyle they desire.

Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program

I feel most successful as a physician when we mutually agree on a treatment plan that allows for a successful outcome with the patient. It can be treated surgically or surgically. I enjoy practicing orthopedic medicine when a patient feels better about their health and function. I enjoy building relationships with my patients and work hard to achieve their goals.

I have had the pleasure of treating many patients with both simple and complex problems. A specific example is a young patient with severe hand and elbow injuries. Blood supply and nerves to the hand were damaged and bones were broken. Their arm required a major reconstruction involving all aspects of my orthopedic practice, including vascular therapy, nerve therapy, bracing, and fracture fixation. The operation continued through the night and luckily they were able to save his hand.

My wife and I grew up in Howard. During my medical studies, we knew we would love the opportunity to work in Birmingham and support our family. When I first met Southlake Orthopedics, I quickly learned that this practice is staffed with doctors, nurses, therapists and patients who have deep integrity and compassion. I believe the best parts of the experience are the people I have the privilege of working with every day. After completing my studies, I am excited to join a group of individuals who continue to inspire and work hard to provide the best care for their patients. My goal is to continue the wonderful tradition of excellent patient care built at Southlake Orthopedics and I am excited to join the team. Our hands allow us to do all the things humans do. We can literally shake hands, make money with our hands, raise our hands, and talk with our hands.

More literally, we use our hands to do many wonderful things. With 27 small bones (8 in the wrist and 19 in the hand) and their associated nerves, tendons, muscles and ligaments, we use our hands to manipulate things around us. With our hands, we can cradle our children, hold a garden towel, write a report, hold a baseball bat, and more.

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At Southlake Orthopedics, we have physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating your hands, wrists, and ankles. Hand surgery is a specialty of orthopedics that requires additional training in hand anatomy and the complexities of microvascular disease.

What is the difference between a human arm and an animal leg? Thumbs up! It helps you grab a cup of coffee, button a shirt, or hold a pen to write with. Anatomically, there is a major ligament that connects the thumb to the hand, the ulnar collateral ligament.

When this ligament (the fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone) stretches beyond its normal range of motion, it impairs your ability to grip and hold things. This condition is called a spray.

If your toe joint is high or partially torn, your orthopedist will immobilize your toe with a bandage, cast, or splint until it heals. However, a complete tear may require surgery to repair and restore normal range of motion.

Elbow And Hand Surgery In Texas

Every day, your wrist is responsible for our trivial actions, such as opening a door, using a knife and fork, or waving at your neighbor. When one of the many ligaments in your wrist is damaged, it’s called a sprain.

Wrist sprains are often caused by falling on the wrist and extending the hands. Depending on the severity of the ligament strain, whether it is overstretched, partially torn, or completely torn, your orthopedist will determine the best treatment for your injury.

The most significant tightness occurs when a joint is completely torn. These are serious injuries that require surgical treatment. A small piece of bone may also be removed as the ligament moves away from the bone. When this happens, it is called an avulsion fracture.

Your flexor tendons are located under your skin and control the movement of your arm. These tendons are similar to ligaments, but instead of connecting bone to bone, they connect bone to muscle. It is under tension, so if you tear or cut the flexor tendon, the ends of the tendon will be detached and the tendon will not be able to repair itself.

James C. Grotting Board Certified Plastic Surgeon In Birmingham, Al

A deep cut in the hand or wrist can affect the flexor tendon because it is so close to the surface. A flexor tendon injury can cause you to be unable to flex your fingers or toes.

Certain sports, such as football and wrestling, can cause flexor tendon injuries. Additionally, certain health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can weaken the flexor tendons and make them more prone to tearing.

Most often, torn tendons must be repaired surgically because the injured tendons cannot heal without touching the tip. Fortunately, flexor tendon surgery is often performed on an outpatient basis.

You will need to begin an occupational therapy program immediately after surgery. Exercise can gradually help with movement and function.

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Hammer toe is the result of a sports injury that occurs when one foot “sticks” to the ball rather than catching it. If the force is strong enough, it can damage your extensor tendon because you can’t fully straighten your toes.

In most cases of bunions, your doctor will use a splint to straighten your toe until it heals. However, when a tendon injury occurs along with a fracture, surgery may be necessary to help the joint realign.

The scaphoid is the largest of the 8 bones in your hip, but it’s only about the size of a cup. On the radial or thumb side of your wrist, where the wrist flexes. You can break your scaphoid bone when you fall and overreach. This fracture usually causes pain and swelling at the base of your thumb.

Each interval is different, and the surgeon will need to consider several factors to determine the correct treatment method. If the fracture is close to your big toe, bleeding will usually help it heal in the form of swelling or drainage. However, if the fracture occurs elsewhere, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair the break. Depending on your individual injury, surgery may include metal materials to help fuse the bones together, or a bone graft to help reattach multiple broken pieces.

Orthopedic Surgeon Malpractice Insurance

The wrist bones are the bones in your wrist, the bones in your hand are the metacarpals, and your fingers are several phalangeal bones, or phalanges. When a break occurs in your hand or fingers, the resulting fracture usually causes swelling, immobility, and numbness in your fingers or thumb.

Usually, broken metacarpals or phalanges can be immobilized with a cast or brace without the need for surgery. Other hand fractures require surgery to stabilize and realign the bones.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by inflammation of the tissues surrounding the wrist flexor tendons. This swelling presses on the median nerve and causes the arm to swell and swell. Carpal tunnel syndrome usually gets worse without intervention.

Many factors contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, including genetics, medical conditions, and the way you use your hands. A nerve conduction study is performed to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome.

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