Best Hammam In Marrakech

Best Hammam In Marrakech – Slatter on the goo, slash on the goo, and drooling to life: what sounds like an unappealing adventure sport is actually a fabulous Moroccan hammam. Keeping your skin clean and hydrated so close to the Sahara desert requires extreme measures, and the Berbers have perfected their beauty regimen for millennia.

Moroccans go to the hammam not only to cleanse themselves, but also to clear their minds, reconnect with loved ones, and purify themselves before the important Friday prayers. The hammam was recommended by the Prophet Muhammad to promote health, longevity and fertility, and it remains a center of Moroccan religious and cultural life.

Best Hammam In Marrakech

Hammams can be private or public, although in the past only the wealthiest families could afford one. With public ovens, fountains,

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(religious schools) and mosques, the public hammam is one of the five traditional features in each quarter of the medina in Marrakech. Closely related to the obligatory ablution that Muslims require before prayer, you will usually find them next to mosques.

The oldest Islamic hammam in Morocco is in Volubilis, which dates back to the arrival of the Arabs in the 8th century AD. They were modeled after their Roman predecessors, and most still consist of similar triclinic structures. There is a warm room where bathers begin by stimulating blood flow and opening pores, a warm room for exfoliation and masks, and finally a cold room for relaxation and hydration.

An Islamic hammam does not have a pool, as Muslims consider stagnant water impure. Instead, there is usually a tap in the room from which running water is drawn (hence the need to bring a bucket or bowl to the public bathroom). So a Moroccan hammam is hot and humid, not steamy. They are also bathed in soft half-light filtering through small glass windows in the vaulted ceiling.

Traditionally, the heat for the hammam is provided by the farnachi, who tend the fire under the bath, heating the floor and walls of the bath. visiting women

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Traditional stew prepared in an amphora) which is then placed on the hammam fire and cooked for several hours.

All Moroccans, regardless of social class, go to the hammam once a week. The busiest days are Thursday and Friday, before the Friday prayer. Going to the hammam has always been a social event for Moroccans, traveling in groups and staying there for at least two to three hours. In typical Islamic societies, the sexes are divided into different areas or ordered separately.

In the past, when the hammam was one of the few places women could visit, this weekly ritual was a moment of relaxation and escape. In the hammam, mothers can look for future wives for their sons, and even today it is the place of important ceremonies, such as bathing before marriage or after pregnancy. Even the act of rubbing against one another is considered expression

Bathed in soft half-light, the Hammam is designed to induce a sense of calm | © Danita Delimont / Alamy Stock Photo

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Whether you stay in the public hammam or the luxurious Royal Mansour Hotel, the bathing ritual is the same. After a quick rinse, the bather is directed to a warmer room where you or an attendant will smooth their skin

), black soap made from oil and soaked pulp of black olives. This paste softens the skin and prepares it for exfoliation.

After relaxing in the hot room, bathers move into the hot room to wash off the black soap and perform an exfoliating scrub. In public baths, friends and family rub against each other, but if you’re alone, you can pay a spa fee (

) Services. For many, this can be an intimidating experience as everyone is naked except for their underwear and the scrub covers every inch of your body including your breasts, underarms and inner thighs. is used a

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(Gloves with a coarse texture) are hard and even painful for some because the purpose is to remove dead skin. If the stress is too much, say so

Is a saponified clay found in the central Atlas, often mixed with a variety of aromatic plants such as rose petals, cloves, eucalyptus, lichens and chamomile. It is made into a liquid paste with water and applied to your body and hair.

Enriched with mineral salts, it brings toxins to the surface of the skin, tightens pores and regulates sebum production. Rinse your skin with orange blossom water or lemon juice.

It’s time to take your baby’s soft new skin into a cool room to rest and hydrate with tea or water. In some hammams, you can treat yourself to a massage. It contains a thick layer of emollient argan oil, another unique Moroccan product rich in essential fatty acids that protect the skin from dehydration and sun damage.

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The peeling ritual is an expression of habibi, a form of shared love between friends and family | © Tuul and Bruno Morandi / Alamy Stock Photo

In each community hammam you will need your own bowl or bucket for pouring water, plastic mats for sitting,

(black soap), cleaning gloves, flip-flops, towels, common toiletries (shampoo, razor, etc.).

Entry is around MAD 10-20 (80p – £1.60) or AED 50 (£4) if you want a scrub (ask at reception when you enter).

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Hammam Mouassine, built in 1572, is the oldest hammam in Marrakech. The interior is austere, with three rooms with tiled floors and taps and domes lining the walls

(plastering) of the ceiling. The bathers chatted and rubbed against each other on cushions on the floor. Entrance fee 10 dirhams (80p) a

Masks cost AED 150 (£12). If you want extra henna, the total cost is AED 200 (£16). You can also rent all the kits here.

This small local spa is located just outside the Medina, near the Majorelle Gardens. Inside, the rooms are clad in modern tiles that mimic the traditional style

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Mosaic. Few people here speak English but they are friendly and helpful to beginners and the treatments (150 dirhams or £12 for a peel, mask, massage and tea) are well done. You have to bring a towel, but you can get soap and gloves here.

This hammam in the posh Mouassine district is richly decorated with richly colored rooms and bright mosaic bathrooms with central sinks and showers. There are counters for peelings and masks. In addition to the traditional hammam, they offer beauty treatments such as rose masks, lava stone massages and pedicures. Hammam prices range from AED 250 to AED 450 (£20 to £36). Advance booking is recommended.

This recently renovated popular hammam is located in the Kasbah district. It has an oriental feel, with intricately carved stucco interiors, handmade brass lanterns and stained glass windows. It offers treatments for couples and steam rooms, as well as another larger swimming pool, a central pool and a relaxation room. Hammam treatments usually last 45 minutes and cost AED 220-450 (£18-36). Advance booking is recommended.

This day spa is part of the hotel and occupies the entire historic Riad (siheyuan). Its ornate central courtyard is decorated with cream stucco and black and white graphics

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Exfoliate. Most bathing massages. Masseur Ahmed Bihssa, one of the best in the business, is a sensitive therapist who uses intoxicating essential oils from Nectarome and ila Spa to tailor treatments to melt away the stinging points of tension. Hammam treatments cost AED 350-550 (£28-44). Early booking is essential.

This is a beautiful spa in a historic riad connected to the adjacent guest house by a secret mirror door. Manager Arkia el Baz previously worked at Royal Mansour and her knowledge, professional demeanor and lovely personality are reflected in the professional massages and relaxing atmosphere. There are two hammams, each large enough for a couple, and an upstairs treatment room with aromatic organic oils from the Moroccan brand Nectarome. Hammam treatments cost AED 500-600 (£40-48) and include foot baths, a black soap scrub and two different

The best hammam in Marrakech is at the Royal Mansour. Although it represents the height of luxury, the treatments at the Mansour hammam are also very authentic: bathers lie on warm marble floors and are watered from hand-carved silver buckets. These products are the best products from Morocco, from the MarocMaroc collection. mark

The scrub contains rose, basil, chamomile, eucalyptus, lichen, lavender and argan powder. Depending on your skin type, there are a range of treatments and masks priced between AED 1,400 and AED 3,200 (£113 to £258). Early booking is essential.

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The Four Seasons Spa is located in its own building with its own relaxing garden. As in a traditional hammam, men and women have their own bathing areas, incl

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