Best Hair Salon In Roswell Ga

Best Hair Salon In Roswell Ga – Elaheh, a colorist and founder of Ionic Salon Professional in Roswell, Georgia, began her career in 2004 at a well-known salon in Georgia. In 2011 the ionic Salon opened its doors, becoming a beautiful place for a diverse and sophisticated clientele.

“My dream has always been to open a salon that covers all aspects of beauty and brings the love of color and lifestyle to people.”

Best Hair Salon In Roswell Ga

As a child in Texas, Sheila decided to become a hairdresser. On his 13th birthday, he requested a haircut from FASCINATION, a modern upmarket hair salon. He loves this place! 80s pop music and the smell of hair dye wafted through the salon doors. He had an intoxicating effect on the young Sheila MaBelle. That birthday present is one he will always remember.

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Sheila’s fascination with hair continued to grow and soon she was picking stocks.

In 2002 Sheila moved to Atlanta and started working at TONI & GUY-TIGI INTERNATIONAL, professional hair and styling professionals. His 16 years with TONI&GUY gave him one of the best programs in the industry. After 10 years with the company Sheila received an ‘Award of Excellence’ and was promoted to Creative Director.

Also a licensed and certified artist, who received additional training and a certificate from the first STUDIO CRUSH makeup school in Atlanta, during the summer of 2017.

Sheila strives to fulfill her potential. He loves being in beautiful company and following trends. For Sheila, it’s about the people she interacts with and the relationships that develop within the salon walls.

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Sheila truly believes in this art of making people feel and look their best. She prides herself on making her clients feel valued and cared for.

Amy N. Gille I was born and raised in northwest Illinois and have lived in Atlanta for fifteen years. My grandmother always told me to become a hairdresser, since I was three years old because there were no dolls in the house with original hair. They are all cut in new styles from me! He was right! I love what I do, it’s a passion. I approach each client individually and systematically. Each has its own differences; no one is the same. I have seventeen years of experience at Toni & Guy and Aveda Salons. Specializing in haircuts, styles and colors for women, men and children. By accepting new customers

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