Best Gym In Gold Coast

Best Gym In Gold Coast – The most famous place in North Jakarta is Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Pengeringan Building, North Jakarta. Pantai Indah Kapuk is not very different from other CBDs in South Jakarta or West Jakarta, such as Menteng, Pondok Indah and Puri Indah. Although most of PIK’s land is occupied by buildings, other buildings such as shops, offices, shopping centers and entertainment areas can also be found in the area. keep Calm.

In PIK, there is a house off the coast of North Jakarta, called Gold Coast House. The house has direct access to the highway and easy access to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Besides the highway, Gold Coast residences are close to many public places, from entertainment venues to educational institutions, such as Tzu Chi School, PIK Avenue, Fresh Market, Water Boom, etc. In addition, Gold Coast Apartments are water front city projects. , which provides water conservation facilities, allowing residents to drink tap water directly.

Best Gym In Gold Coast

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit three towers simultaneously in buildings on the Gold Coast, Atlantic, Bahamas and Honolulu. If you are still hesitant to live in a Gold Coast home and want to know more about this home, you can check out this honest review.

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You can go directly to the section you want to know about by checking the content of the article below, or you can start reading Gold Coast Apartment Reviews for those who want to know more about Gold Coast Real Estate. .

Gold Coast apartments are private buildings and residents must use an access card to access all buildings in the complex. Most of the properties in Golden Coast Apartments are on the first floor. The first floor connects the four towers, so people in each tower can easily use the equipment. There are facilities on the first floor and basement.

The outdoor swimming pool at Gold Coast Apartments is located on the ground floor. There is a large swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and a variety of vegetation. You’ll experience a resort-style swim, not to mention a poolside Jacuzzi where you can relax. Next to the pool, there is also a playground for children.

Gold Coast resorts have adult pools for those who like to swim but don’t want to sunbathe. Residents here can swim freely from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. With plenty of light and good interior ventilation, residents can enjoy their leisure time in peace and quiet.

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The adult indoor pool is not suitable for children, unless their swimming skills are above average. If the kids want to play in the water, next to the adult indoor pool, there is a children’s pool. Small in size, the depth of the pool is very safe for children. You can even watch them take a bath, as there are comfortable benches to sit on.

Another place for children to play is the children’s playground. Facilities include sleds, toys, balls and colorful chairs. Although there are few toys in the playground, the room is very spacious, so your child can play and move around comfortably.

The Golden Coast gym has a great atmosphere and spacious rooms. Not only this, the gym is also well-equipped, so residents don’t have to wait in line when they want to exercise. Working out in this gym is never boring, as there is a TV on the wall of the gym.

The presence of multi-functional spaces in Gold Coast apartments will benefit residents who have many events. With spacious rooms and a capacity of more than 30 people, it will be very convenient to hold a business meeting or an event in this room. Be sure to contact the home before using the multi-room.

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The KTV room is probably the most interesting and unusual amenity I have ever seen in a Gold Coast apartment. Here, residents can sing their favorite songs with friends or family. The room was empty when I was there. But the karaoke equipment is still there, so I think this room is functional and can be used all the time. Residents only need to contact Land Management to use this facility.

Reading in the living room is nice and sophisticated, but if you want a new look, reading in the library is a great way to enjoy your books. Here you will find many easy chairs. But the bookcase is still empty. It seems that land management is still building houses.

Residents do not need to go outside for fresh air, as there is a garden on the first floor. This garden has a lot of green plants that give more oxygen. Air flow is also good on this floor.

In Gold Coast homes, the basketball court and tennis court are on the same floor. It is a yard surrounded by a wire fence. Since it is an outdoor area, the temperature can be very hot, especially during the day.

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In my opinion, Gold Coast Apartments have a unique environment that is different from other apartments in Jakarta. The sun is hot and the temperature is very hot. This is not caused by air pollution from car exhaust, but by the sea breeze from the North Sea. No wonder in the sun, you will experience dry air and heat. Also, when you live on the top floor, the temperature becomes more difficult.

Don’t worry, although the temperature may be difficult at times, the environment will be cool, as there are many mangrove trees planted there. I believe the mangrove scene will also help prevent flooding during the rainy season.

On the north side of the resort, you can see the popular landscaping that is still in development. It seems that this country is slowly developing, and in the future, when all controversies about plantations are over, the place will be more crowded than it is now. Therefore, investing in Gold Coast real estate can be profitable.

Inside the unit, you will feel the heat if you don’t turn on the AC. When you turn on the AC, the temperature cools down quickly. Unfortunately, there aren’t many air vents in the hallways of the building. Even if the elevator caught fire. You’re better off in the lobby in both places.

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The view I like from the top floor in the evening is beautiful. You can see the sky in the distance and a small orange light from the sun. In my opinion, a sunset at a Gold Coast home is something residents can’t miss.

There are basically two types of rooms for rent through Gold Coast Apartments, Studios and 1BR. Studio unit amenities include 1 bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, access card, refrigerator, hot water tap and TV. For 1BR units, amenities include air conditioning, hot water tap, dining set, 1 bathroom, access card, kitchen, refrigerator and TV.

The most obvious difference between the two units is the room size. Studio units are 28 square meters in size and 1BR units are 51 square meters. Regarding the price range, the highest price for a 1BR unit (unfinished) is Rp 6,750,000 per month, followed by a studio unit, Rp 5,850,000 (unfinished) per month.

I had the opportunity to move into a studio and 1BR room in a Golden Coast apartment. The 1BR unit is very spacious. There is a kitchen and a living room with a dining table, but still plenty of space. You can put new furniture in the living room, but not big ones. The dining table is too small. It is good for one or two people to eat together, but not for a family with one child. One bedroom with a double bed and wardrobe. You can see the surrounding views from here, as there are large windows that let the sun in. How about the bathroom? Well, I didn’t see any bathroom there, just a shower and a sink with hot and cold water taps.

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1BR units in Gold Coast Apartments are ideal for single workers and young couples without children. This also applies to studio units. The difference is size. A 1BR studio unit is half the size, so you’ll have trouble staying with a friend. The kitchen in the studio unit is also cramped, occupying a small portion of the room. If someone is cooking in the studio kitchen, you cannot cross or open the door section. So, in my opinion, it is better for single people to live here, because single people can live comfortably and comfortably.

PIK is a complex that combines buildings with schools, offices and recreational facilities. Therefore, it is not surprising that residents of Gold Coast Apartments will find many interesting places, such as.

PIK Avenue is a 6-storey mall that caters to various lifestyles located in Pantai Indah Kapuk,

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