Best Gym In Barrie

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As Canada enters our second summer of fighting COVID and dealing with pandemic restrictions, we are all tired, confused and exhausted. Although opportunities to exercise may be few or none, we know that being active can go a long way in managing stress and depression. This year, we want to highlight how people exercise and how important exercise is for physical and mental health.

Best Gym In Barrie

Health and Fitness Day is June 5, 2021.  To help Canadians get more active and stay safe, outdoor fitness management group LIV North has released an audio guide on their website -rang – Optimal at LIV North.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Barrie, Barrie (on)

From June 5th to 11th, LIV North is letting everyone try sound walking! CLICK HERE to learn more and try out some of the songs for National Health and Fitness Day!

If your organization would benefit from guided audio or any of LIV North’s services, let’s connect! You can contact us at [email protected]

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More than 3 years ago, our sales team started working with Ryan Hawkes, in what seemed like a dream to open a new 24 hour club. Ryan is committed to his philosophy of health and health for the people of Barrie that nothing hinders him, not even the plague.

Salles De Sport Près De Chez Moi à Barrie

On Thursday, September 17, Athletic Kulture was opened for members with all the necessary safety measures; as well as an excellent supply of real programs. Thanks to Ryan and Joe for a job well done in opening the first Athletic Kulture. LIV North worked with Ryan Hawkes on a lot of graphics, product changes and tools to ensure the product mix was just right. We are proud to be a part of Athletic Kulture in Barrie.

Thanks to Erin Pietz, LIV North Sales Manager and Glen Buchanan, Regional Manager for the great team work to make this project a success. Visit Athletic Culture at 154 Reid Dr, Barrie, ON

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LIV North is proud to be a fitness partner in Oxford Place, Vancouver, BC. Oxford Properties’ commitment to the health of its tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed LIV North to continue to offer health and wellness programs to the building’s employees while they work away from home . Our programming includes live streaming sessions, access to online workouts, and health challenges and events.

Pregnancy & Fitness…baby, Let’s Get Moving!

It is well known that regular exercise is not only an important factor in maintaining a strong immune system, but also in improving mental health. Activities such as health challenges, when designed to be engaging, creative and fun, are a great way to bring people together and foster a healthy community, especially in times of isolation.

Check out our fitness challenge that many Oxford Place staff recently took part in! Employees participated in the 4-week “Oxford Amazing Race” with 3 challenges per week (1 Road Block and 2 Detours). This video is a summary of the Oxford Place Amazing Race.

Thank you to everyone at Oxford Place who took part in this challenge and made it a success. You sent us such encouraging comments.

“The good news is I walked 20.6km on Wednesday, biked 15km on Sunday and walked/ran > 7km yesterday (to complete the last challenge)  One of the detours is that I saw the size of the North Van that I was empty. I can’t wait to plan a night out (near my house) with my daughter. Also – I can’t stop taking pictures of the animals on my Strava now! That’s the thing – a lot of amazing pictures on the web.” Participant feedback

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Join Canfit Pro’s Virtual Series from August 14 – 15. Book an appointment with our Life Fitness Canada team members to learn more about the #LifeFitness products and brand.

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The size and scope of the Cor Van Raay YMCA in Lethbridge, Alberta is impressive – over 260,000 square feet with facilities such as a large farm house, a large aquatic center, an indoor playground and a fitness center. a well-equipped gym. This is the biggest operation ever done at LIV North.

Building a facility the size of the Cor Van Raay YMCA is no easy task, but LIV North has taken a well-planned approach. The work began by combining three important elements – the location, the product and the vision of the YMCA community. Combined with our team’s pioneering approach, we’ve been able to provide top-quality fitness equipment that members can enjoy for years to come. After 3 1/2 years of planning, the facility officially opened in May 2019, and members have been enjoying it ever since.

For Fitness Buffs And Landlords, Gyms Are Hot Again

Full buy-in from both sides. The YMCA chose LIV North because of the involvement of the whole team. Sales, equipment, owners, crew and the ability to put it all together. The two sides have been in regular contact during the 3 1/2 year meetings in Calgary and Lethbridge.

The birth took place during one of the coldest weeks of the year in Lethbridge, down to -30 degrees Celsius. There were problems like the elevator going down for 3-5 days, but the team got things up two flights of stairs. 75% of the floor plan had to be changed overnight when the electrical socket changes were moved during the final stages of construction. We handle this hassle-free at no cost to the customer.

Set expectations and achieve set goals. Life Fitness and LIV North have shown that no matter how big the project, deadlines and expectations are not only met, but exceed the customer’s vision. Budget is in line and delivery time is below target. This comes from the fact that we are able to use special workers from two cities.

Transferred. Ability to adapt to projects based not only on demographics but from a customer perspective. This YMCA has a different look and performance area where turf is used. Additionally, we have created a youth room with billiards and hockey/foosball tables. A little change we get from our partner Life Fitness.

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This is the first time Life Fitness has shown a set outside the US for its promotional video. The highlight of the project was led by Russ McLean of LIV North. This project is 100% Life Fitness, and their related products other than dumbbells and plates. The images from this page are part of a global development, highlighting Canadian tolerance, service and cooperation.

Cor Van Raay’s goal was to have 6000 members by September 2019 – they achieved this in July. Excellent results and we are happy to help facilitate the installation. Jennifer, CEO of the Lethbridge YMCA, confirmed that before the closure due to COVID-19, membership was 10,084. The most members they ever had. An active life and a healthy community is our commitment to you. The city has a fitness center in three main entertainment areas. Each gym offers a variety of equipment and friendly, knowledgeable staff to help answer your questions and get you started.

RecPASS includes UNLIMITED access to three gyms and fitness programs! General rules for exercise

Instructions regarding the use of any City fitness equipment will be provided by City Fitness personnel only. If you are not used to using the equipment, ask the staff for help before using it. Improper use can cause injury. Use the device’s security features. There are free Smart Start Orientations to teach you how to use the tools. Please register with customer service.

For Sale: #811 140 Dunlop St E, Barrie, Ontario L4m1b1

Gyms and changing rooms are common areas. As a matter of courtesy and respect for the privacy of others, the use of electronic devices for the purposes of communication, texting and taking pictures is not permitted. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to create a pleasant environment for everyone and respectfully ask that you leave the area to take care of personal property.

In order to maintain our facilities and equipment, the City reserves the right to close programs and service areas for repairs and maintenance. If possible, advance notice will be given to the facility. All materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes and instructors are subject to change without notice. We will not issue refunds in these circumstances.

City of Personal Trainers is certified and will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Learn the right way to exercise and how to get the results you want. There is not a long time

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