Best Golf Courses In Italy

Best Golf Courses In Italy – And for good reason. The “Land of the Beautiful” lives up to its lofty moniker, boasting beautiful coastlines, towering mountains, and beautiful landscapes that stretch from the tip of the boot in the south to the Alps in the north.

Italy is synonymous with food, wine, ancient ruins and fashion, but serious golfers can’t help but associate their favorite game with some of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. That will soon change, and when the famous Ryder Cup takes place in Rome in 2023, it promises to be a global celebration of sport. In addition, the International Championship is an opportunity to promote Italy as a top golf destination

Best Golf Courses In Italy

The history of golf in Italy dates back to 1889 when the historic Florence Golf Club was founded. Four years ago, the first course was offered in the United States. Now known as Circolo Golf Ugolino, it’s one of more than 300 world-class golf courses in Italy – enough to play 18 new holes every day of the year and more on weekends.

Golf In Italy

With such a rich golf tradition, there’s no need to wait until 2023. If you want to experience world-class golf in a spectacular setting, bring your tees and hand-crafted Italian teas and hit the courses for these unique and unique regions that make Italy truly Italian.

Golf in Italy is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Here’s what you need to know as the country prepares to host the 2023 Ryder Cup

All roads lead to Rome, and there’s no better place to start a golf tour of Italy than in the Lazio region, one of the world’s greatest cities with plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in history, culture and history. Italy.

Celebrating past and present in Rome, the perfect balance of thousands of years of tradition and ultra-modern elements. Rome has something for every taste, but with so many experiences, even a weekend trip can seem like a whirlwind trip without planning. Fortunately, wherever you go from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain, the Eternal City has you covered.

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Although technically in a different country, located entirely within the city limits of Rome, the Vatican is the smallest sovereign nation on earth and has its own postal service. While an ambitious golfer can imagine clearing St. Petersburg’s course with a driver and five iron, Vatican City is no exception. Despite its decline, Renaissance art is perhaps nowhere more concentrated, from Michelangelo’s works in the Sten Chapel to the Seven Kilometer Gallery, from St. Petersburg’s Barricade Dog’s Foot to Raphael’s Deluxe Room.

Behind the walls of the Vatican, the central hub of modern Rome remains the Colosseum, a structure that is impressive from the outside and stunning from the inside. After seeing the ghats and tasting the pasta, take a few kilometers along the ancient roads to the coast of Lazio. Then it’s time to embrace the old adage and do it like the Romans do: play golf at one of Italy’s most iconic and exciting courses – and host of the 2023 Ryder Cup – Marco Moni Golf and Country Club.

Although only a short distance from the city center, Marco Polo offers golfers unparalleled views of the magnificent natural landscape. One of the most aesthetically pleasing courses in the region, the beautiful lakes and Marcomon Castle will make for an unforgettable experience. The pros play on a redesigned championship course, and the club also has an additional nine-hole executive course for enhanced play. But don’t miss the upcoming Global Championship – Marco’s course appeals to both experienced golfers and first timers, and is very manageable for golfers with disabilities.

Golfers may think the water is dangerous, but the deep blue of Lake Como is anything but. The Lombardy region has wonderful water features that make it a great place to play 18 on the shores of ancient glacial lakes and in the shadow of the high Italian Alps.

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Lake Garda is a true paradise for golfers. There are nearly a dozen different courses in the area, but don’t go without first learning about Golf Arza, a historic two-course 27-hole club nestled in the hills near Lake Garda. The course itself is reminiscent of the Scottish Links Dern, incorporating the rugged terrain and unique character of the region into an experience that pits players against nature. After hitting the course, golfers head to the clubhouse for an unforgettable day sampling local cuisine and local wines at the Arzaga Bistrot restaurant.

In addition to the abundance of natural beauty, each course is carved into the mountainside, surrounded by countless towns and villages that still retain their authentic culture and customs. Lombardy has several centuries-old castles built on the mountains and even by the water, most notably the rmion, one of the best preserved in the country and a rare ancient fortress that has stood the test of time. and errors.

Lombardy offers everything from outdoor cycling and cycling to sailing on beautiful lakes and even skiing on the nearby Swiss border. like

Lombardy’s green vineyards thrive, producing some of Italy’s best grape varieties, such as the highly regarded sparkling wine from Franciacorta or the grape varieties of Sforzato di Valtellina. Enjoying a small aperitif at a beautiful lakeside location is one of the most authentic Italian experiences you’ll encounter in Italy.

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Bordered by France and Switzerland, the Piedmont region is backed on three sides by Italy’s highest peaks and largest glaciers, making this a unique place. The terrain is varied, from snow-capped Alps to vineyards to seaside.

These natural features complement the region’s elegant architecture and provide the perfect backdrop for a growing gastronomic hub – Piedmont is home to the slow food movement and is famous for its world-famous Barolo wines, white truffles and Castelmano cheese.

The capital of Piedmont is Turin, a vibrant city that has been a center of culture and exploration for two thousand years and now boasts some of the best golf courses in Italy. A stunning village on a magnificent hillside

The 73rd course was designed by British architect John Morrison, whose colleague and contemporaries considered the golf course architect Harry S. Considered a cult. The Colt influence is evident in Morrison’s stunning design, with a meticulously constructed trail that features stunning mountain flatness at every turn.

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The modern course remains true to the original design, with creeks, rivers and ponds lined with native hardwoods as obstacles and fairways. This feature, combined with a well-designed cover, inspires the best players, even if they are part of it

The challenge is purely aesthetic – the view from the tee is enough to detract from their most orderly swings.

Veneto is, of course, the home of Venice, but we recommend golfing along the endless canals and waterways. Head west to Verona, another iconic city, perhaps best known as the location of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is one of Italy’s most magnificent historic cities, rich in art, history and culture, with priceless works from Roman ruins to Celtic, Medieval and Renaissance eras.

Verona Arena is the city’s most famous historical monument; A stunning open-air Roman amphitheater built in the first century AD is still in use today. Passing one of the best-preserved ancient buildings in the world, you’ll ride on the same stone that has hosted everything from gladiatorial contests to medieval war games, and more recently, Puccini’s operas and pop concerts.

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The entire Veneto region is full of wonderful golf courses, and the Verona Golf Club is particularly famous for its illustrious history. With an evocative and unique landscape among ancient vineyards, it’s no wonder that Verona Golf Club is considered the best golf course in northern Italy. After playing 18, relax in the clubhouse and enjoy a variety of delicious local cuisine in the award-winning restaurant. If dinner turns into dessert,

Golf flat, then leave your room and head straight for the morning hours.

For proof that Italy always has more experience, check out Friuli Venezia Giulia. Drive through this region of the Northeast and you’ll always find another hidden village, another wine tasting and another mountain.

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