Best Golf Courses In Iceland

Best Golf Courses In Iceland – Westman Island Golf Club is located on a volcanic island on the southern tip of Iceland, which can be reached by a 30-minute ferry ride. See more Iceland photos →

I visited Iceland for the first time in November 2013 and during this trip I made several observations: 1. The landscape is very beautiful. 2. Everyone is blonde and 871 percent better than you. 3. Nine out of 10 Icelandic homes are heated by geothermal springs, and that hot water smells like farts. 4. Icelanders are obsessed with golf.

Best Golf Courses In Iceland

No. Because of #4 (and partly because of #2), I recently returned to Iceland to spend five days diving in its bay.

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Yes. You read that right. The island has 65 golf courses for just over 321,000 residents, of whom nearly 60,000 are at least occasional golfers. The popularity of golf in Iceland is more than just football and team handball, thanks to the silver medal in team handball at the 2008 Olympics. 85 percent of Icelanders voted for the final, and a “philological” museum was proudly erected in Reykjavík. A unique display representing each team member, um, member. But I throw it away.

The golf season in Iceland is short – from May to September – but when it comes, it comes with a bang. Summer in Iceland means 24 pleasant days. And Icelanders, who are waiting for an endless dark winter, are now acting – how can I put it mildly? – Less nausea.

In the summer, most courses in Iceland are open 24 hours a day for play. Islanders play golf after work and after dinner. Iceland’s oldest club, founded in 1934, says Helgi Estinsson, one of the 3,000 members of the Reykjavik Golf Club: “We can’t get enough of golf; we’re passionate. . . . Unfortunately, all the same. Not in three balls.

My favorite is the arctic open. This is serious bucket list material. Played since 1986, the Arctic Open is an international golf tournament played at Akureyri Golf Club, the second northernmost 18-hole course in the world. (Norway’s Tromsø Golf Park claims to be the northernmost.) The Arctic Open has a peculiar feature: You can start your round after midnight, as it runs from 4 p.m. until 12:50 p.m

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More than 200 golfers, most of them Icelandic, joined a large international audience for the 36-hole Stableford event. The atmosphere is simply great. Two women welcome you on the 14th

(bread with lamb) and hot chocolate mixed with rum. Your gambling partners may include local fishermen or the CEO of Icelandair.

Arctic Open entry is $385, which includes two practice rounds, lunch at the opening and closing ceremonies, and whale watching. First prize is a trophy paired with an Icelandic wristwatch. Other gifts include wine baskets and Icelandic cheese. Golf is competitive. Christian G. Bernason, an Islander with a plus-2 handicap, shot a 5-under-par 66 in the first round. The eventual 2014 champion, Brynja Herborg Jansdóttir, collected 78 Stableford points to become the first female winner of the tournament. By comparison, I completed the 2014 Arctic Open campaign with a 37-yard tee shot and covered the first tee in stunning silence. I would win Icelandic cheese.

Playing under the midnight sun is like playing in a casino. Time loses meaning: 3pm comes and goes without warning, and there are only vague biological memories like feeling hungry and remembering what you had for dinner eight hours ago. After one night of play, most participants in the Arctic Open went straight to work after turning 18. “My wife and I have been playing in this tournament for 26 years,” said 60-year-old Icelander Bjørgen Jorgensen from Reykjavik. “As soon as we get out of here on Sunday, we’ll book it for next year.”

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As a group enters the clubhouse, Bjorgen continues: “I lost three years, completely.” He stood up, lowered his head, slightly upset. “We’ve had three kids and four houses – but still, that’s no excuse for losing.”

To the south, minutes from Reykjavík Island, is another fantastic golf adventure. Nice Golf Club, a beautiful nine-hole course with spectacular views of Mount Esja (Iceland’s highest mountain) and a unique hazard.

“They’re called kriya,” explained my Icelandic player Carl Carlson as we pulled into the parking lot. “They’re a bit .. um .. how do you say .. aggressive.”

“Understood,” I nodded and opened the door on my passenger side. I immediately dived with a bird the size of my left hand.

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I shouted and came back to the car. Carl said nothing but was vaguely embarrassed by my cowardice.

Make the arctic star. Every summer they travel from Antarctica to Iceland – the longest migration of any bird on the planet. If you’ve ever complained about your commute to work, consider this: in his lifetime, each commute is the equivalent of three trips to the moon. Several thousand crayfish land on this golf course, where they lay their eggs from May to July. If you keep your ball in a fair way, everything will be fine. However, unlucky golfers who roll in silence are quickly overtaken by angry birds. Don’t bite the kriya – they attack, sometimes bleeding.

Amazingly, the 675 members of Nice Golf Club have made the practice a way of life. The members walk the hard way with clubs above their heads – survival ness 101, as Kriya attacks her intruder’s high ground. Some members use umbrellas instead of golf clubs, which provide protection against a secondary action attack method. (Hint: rhymes with “site”)

“Cria is very much a part of this club,” Kristen Lidsdottir, the (beautiful, beautiful) granddaughter of the club’s founder, told me after my round. As I looked down the fairway on the ninth and saw another tourist golfer in the crowd, I decided that nine holes in Nice defined “extreme golf” and were the best motivation to hit the fairway.

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If you can’t get to the course, hit the “pools” – geothermal hot tubs in almost every city. They are Iceland’s answer to the Scottish pub. It was in this pool that my lasting Icelandic golf memory was made. I just finished the first round of the Arctic Open (at 6am), and feeling tired, decided to go to the local pool to freshen up. As I happily floated in my hot tub, an Icelandic businessman suddenly dropped by my side. Instead of saying “hello,” he admitted: playing golf in Iceland was a unique experience. Play golf in the midnight sun. Iceland has 61 golf courses surrounded by Icelandic nature. Here are our top ten golf courses in Iceland

Golf has become one of the most popular sports in Iceland, second only to soccer in fact. Iceland has 61 golf courses in the country, 15 18-hole golf courses and 46 9-hole golf courses. Iceland is the perfect destination for a golf trip. August is the best time to play golf in Iceland. The golf season in Iceland runs from May to September. Winter golf is also popular in Iceland. October is the last month to play golf in Iceland where you can still play on the original greens of the golf courses. For the winter, golf clubs in Iceland close the green, but many have special “winter greens”. This is done to protect the grass in winter. When golf clubs open and close depends on weather conditions. If you are planning to play golf in Iceland, here are some of the best places to play golf in Iceland.

In 1967 the Keller Golf Club was founded in Iceland. Hvaleyrarvöllur is located on the coast of Hafnafjörður, just a few minutes’ drive from Reykjavík. The first 9 holes are played on lava and the last 9 holes are played along the ocean. This gives great variety on the golf course. Playing on lava rocks requires consistency on the first shot, if you miss the fairway, you’re in trouble because of the lava rocks surrounding the course. The last 9 holes give you more width for the tee shot. But the sea and the wind make it challenging to play. Hvaleyravöllur has undergone many changes in recent years, in 2019 and 2020 they opened new holes on the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th. These changes have a great effect on the golf course, making it more fun and more challenging at the same time. the time

Iceland’s first golf club was founded in 1934. The foundation of the golf club came from Denmark because many Icelanders went there to study and learn about golf. In 1963, the Reykjavík Golf Club began building Grafer Holtsvaler in downtown Reykjavík.

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