Best Golf Courses In Boca Raton

Best Golf Courses In Boca Raton – Ask anyone who takes golf seriously, and they will tell you that Florida is a rich country when it comes to golf courses. No matter what part of the state you are in, you are never far from a golf course.

Having spent a lot of time in Florida and playing a lot of golf, I’d like to think I had a good idea of ​​where to find the best fairways. However, every time I return, I am reminded out loud that I am not an expert in anything. A man can do a different job in Florida every day for a year and still not get to all the great places.

Best Golf Courses In Boca Raton

So, when our readers in Boca Raton wanted a guide to the best general courses in the region, I happily complied.

Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course

One thing that is consistent with golf courses in this part of the world is water. Lots of water.

That’s what happened at Osprey Point. Water comes into play in most holes. We also do not recommend that you go to danger to hunt for your balls, they are home to alligators that golfers do not like.

The track itself is flat and straight ahead of you. That doesn’t mean it’s boring, though. The length of the holes varies and provides rigorous testing and scoring opportunities. Playing a good par five is the key to getting a good score.

In fact, you can play 27 holes in this facility. If you have the time, we recommend that you do.

Best Golf Course Communities Ranked

The condition is also second to none. The fairway is Platinum Paspalum. If you’ve never played on this court, it’s like playing on a carpet.

Locals call Bridges at Springtree a hidden gem in the Sunrise community. While this course is a favorite with locals, it is relatively undiscovered by outsiders.

This is also a short course. You know I firmly believe that these courses are as good as many regulatory courses. Here is an example.

Designed by ten-time PGA Tour winner Mark McCumber, The Bridges at Springtree is always in top form.

Photos: The Year’s New Golf Courses

The driver won’t give you much here, although a par five in two can be achieved with a solid tee. On the other hand, a solid iron and wedge game gives you birdie opportunities.

The clubhouse is also important here. It covers more than 7,000 square meters and has every imaginable amenity.

For a premium experience at a price that won’t break the bank, it’s hard to beat Bridges at Springtree.

Atlantic National was designed by Joe Lee. It is considered one of the best daily quota facilities in the area.

One Of The Finest Public Golf Courses In South Florida

This course will test you from tee to green. The fairways are narrow and water is a factor on most holes. Your approach shot must also be accurate. Many bunkers hold green.

What golfers really appreciate about Atlantic National is its excellent condition. Fairways and greens are both Championship Bermuda. Unlike many Bermuda vegetables in Florida, there is not much corn here. This means that the putt rolls at a constant speed in all directions.

The club is also an experience in itself. As the locals say, it was built for convenience, not speed. The food was excellent and the drinks were flowing. The ten flat screen TVs also provide the perfect viewing environment for any sporting event.

If you’re in the Boca area and want something a little different than usual, head to Park Ridge Golf Course.

Best Things About Living In A Boca Raton Golf Community

Although most of the field in the area is flat, elevation plays a role here. Another unique feature is that this course has six par threes, fours and fives. This keeps the round interesting from the first tee to the 18th

Park Ridge is also one of the most affordable options in the Boca Raton area. On weekends you can play for $35 including the buggy.

I recently had the opportunity to play Palm Beach National and I will be the first to say that the people here make golf fun.

They understand that golf reaches a much wider audience than the blue-haired, wrinkled crowd that has characterized the sport for so long. If that’s your cup of tea, there are plenty of other places to choose from.

St Andrews Country Club

The dress code is casual here. I’m all for it. And they are the first courses I have seen to implement a BYOM program. Bring your own music. All you need is your smartphone and your favorite playlist. Just connect to one of the many Bluetooth speakers and start jamming! The choice for me is the Eagles Greatest Hits album.

If you play here in the summer when the weather is hot, the staff will give you free popsicles while you play. How cool is that?

The layout is also good. The hole is right in front of you, but its wide variety keeps it interesting.

I can’t say enough good things about this place, and I highly recommend it if FUN is your top priority.

Frequent Golfers To Get Discounts At Boca’s New Golf Course

Southwinds Golf Course is one of the most underrated facilities in Boca Raton. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive properties in the area, it’s a circuit worth a detour.

Although the trail is in the center of the metropolitan area, it borders a large nature reserve. Therefore, your chances of encountering wild animals are quite good. Don’t be surprised if you find a Canadian goose, fox, iguana, or white-tailed deer.

The staff here pride themselves on environmental stewardship. This course has received certification from Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary.

I spent some time in Hollywood. And no, I didn’t find Paris Hilton or anyone with the last name Kardashian. I’m talking about Hollywood, Florida.

The Boca Raton Golf & Racquet Club In Boca Raton

This is a big boys track. Measuring north 7,800 meters from the tip – no, that’s not a typo.

Although Emerald Hills is clearly from 1969, it has a modern design feel. Significant water hazards can be found everywhere and the green complex is just as impressive.

While this fairway may feel daunting, the landing area is wide and can carry the ball to most greens.

If you need more proof that this is a quality round of golf, consider the fact that Emerald Hills has hosted major events such as the USGA, Doral and Honda Classic qualifiers.

The Seagate Country Club

This 27 hole facility is one of the most sought after experiences in a well groomed hole area. Although the track conditions are perfect, there are many problems found in the form of water and bunkers. Putting the ball in the right place is very important.

Besides golf, there is much more to do here. Sit by the pool and bask in the sun drinking cocktails. Take advantage of the many dining options. Or keep track of the calendar for various social events that occur each month.

Joe Lee has designed many courses in and around Boca Raton. Winston Trails is undoubtedly one of the best.

Although the club prides itself on its private membership, it welcomes the public with open arms. When you come to play here, you are treated like a member.

Boca Country Club’ Golf Course Will Open To The Public In 2021, Thanks To Donation

From the back tee, the course measures over 7,000 meters. He demands the best from you, from tee to green.

If you are looking for a place to practice alone, do it here. The driving range has enough space and scope for everyone. The world class short game area extends to 70 yards so you can play on the wedge.

One of the oldest golf courses in the Boca area is the Oriole Golf Club. It was opened for games in 1971.

This is a semi-private facility that reserves preferred tee times for the public seven days a week.

West Palm Beach Golf Courses

Unlike other courses in this part of the world, the fairways here are very generous. If you drive it right, you have a few short shots on the green.

Oriole is a local favorite and they love to play for a few bucks. You can also participate in promotions. Every day of the week there is a “throw-in” game where you pay a small fee (in addition to the green fee) and you are matched with who appears in a net stableford format. Sounds fun!

Boca Raton is a golf paradise. There is no denying that. While there are of course many high-end private clubs that cost a fee to join, there are also many affordable public options. I played a bit and can’t wait to get back.

Our Boca readers love their golf and wanted to share their secrets about the best public courses in the area. Thank you all.

Changes Coming At Boca Raton And Delray Beach Golf Courses

I’m sure I’ve left out some of the pros on this list that deserve to be on it. If so, do you think it would help us and let us know in the comments below? The participants will enjoy the contest for 9 holes 4 people. The fee per participant is $30.00 and includes golf fees, prizes and food. Call Pat Dowd at 561-784-1390 to register for the next print Scramble

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