Best Go Kart Tracks In Texas

Best Go Kart Tracks In Texas – Train tickets are fun, as we can all agree, and they’re some of the most common tracks you’ll find in Texas, but do you really want to go fast? The Dallas Karting Complex allows visitors to go 80 miles per hour on 25 acres.

The track will run 17 times for you to keep the fun going throughout the night. You don’t need a license or reservation to attend the music, which makes it fun for everyone. The complex has everything you need to race, including helmets and gear, so all you need to bring is indoor shoes and your passion.

Best Go Kart Tracks In Texas

If you have a card, you can join local races with other owners, and if you place, you will receive a reward. Race prices start at $25 and go up to $125 depending on the hook. You can also rent it for $250 for parties of up to 10 people for two hours of entertainment.

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The complex allows you to record your time to see your speed and is great for friendly competition. The route is open from 11 am to 9 pm. Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. On Monday you can race all day for just $15. You can even compete in two-hour endurance races to push your limits.

Dallas Karting Complex is located at 5025 FM 1565 in Caddo Mills, Texas. For more information on rates and security, you can visit their website. Texas has some of the best racetracks in America. It also makes sense that it’s the best kart track in America. From outdoor kart rentals, indoor rentals, and membership clubs, you’ll find it all in the Lone Star State.

Most of the tracks in Texas are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston areas. If you’re far from these cities and looking for a track near you, you’ll be able to find parks with karts.

Circuit of the Americas (COTA) is a world-renowned motorsports track located in Austin. They have karting tracks next to f1 tracks.

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The top speed of the rental carts is 55 miles per hour. Cardholders can bring their cards with them if they wish, and can check availability on any given day on their website or by contacting them directly.

A private run can also be booked for 1 hour, meaning you can run 1 hour for yourself and your group.

They run regularly throughout the year in a variety of classes, including LO206. For those who want to get into car racing, participating in these races can be a good starting point.

Their tracks have 15 turns and can be seen from the satellite image at the link below (

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DKC is located near Dallas, where you can experience really fast cards. First, you’ll be allowed to use their regular cards, and if you can log in for up to 75 seconds on regular cards, you can drive the fastest card in Texas.

Their tracks are 0.8 miles long and have 17 turns. Cardholders can bring their cards with them to class, and a one-day pass for cardholders costs $99.

League races are held frequently and you can expect to see some of the best racers in the area. Even novice runners can participate, you don’t have to be a pro to run here.

The MSR tracks are located 35 miles south of downtown Houston. This is the best card in the Houston area.

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Their main track is 2.38 miles long and is used for professional racing and series such as the IndyCar Series and the Atlantic Championship.

Their rental cars are gas-powered and can reach speeds of up to 50 mph, with each session lasting 15 minutes. The karting tracks are open from Thursday to Sunday, reserved for private events from Monday to Wednesday (opening times etc. can be found on the website).

Tours, birthday parties and corporate events can be booked in advance. For competitive racers, they hold a “Night League Race” on the third Saturday of every month.

Located approximately 25 miles from downtown San Antonio. This is an open karting facility for both rentals and cards.

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The go-karts are gas-powered and can reach speeds of 40-50 mph. Cardholders can pick up their card at the facility and ride the lanes for $80 a day pass.

For competitive racers, they regularly organize leagues (follow their social media or contact them via email for updates).

Their website tracks everyone’s best and makes it easy to track the best race times.

Lone Star Kartpark is located on Texas Highway in Fort Worth. This is a rental map site with a 0.6 mile track. Their cards come in 3 categories: Seniors, Juniors (Cadet Cards) and 2 Seater Cards.

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They haven’t officially mentioned the top speed of the go-karts, but you can imagine that the big ones can quickly reach a top speed of 50 mph.

They host their own league competition for under 16 players called “LSK League” which is held twice a month from March to November. Cardholders are not (currently) allowed to run their own cards.

The track is 0.6 miles long and has 16 turns. Check out the accompanying image of the track at the link below.

K1 Speedway has a total of 5 locations in Texas. They are the most popular closed card game in America.

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K1 is very popular among those who want to organize birthday parties, corporate events and other types of events.

The carts are fully electric, and their electric motors produce 20 horsepower. Their card for adults is 45 mph.

They also track cycle times, allowing you to track your time and track yourself over the past week, month, etc.

Andretti Karting is an indoor recreation center located in San Antonio, Colonia (near Dallas) and Katy. They change the speed of k1

Gold Town Racer Go Karts

Their cards are 15 mph for juniors and 35 mph for seniors. They also have Mini Mario Karts for ages 4-6.

The racetrack in Denton covers a 0.5 mile course with 9 turns (see satellite image at link below). They offer races for all age groups. Over 5 years old

They hold 18 club card races each year. For those who love competitive racing, this is a must-see for seniors near the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Their prices are cheaper compared to other karting facilities. You can also take a test before applying for membership.

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They do not have tariff cards for the general public. But you can have fun watching them compete.

Another club member-run facility, HCKCR, is located in New Braunfels. Their tracks are 1/2 mile long and have 10 turns (see satellite image of the track in the link below)

Race classes range from junior (5-8 years old) to master class (35+). LO206 and KA100 are class 2 which are widely used in their class.

Throughout the day, members have access to the walking track. They do not offer road maps. Open to members only.

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Gulf Coast Cartway is another membership club for Houston area residents. Members may participate in non-member competitions and practices.

Classes range from Junior Kart (5-8 years old) to Master Class (30+), engines used are KA100, LO206, Shifter etc.

This is the end of our list. Did we miss your favorite song? Leave us a message and we’ll look into it. Ride safe and have fun! Texas is the second largest in the United States and offers some of the best karting options in the country.

Let’s say you’re in Texas and trying to figure out where the best place to go go karting is. With so many options, how can you be sure which one is best for you?

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That’s why we wrote this article. Below is a guide to the top 5 places to go karting in Texas.

We’ve made sure to include a few different itineraries to give you everything you need to know before your next trip.

We’ve also made sure to include a FAQ section to answer any additional questions you may have.

If you want a real racing experience with a variety of karts and the biggest track on our list, look no further than the Dallas Karting Complex.

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Track This is the longest track we’ve ever seen, with a total length of 8 miles and 17 turns. This is a great beginner track with two casual riders

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