Best Glaucoma Specialist In Toronto

Best Glaucoma Specialist In Toronto – I started my medical career as a clerk in Miraj in 1977-78. I then went to Kenya as a consultant to the Ministry of Health from 1980-1985. I later joined the Saudi Ministry of Health as a junior consultant from 1985-1996.

He was instrumental in establishing a short-term skill transfer program for the center’s doctors (which has trained 200 foreign candidates to date).

Best Glaucoma Specialist In Toronto

He is a Glaucoma consultant working at MM Joshi Eye Hospital Dharwad since 2019. He is trained in Advanced Glaucoma and Phacoemulsification surgery at MM Joshi Eye Hospital Hubli.

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He did MS Ophthalmology from JSS Medical College Mysore. Then St. He worked at Johns Hospital Kerala from 2014 to 2018.

Is Cornea phaco-Resistant working at M M Joshi since July 2019? He completed MS Ophthalmology from GMC Surat in June 2017 and Fellowship in Corneal Phacorefractive Surgery in 2019 from M.M.Joshi Dharwad.

He specializes in the technique of phacoemulsification of cataract surgery. He also specializes in contact lenses and low vision. Cornea is a branch of `MM Joshi Dharwad.

Dr. Deepti Joshi received her medical training from Bangalore Medical College and studied Ophthalmology at Bangalore St. Studying at Johns College. He was a gold medalist in MS Ophthalmology from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Health. He trained in pediatrics at the MM Joshi Eye Institute and did an elective fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Dr. Deepan Selvadurai

He has exhibited his works in many international conferences. He won the prestigious award for his research on pediatric cataract at the Medical Council of India 2018.

His main clinical interests include adults and children strabismus (squint), children’s cataracts, children’s glaucoma, macular degeneration, visual impairment in children with other physical diseases, soft eye and neuro-ophthalmology.

It has a CVI (cortical vision) clinic that aims to improve the vision of children with brain problems such as cerebral palsy. We are proud to be the only hospital in the entire North Karnataka to run such a hospital.

He also participated in various graduate programs across the country.

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Dr. SHRNIVAS JOSHI completed M. S. Ophthalmology from K.LE.E Medical College, Belgaum. Later, he received elective training in Vitreoretinal at the Steve Charles Retina Institute, Memphis, USA. He completed his vitreoretinal surgery at the University of Toronto, North America and trained in pediatric surgery at Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto.

His area of ​​interest is the artificial virus “Argus 2” the first eye to be approved by the US FDA. He is the first Indian Dr. Robert Devenyi at Toronto West Hospital.

He received the 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Boston. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has honored Rhett Buckler with an Oscar three years in a row in Boston, Vancouver and Chicago, which is historic in itself. The All India Ophthalmic Society was awarded the International Hero Award in 2018 and 2019. It has peer international journals including the American Journal of Medicine, the Asia Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology and the Indian Journal of Medicine.

Among his areas of medical interest is the treatment of diseases in young adults such as diabetes mellitus, macular hole, eye cancer, and early eye cancer.

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Dr. Manohar completed his MBBS from Bangalore Medical University and Research Institute. He studied M.S Ophthalmology from Minto Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Bangalore.

He has over 11 years of experience as an ophthalmologist and phaco surgeon. He has led many awareness programs, including awareness about eye health and disease prevention.

He is the Director of Clinical Services and Director of Vitreoretinal Services. He is a senior member of the Institute working since 1985. He has a good course in MBBS and MS and has special training in Vitreoretinal at Sankara Nethralay Chennai.

In 1986 he started the Department of Vitreoretina, the first in North Karnataka. This department serves vitreoretinal patients from all the northern parts of the state, except Goa and Maharashtra.

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Dr. Guruprasad has performed more than 25,000 vitreoretinal surgeries and thousands of cataracts and cataracts. His areas of interest include: complex eye surgeries, diabetes, headaches, migraines, eye injuries and other common ailments.

Dr. Guruprasad has many research achievements to his credit, which he has published and presented at several international conferences. His work has been recognized in international conferences and has been duly rewarded.

He is the director of the DNB Postgraduate Program under the National Institute of Vitreoretinal Research and the affiliated courses of Rajiv Gandhi Medical University.

In addition to clinical services, Dr. Guruprasad also reached out to the underprivileged through eye camps and provided good services to all.

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He has held various posts in Karnataka Ophthalmic Society and All India Ophthalmic Society.

He is a consultant in the Department of Cornea, Phaco and Refractive Surgery, an eye specialist with 8 years of experience.

He completed MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and Masters in Ophthalmology from Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi, one of the leading tertiary care hospitals.

He is highly trained in the treatment of many corneal problems and has successfully performed many transplants (tumor keratoplasty and lamellar keratoplasty).

St. Clair Eye Clinic

Dr. Aniket Shastri has supervised and trained many medical students, fellows and residents and has been invited as a lecturer at various national and international conferences.

He is a doctor who specializes in surgery and pediatrics. She completed her pediatric training at M M Joshi Eye Center in 2013 and has been working at the parent center since then.

He has extensive experience in both adult and pediatric cataract surgery, and has a passion for squint surgery.

He did M.B.B.S from famous Seth. G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital, Mumbai. Later, he completed his Masters in Ophthalmology from MP.Shah Medical College and Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, Saurashtra University with honors and gold medal. He did his glaucoma fellowship at H.V.Desai Eye Hospital, Pune.

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He worked as an Assistant Professor at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane. He has joined as a consultant in some private companies in Mumbai and Pune.

He has had several surgeries for cataracts, but his specialty is glaucoma. He is passionate about teaching and research. He has many books and lectures to his credit. He has received many academic awards like JRD TATA fellowship, ICMR research etc to name a few.

M. Joshi Eye Institute, is a unique institute in South India. He was a leader in ophthalmology and led efforts in secondary education and education. Being a topper with 8 gold medals in medicine, he completed his PhD (Phthalmology) with honors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. M. M. Joshi is the Director of Postgraduate Training and Fellowship at the Eye Institute, an area close to his heart. She is the assistant director of public affairs and has worked tirelessly for children’s eye services.

Dr. Krishnaprasad completed his fellowship training in pediatric ophthalmology at Storm Eye Center, Medical University of South Carolina, USA. He has three international books and eight national books under peer review.

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Dr. Krishnaprasad R. has worked extensively in local, state and local government. He is the South zone member of the Education and Research Committee of the All India Ophthalmic Society of India.

High school Dr. Krishnaprasad. He has been a Post Graduate Teacher for the past 23 years. His PG program – ‘Eye on Exams and Exams’ has been very successful in guiding the graduates in PG exams. He is a former member of the National Board of Education and has been a regular teacher in all the national and state secondary programs. He received the “Honorary Professor UN” award from ANBAI. He has given more than 200 scientific lectures and lectures at various national and state conferences.

Dr. Apoorva Ayachit is a consultant in the Department of Vitreoretinal Services at the M. M. Joshi Eye Institute. He received his training in Ophthalmology from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. After MS Ophthalmology, he completed a fellowship in vitreoretinal at M. M. Joshi Eye Center under the supervision of Dr. Guruprasad A S, Dr. Shrinivas Joshi.

He obtained additional qualifications: Diploma in National Board (DNB); Fellowship of the International Council of Ophthalmology (FICO), ICO-London 2016; Fellow of All India College of Vitreoretinal Ophthalmologists (FAICO-VR) in addition to MS in Ophthalmology and Fellowship in Vitreoretinal Surgery (FVRS).

Dr Frank Howes, Eye Specialist

Apart from being a professional doctor, he is a professional researcher and has more than 25 books and 8 book chapters. His books happened

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