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Best Forex Trading Platform – Forex trading in Islam – “Gold for gold, silver for silver, wheat for wheat, wheat for wheat, sun for sun and salt for salt.” . He who adds or asks for others, has received usury.” (HRS in his book Muslim As Sahih)

And modern scholars have said that the types of money that exist today are similar to the ancient money, namely the dinar or the dirham.

Best Forex Trading Platform

Therefore, the rules that apply to the exchange of currency to dinar, or dirham to dirham, or dinar to dirham, also apply to the exchange of current currencies.

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If this happens, the online forex business called forex is an illegal business. The reason is that doing business like this is not settled in cash and not all, and the customer pays only a small amount of the total amount of foreign currency sold as collateral or closing. from the sale. in the foreign exchange market, the profit or loss is calculated by both parties based on the change in the exchange rate of the two currencies, the exchange rate, on the closing date, on or end of the period agreed upon by both parties. shopping .

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There are buyers and sellers, both are clear. Both exist and are there when the right purchase is made. This doesn’t mean that the buyer doesn’t know who they are buying from. So it’s very clear. Buyers and sellers.

Sales contract. Some buy, some sell. A contract is also called a contract. Buy, sell (for sale). Although there is no “word”, it is natural, but the will to buy and sell is considered a contract. That’s why it works. of course

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Does this thing still exist? Yes, here. When we go to Exchange, we see “things”, that is, we want to exchange money. Of course. The goods will be delivered to us according to the contract. It’s not cool and it’s not developed at all. At the same time. The purchase and sale agreement is valid and the delivery of goods is valid. ready

All three conditions must be met and applied at the same time. If you can achieve all these things, then Forex is the right thing to do in this country.

According to Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki, Forex was initially legal, but it also required strategic analysis. If you want to trade and risk it is a crime. Because he knows about gambling. This can be done even with currency trading.

Ustaz Dusuki researched Forex because this area of ​​Forex is his area of ​​expertise. He said that Forex is right if we use capital and not abuse it. And when you trade, the price goes up, it goes down, if you lose your initial capital, it’s gone. If the broker doesn’t recommend using a traditional account because it’s expensive, you should get an Islamic account. What is a tampon filling? Taking the anointing is like paying for the night, by us! Don’t forget to choose the right broker!

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In fact, there are only good traders in online forex trading. Riba, there is no theft in Islamic finance, you can apply for Islamic finance. But if you trade for technical analysis, there is no gambling. So you have a point of sale even if you are online. Therefore, we advise you to learn how to trade Forex by following our tips as we analyze them. So it is natural to play this forex if you do the 3 things mentioned above. If you still doubt and think it is a sin, stay away from this forex. Compare freely.

There is no transfer of assets in the fund and immediately. It is interest. There are two situations. First, there is interest (a bank account). If you want to transfer money online, the platform will charge a fee. Second, the nightly rate is a one-night rate. Failure to return the interest will result in a penalty. This is us. Do you want to learn about parenting from an Islamic feq perspective?

It’s a bit inconvenient. In Islamic finance, this part of the transaction should be eliminated. If we are trading, it is not clear. See the first floor. Who is the head of the legal department, etc. The “things” we sell are only available online. Not sure if it still exists? In Islamic finance, assets must be (front-end). If it is not physical, you must have an official document showing that you own the property. Because Islamic finance rejects uncertainty.

It is an element of gambling. The differences in the value of these coins are beyond us. However, the profit and loss is based on our opinion only. It’s like gambling because we’re dealing with money. Take the product from another disease.

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Most forex traders are looking to profit and use it as a source of additional income, while others become a source of great income, because the product is very tempting.

Most currency markets are decentralized and unregulated, everything depends on the currency of each country. For this reason, Forex trading scares some traders.

In forex trading, the spread is an important function where the difference between the bid and the ask is favorable to the trader and lower costs.

All countries are known to experience fluctuations in exchange rates that are difficult to predict. Among them it is difficult to predict economic and political movements. For example, last year, the global epidemic of Covid-19 slowed down economic movements in all countries.

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Because the global forex market is larger than the stock market, it provides traders with a large amount of money. $5 trillion trades daily in the forex market.

Among the problems in the money are benefits, assets and power over the country’s money. This has a direct impact on the Forex market itself. Question: “Is Forex trading innocent?” this is one of those questions that society doesn’t talk about. Before the discussion continues, please do the following! How to trade Forex according to Islam? Come and see!

Before explaining how to trade forex according to Islam, we need to understand the meaning of forex trading itself. Forex means foreign currency. Basically, forex is money.

Foreign exchange (forex) is the exchange of one country’s currency for another. During forex trading, a trader exchanges the currency of one country for the currency of another. The difference in exchange rates is beneficial for traders.

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In fact, trading in foreign currency is allowed in Islam, as explained in the Fatwa of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI), namely the National Sharia Fatwa Council No. 28/DSN-MUI/III/2002 for trading money or Al-Sharf. So we can conclude that Forex trading:

Yes, the idea that Forex trading is a game of chance has spread like a mushroom. It’s also easy to find articles or posts online or on social media that claim that Forex trading is gambling.

You should know that these are myths and false accusations. Gambling and trading are two different activities. Trading relies not only on guesswork or prediction, but also on careful observation and calculation.

If the trader is good with dating, he has the opportunity to continue to make a profit. Currency trading can be considered a game of chance if the trader relies only on opinions, without knowledge and deep analysis.

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In addition, trading in foreign currencies is regulated by the 2011 law no. 10, before 1997 Law no. 32 “On Exchange Trading Futures”. In other words, the trade is legal and has a legal basis. Unlike gambling, which is prohibited by law.

In the book Masail Fiqhiyah written by a professional fiqh scholar. Dr. According to Masjfuq Zuhdi Islamic law allows forex trading. Trading in foreign currency is considered innocent because the value of the goods being traded is clear, i.e. foreign currency.

Forex trading is not usury but pure currency trading by value. Since usury is an act of borrowing money and the loan amount must be paid more than the loan amount, i.e. interest must be paid.

Yes, this is some of the information about forex trading in Islam, of course it can correct the aspects of forex trading in society. For those who want to learn more about forex trading, let’s talk to a Mentari Mulia professional and open an account now by clicking here! How is the trading law in Islam? Is the trade fair? Bargaining is considered a sin in Islam, but it is still possible to barter.

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In this article, the main topic of discussion is Islamic financial principles and rulings on halal trading under Islamic law.

Please note that this site is not a Shariah religious authority website. If you want to make sure that your trading activity is legal, you can talk to a religious authority, who can evaluate the situation based on your situation.

Sharia forex accounts are forex trading accounts offered to Muslim clients who wish to invest in the forex market according to the principles of Islamic finance.

Islamic Forex trading accounts, also known as OTC accounts, are trading accounts that are completely different from standard Forex trading accounts. Since most Islamic scholars say that profit from interest income is prohibited, traders with Sharia forex accounts do not pay or earn interest. In addition, account transactions are also based on Shariah accounting, which must be done immediately or for cash.

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