Best Forex Trading App

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The Forex market is now still considered the largest financial market in the world with $5 trillion in transactions per day. The huge amount of money trading is due to the ease of participation where traders can access the market through the forex trading app.

Best Forex Trading App

Armed only with a smartphone, an app and an internet connection, investors can now open trades without time or location restrictions. Forex trading apps are very popular these days and at least a trader should have a few apps to trade properly.

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The MetaTrader trading platform allows traders to open trading positions without any hassle. If you are used to using the desktop version of MetaTrader, the application version does not differ much, which makes it more convenient to use.

As a currency trading application, MetaTrader offers many advantages, one of which is the ability to connect hundreds of brokers. In terms of completeness, this trading application is also considered the best. No wonder many traders use the MetaTrader app to profit from trading.

Brokers also often offer the MetaTrader app to their affiliate traders, albeit with some habit. MetaTrader is considered to be superior in terms of advanced technical analysis, flexible trading system and easier to automate.

Another plus of the MetaTrader application is that the interface is so simple that it is a favorite of many traders. Basically, MetaTrader is very easy to use and supports all types of brokers in the forex trading industry.

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Simply put, Myfxbook is one of the must-have Forex trading apps for traders. This app allows traders to take their trading account analysis to the next level and helps traders understand trading patterns effectively.

Myfxbook app is also considered to be the first forex community app that allows traders to meet other traders around the world. From here, traders can also view the syndicate’s fundraising history for investment purposes.

By viewing the records of other participants, traders can compare the trading system used by other traders. Based on this comparison, traders are expected to improve their trading skills with the help of other community members.

Myfxbook currently supports over 100 brokers and various trading platforms such as cTrader, Strategy Trader, FXCM, Trading Station and of course MetaTrader. This app is basically very useful to help with statistics based analysis and trading behavior.

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For beginners who have just started trading, the Goforex app is very convenient to use. This app provides basic trading instructions that can help traders get started with Forex trading. Goforex is designed to be a complete trading package for beginners with various features.

With Goforex, traders will have access to various trading aids, market information and various resources needed by all traders at all levels. This app is very good and interactive enough for beginners to use, especially when learning to trade.

Goforex also allows traders to meet other traders who are members of the same community, so they can exchange strategies and experiences. Interestingly, this app also provides simulation features and other short quizzes that can help increase your insight into traders.

The changing geopolitical and economic situation every day can have a big impact on the exchange rate. Therefore, traders need to update the information related to the country’s global economic and geopolitical conditions in order to open Forex trading safely.

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The Bloomberg app gives you access to global economic information as well as other popular financial information. In addition to providing information related to the economy, Bloomberg also offers analytical functions related to the state of the economy.

Trading View is an online application platform designed specifically for traders and investors. This application has many indicators and other technical tools commonly used for financial analysis. In fact, many consider Trading View to be the best technical analysis app out there.

There are so many charts you can access and use for free. In addition to the foreign exchange market, Trading View also provides funds from other financial markets. There are also tools for price action analysis and other tools such as Elliott Waves.

Trading View also has a social feature where other traders can share information and ideas to improve their trading skills. There is a kind of alarm feature that is useful to remind traders to open a trade position.

Best Forex Trading App

Of course, this feature is very useful if the market has reached a certain target price, allowing traders to check trade positions at any time. With the Forex Trading Viewer app, traders also look at specific markets to track developments.

Simply put, Tradays is a financial calendar dedicated to forex and stock traders. This Forex trading app is very useful for both long term and short term traders. Tradays provides complete information on macroeconomic parameters.

For reference, this parameter will be useful to see the global market drivers. Tradays can help you improve your trading by providing data that affects market movements that can later help you predict your trades.

With the Tradays app, investors will be better prepared for the emergence of various financial news. Tradays can be connected directly to the MetaTrader platform, allowing traders to open and close positions from two platforms with the same account.

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Sellers can also take advantage of the notifications from Tradays to always receive the latest information so that sellers can be better prepared. Basically, the Tradays app helps the traders to know the upcoming events through the financial calendar.

Investmate is an educational application that can help traders gain a deeper understanding of trading and investing. It has many very useful features such as training materials, quizzes, tips and common terms used in the trade

There is a lot of interesting content out there that can help traders learn the basics of trading later on. In this process, traders have three minutes to study before answering any of the quizzes.

This Forex trading application is of great help to all traders of all levels. Traders will be notified of the opening and closing times for each market session worldwide. Sellers can then adjust to local time without having to do complex calculations.

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Traders are given some kind of warning or notification if the target market opens or closes so that the trader does not miss the opportunity to set up. There will also be an overlap period between the New York and London sessions so investors don’t miss out.

As you know, overlapping periods offer great potential for high profit levels. With this forex trading app, traders will not miss this opportunity so that trading results remain optimal. Unfortunately, this app is currently only available for the iOS operating system.

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The article offers only the best solutions for forex trading applications and forex brokers with a proven track record, transparent terms and adequate trading functions. This is a good starting point to narrow down the most competitive options on the market and make it easier to find the best provider of forex trading solutions tailored to your needs.

When choosing a forex trading app or a forex broker, many factors come into play. However, the most important of these are usually credibility, trading platform features, ease of use of currency apps, cost, market share, quality of customer service and availability.

Here are the top ten forex trading apps that I think will satisfy even the most sophisticated and experienced trader:

IG is one of the most recognizable brands in the forex industry, and if you’ve searched the web for places to learn how to trade forex, you probably already know that. The Forex broker has a long history, having been around since 1974.

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Over the years, IG’s offering has developed enormously. Today, it gives customers access to over 17,000 instruments. In addition to major exotic and emerging currency pairs, the multi-asset broker also supports indices, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bonds, IPOs and other asset classes and tradable instruments.

IG is known for its low margins and competitive fees. It also has 24/7 support which is very responsive.

The good thing about IG is that you can quickly open an account and fund it via bank transfer or debit/credit card. There is even a full introduction to the program to make it easy for new users and help them start trading with confidence. The IG forex trading app is intuitive and easy to use even for novice forex traders. It supports all the features you find on a major forex trading platform.

IG has won numerous awards including Best Forex Trading Solution, #1 Best Broker, Best

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