Best Foot Surgeon In Knoxville Tn

Best Foot Surgeon In Knoxville Tn – When we walk down the street, on the stairs, or in the house, we tend to take our steps for granted until something stops us.

Don Proaps, 71, pauses for a moment in his western Knox County home and remembers how his footsteps stopped. It started with unexplained leg pain that spread to the ankles and then down the legs.

Best Foot Surgeon In Knoxville Tn

“It was really bad,” says Proaps. “I couldn’t walk around the yard and I couldn’t climb the stairs very well.”

Kostas Triantafillou, M.d.

The only thing that seemed to slow the pain was rest. It seems simple enough, but Proaps says it was a big hassle in situations that involved a lot of walking.

For a long time, says Proaps, “he cried out in old age and arthritis.” The pain increased over time. Proaps’ primary care physician referred him to vascular surgeon C. Scott Callicutt of Parkwest Medical Center, MD, who has seen this kind of thing before. Dr. Callicutt says Proaps had symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

“If you don’t stop walking, the pain will only get worse,” says Dr. the calyx. “Generally it happens. People walk up to a point, their feet hurt, their feet are tired, they stop, the pain goes away, and then they can walk again. That’s what happened to Mr. Proaps.”

PAD is a blood circulation problem in the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the extremities. It affects about 10 million people in the United States and, if left untreated, can lead to problems such as leg ulcers that don’t heal, gangrene, limb loss, and even death.

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Dr. Callicutt explains that plaque can build up in the arteries, causing them to narrow, resulting in a lack of blood flow to certain parts of the body. “The muscles demand more as you walk. It gets to a point where congestion prevents supply from meeting demand,” explains Dr. the calyx. “The muscles start to hurt because they’re not getting enough blood or oxygen.”

There are minimally invasive ways to treat PAD, but Proaps’ case was too advanced for them. Fortunately, Dr. Callicutt and Parkwest Medical Center are experienced in vascular surgical procedures and provide the highest level of care to patients like Proaps.

“We went in with the dye test and the arteriogram to see if there was anything we could do minimally invasively,” says Dr. the calyx. “He was past ballooning and stenting or unblocking, so we moved on to bypass as the best long-term option.”

Peripheral artery bypass grafting is a type of surgery that redirects the blood supply around a blocked artery. Dr. Callicutt used a graft to replace the blocked portion of two arteries that were causing problems for Proaps.

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Proaps is pleased with the result. “I can do very well now,” he says, “and I believe I will get better and better.”

It’s a much better scenario than what Proaps could have expected if he hadn’t had the surgery. Dr. Callicutt says complications can be devastating.

“His lifestyle would be forever affected. He wouldn’t be able to walk or do his daily activities,” says Dr. the calyx. “There is a risk of limb loss as this disease progresses.”

Proaps is happy to finally have answers and a solution to his pain with the surgery at Parkwest Medical Center, and he is also happy to see Dr. the calyx. “He’s really good and very smart,” says Proaps. “He knows what he’s doing!” Great Basin Orthopedics uses cookies to provide users like you with the best possible content and experience. You can change your cookie settings at any time by clicking on “Preferences”. Read our privacy policy for more information.

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Richard Hayes thrives on a challenge. Whether strapping on a backpack for a multi-day hike on the John Muir Trail or donning surgical gloves for an ankle reconstruction, he approaches every challenge with passion and focus.

In his practice, Dr. Hayes for patient care often allows for longer appointments. He takes the time to thoroughly investigate a patient’s problem and actively involves them in their care. He believes in collaborative decision-making with his patients, not just ordering a series of tests and dictating treatment.

Even as a teenager, the focus and intensity was there. At the age of sixteen, Hayes joined the volunteer rescue crew in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. At age 17, he became the youngest certified EMT in the state. While in college, he volunteered for the mountain search and rescue and dive team and worked as a firefighter—all while attending the University of Tennessee College of Medicine before completing his undergraduate degree.

After graduating from medical school, where he was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Dr. Hayes residency at the highly respected Campbell Clinic in Memphis. Despite the long hours and residency requirements, Dr. Hayes’ passion for serving others never faded. During his tenure, he joined the Marine Reserves, where he served for eight years, first as a battalion surgeon and then with Force Recon (special forces) in the Marine Corps.

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Through his medical training, Dr. Hayes has a keen interest in the foot and ankle. To further his studies in that field, he completed a one-year fellowship at UCLA/Balance Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center before settling in Reno. When he began his practice in Nevada in 1993, Dr. Hayes Northern Nevada’s only trained foot and ankle specialist, an award he held for 13 years.

While Dr. Hayes retired from the Navy in 1996, his desire to serve his community never ending. Since 2005, he has volunteered more than 300 hours a year with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department as a reserve sheriff’s deputy attached to SWAT as a tactical surgeon.

Dr. Hayes chooses to practice in Reno because he loves living here and because of the quality of life it offers him and his family. When he’s away from work and community service, you’ll find him skiing in the Sierras in the winter with his wife and kids and hiking in the summer.

Dr. Hayes is very thorough. He takes time to explain everything. This was the first orthopedic guy who answered all my questions without rushing me through the app. All the staff were nice and friendly!

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My 11 year old son recently broke his left wrist. Dr. Hayes put him in the cutest cast I’ve ever seen. Technology is amazing these days! I always know if I’m going to like a doctor if I don’t feel like they could be somewhere else when they’re with me. I ask a lot of questions because I want to understand what is going on. Dr. Hayes answered all my questions until I ran out. The care we received at GBO was so good that I am considering changing doctors for my knee.

Dr. Hayes seems to care about the patients and how they are doing. He knows I’m frustrated with my ankle not getting better and the pain he’s in and I’m afraid to have another surgery and he’s trying everything he can before doing another surgery.

I’m afraid to go to the doctor because he doesn’t care. Dr. Hayes is different. You don’t feel like you’re watching the clock when he’s with you. I appreciated being able to talk to my doctor after the surgery. I called him several times with questions and he always made time for me.

The facility is comfortable and easily accessible, parking is also always available. I love all the staff, they are nice and treat you well. Dr Hayes is the best, very knowledgable and straightforward. Don’t push him and he won’t fall for you either. He also has a great support staff of nurses and assistants, they call you right away and help you with everything. I really appreciate everyone here.

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The technical skills and way of working of Dr. Hayes made the choice to have my surgery in Reno an easy one. I went back to work a month after surgery and was fully functional after 8 weeks of going to work a lot. After 12 weeks I was pain free and had no limitations when walking up and down hills, walking the golf course or cycling. To be pain free and fully functional after two years of daily pain is a gift that cannot be described in words.

I had very low expectations from my first appointment with Dr. Hayes. Previous doctors advised me to stop running. Dr. Hayes understood how important running was to me. He outlined a surgical treatment plan and was confident I would run again.

Knowing that I would need some fairly major/long-term repair surgeries to correct some genetic defects, I began the process of due care. I went to some of my trusted doctor friends for their recommendations. Both have recommended Dr Hayes @ GBO without hesitation. Dr. Hayes was very honest about my condition and that there were variables and possible unknowns. He gave me different directions it could go. l

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