Best Foot Massage In Atlanta

Best Foot Massage In Atlanta – Our massage prices are the best in the Metro Atlanta area. We are near the top of the I-285 perimeter on Buford Hwi. We are minutes from Dunwoody, Norcross, Tucker and Sandy Springs. Even Intown Atlanta residents go to our massage spa.

While your feet are immersed in the salty sea water, we cleanse your feet. Then we offer you a foot massage. We include hot stones and rubber hammers. Foot massage uses a special foot cream.

Best Foot Massage In Atlanta

If you have an hour long foot massage, use the last 5 minutes to massage your neck, shoulders, arms and scalp. At the end of the foot massage, hot towels are applied to the feet.

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Body massage includes hands, feet, arms, legs, back, shoulders, shoulders, scalp. We use hot stones, hot towels, organic oil. We use disposable hypoallergenic face masks.

A combination of deep tissue and stretch designed for athletes. Relieve stress and tension from intense physical activity.

Trigger point massage therapy is also called acupressure or body reflexology and is a form of massage that relieves the source of pain through isolated cycles of pressure and relaxation.

Yoga-style massage, performed on a massage table, includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the body in various positions.

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This massage technique helps relieve pain by realigning and relaxing certain muscles and soft tissues in the body.

Our private couples massage room is a popular choice for lovers or friends who want to get closer during a massage. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You and your partner will enjoy a full and intense massage. You can choose from any of our standard massage tables.

Special offer for 1 hour: 30 minutes foot massage and 30 minutes body massage (neck, back and shoulders). All services in the foot massage room – $55

1-hour combination: 30-minute foot massage and 30-minute body massage (neck, back and shoulders). All services are performed in a private massage room – $60

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2-Hour Combination: An extremely relaxing 1-hour foot massage followed by a 1-hour body massage using your choice of technique – from $115. If the mother’s work is never done, her legs will have to work overtime. For a relaxing, affordable, and relatively quick option that moms can easily fit into their busy days, consider buying a gift certificate for a foot massage this Mother’s Day.

Spas specializing in foot massage have sprung up all over Atlanta in recent years. Although not a full body massage, these parlors offer foot and calf massages, usually with short back, arm and neck massages. Many include reflexology and other amenities such as heated neck packs, eye masks and fully reclining chairs.

The large room can accommodate up to 12 guests and although the room is basic, the massages are good.

Treat Your Feet in Buckhead is a spa conveniently located next to the Lenox Square Mall that accepts appointments and bookings. The dimly lit lobby was brought to life during a recent weekend visit. The service is fast, the guests are taken to the halls of different sizes, the largest space consists of three rows of four chairs in each.

Massage Your Feet

Starting with a quick dip in a bucket of hot water, the masseuse moves on to a relaxing foot and foot massage. Although not necessarily a luxury treatment, the massage therapist was competent, the room was dark and quiet and it was easy to calm the mind and completely relax.

• The first masseur smelled strongly of tobacco; I would recommend requesting a non-smoking therapist at the time of booking.

Next up was Heavenly Foot Massage, located in a mall near the intersection of Mt. Vernon Road and Jett Ferry Road in Dunwoody. True to its name, this massage was truly ethereal from start to finish.

The soothing interior design and white color scheme make the environment inviting and specially designed for relaxation. Upon entering the reception area, guests are greeted by their massage therapist and asked to choose one of three bath salts, including lavender and eucalyptus, for the feet.

The 10 Best Massage Therapists In Atlanta, Ga (with Free Estimates)

During a leg dive, the therapist masterfully massages the client’s shoulders, neck, arms, and head, using a methodical approach designed to completely eliminate all kinks and stress. The client’s feet and legs are then massaged with the right amount of pressure according to each person’s preferences.

The session ends with a hot stone massage. In a recent visit, the pre-massage session included a “Polish and Renew” treatment, which consists of gently exfoliating the feet followed by the application of a warm lotion before placing the client’s feet in warm boots. This intensely hydrating skin mask left the reviewer’s feet feeling fresh for several days.

To say that the Heavenly Foot Massage experience was wonderful would be an understatement. For this mom, it was probably the most relaxing time of the month! To be honest, many people, including this reviewer, may prefer a traditional massage.

The massage is relaxing and revitalizing, the chairs are large and comfortable, and the space itself is conducive to meditation or relaxation. The spa is also spotlessly clean and the rooms are not crowded.

Treat Your Feet Buckhead (atlanta)

Moms spend a lot of time on their feet, taking care of the family, working and playing sports. Research shows that foot massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often relieves pain.

This Mother’s Day, think of a gift that will make her legs and soul shine. A foot massage at one of Atlanta’s many foot massage studios is sure to lift you off your feet and into a world of relaxation. And what mother would refuse such an offer? Definitely not this!

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