Best Food In Brenham

Best Food In Brenham – When Truth Bar Grill opened three years ago, Brenham quickly became one of the top barbecue destinations in Texas. But while the Leonard Botel IV venture is gaining national acclaim and attention, a smaller barbecue operation is happening in town. Lj’s BBK, a partnership between Matt Lowery and Corey Cook, started as a pop-up shop loaned to a smoker in late 2015. The following year, they built their own 500-gallon smoker and took the room. later at a local liquor store. . When I stopped by their nearly five-year-old store on Main Street recently, they had just completed a new room for their new 1,000-gallon smoker, tripling their cooking capacity. From what I ate, they needed a bigger smoker.

Many people were waiting outside the door when they opened at 11 o’clock. By the time they finished eating, the line of people returned from the counter to the door. The smell of oak smoke wafted as Lowery sliced ​​fresh brisket. Once the tight block has appeared, the pressure to choose is real. Everything looks great, and that line is growing. Lowery brings out the withered end of the greasy brisket for a taste. It was amazing – and amazingly delicious. With five meats and five specialties on the menu, I decided to forgo my decision and try them all.

Best Food In Brenham

For sides, I usually enjoy grilled mac and cheese. I like the cheese crust on top, and prefer the texture over the creamy variety. Lj’s version, from a recipe developed by Cook, is an exception. “It’s an alfredo sauce,” he said. He tweaked the recipe over the course of a year to make it stick better with macarons, and I think he broke the recipe. It’s rich and buttery, but packs a big punch. Any sauce left on the plate is worth drinking. For the tastiest sides, the greens offer stiff competition for mac and cheese – chunks of meat cooked tenderly, but with a bit of a bite. They are delicious from a good stock, with a layer of shredded bacon topped with vegetables.

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Green dish with bacon, mac and cheese served with pork shoulder, sausage and pork chops from Lj’s BBK in Brenham. Daniel Vaughn’s photo

Crispy sticky rice is the Texas standard, as are the seasoned pinto beans. The chefs got a little wild with their potato salad, seasoned with sour cream, buttermilk, bacon and some mayonnaise. Thinly sliced, it is eaten like a baked potato, which goes well with tender breasts. The lean and fatty meat is delicious with lots of skin and lots of smoke. A butcher in Burton worked with them on a sausage recipe. “We spent the weekend making batches of five-pound cakes,” says Lowery, until they failed. The result is incredibly juicy and beautifully savory with excellent peel retention.

Black pepper dominates the flavor of the pork shoulder. It’s pulled to order instead of pre-cut, which helps it retain its own moisture (and makes it easier to find a better piece of leather). The ribs have a sweeter and more tender surface than what I like, but still delicious, juicy are the pork chops. Rounding out the smoked meat options is a great turkey, offered in thick, peppered slices that can be topped with yellow mustard. These people know how to smoke meat.

Lj’s, named after Lover’s grandmother Laura Jean, is a blue grill that really looks like it’s been around for a long time. Damn, three years is a long time to wait to visit one of the “newest” grills. The truth may be what brought the roast dogs out of town to Brenham, but with Lj’s incorporation, this town is no longer a stop for great barbecue.

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Daniel Vaughn Daniel Vaughn Daniel Vaughn is the number one barbecue editor in the country and has eaten more barbecue than you. See Posts Email Twitter Instagram RSSNathan’s Grill is making its way to the small town of Brenham with some serious barbecue competition. Truth Bar Grill to the west made the top 10 on our latest barbeque list and Lj’s to the east is a new member of the top 50. Nathan’s has outlived either of them and as mentioned – What makes the difference is that at Nathan’s, “we do it the old Texas way,” said piston operator John Schulze. This means a baking dish has direct heat.

Schulze had taken out the iron holes early in the morning and filled them in at lunch. He started by burning a bag of oak coals into each of the six fire pits, and adding logs of fenugreek to the bonfire. The meat is grilled directly over hot coals. He’s been doing it full-time since 2017, while his partner Daniel Espino, who cooks dinner on the afternoon shift, has been working in these pits since 1997. That was before this place is called Nathan’s.

Nathan’s Grill is attached to the back of the Buccaneer Food Store. Nathan Winkelman opened a convenience store and gas station in 1981, then opened a barbecue inside, which he ran as Big Daddy’s Bar Grill. A 2010 renovation added the store’s existing restaurant, and due to a copyright dispute, Big Daddy’s became Nathan’s Grill. Winkelman sold the business two years ago, but the same team of chef and manager Cindy Mursky run it with as few menu changes as possible.

Now, you can enter the restaurant through the Buccaneer Grocery Store entrance or the back street to the main entrance. That route will take you through the marked “view window” into the pit room. A bit dusty, but put your hands together and peer inside to see the holes in the steel that create a unique smoke smell that freshens the air around the front door.

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Inside is a serving wire with the meat exposed. Half-yellow chickens (which can be reserved for each combination plate) shine next to the pork chops. These are two cuts that work best on a stovetop with direct heat, and Nathan makes good versions of both. The chicken is well seasoned and juicy, while the tender pork chops have a wonderful crust and take on the flavor of the lime sauce used on all meats in the dining room.

Schulze says the brisket takes five hours to cook. Unfortunately, the upper part of the brisket is stripped of fat and skin before being sent to the steamer. I asked for the burnt endings listed on the menu. They are cut from the outer edge, hardening during high heat cooking. They come with potato wedges (Nathan’s serves eighty to ninety of them a day) who have plenty of scoops of butter, cream, and shredded cheese that soften the burnt top a bit, but next time I’ll go for the shredded brisket. Or better yet have potatoes with delicious German sausage.

Eckerman’s Meat Market in nearby Shelby has been producing German-style sausages since 1961. Fresh sausages are delivered to Nathan’s each morning and they are cooked in the pit with a charcoal flavor. It’s salty, fatty and incredibly juicy, pairing well with Nathan’s specially formulated barbecue sauce, rich in onion and mild on sweetness. Winkelman introduced daily specials like fried chicken steak and fried catfish to offer something other than barbecue. Since Winkelman sold the business, Murski has added a number of specialties, such as fried pork chops and meatloaf.

Each plate comes with a roll or freshly baked cornbread. If you are a sweet person, go later. Sweet potato and German potato salad is a classic recipe, but I love the crispiness of the broccoli and the depth of the dirty rice. If you’re looking for dessert, Murski makes banana pudding at home. I tried a slice of rainbow cake from a local bakery and loved each layer of red to purple cream filling.

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Nathan’s is one of the few direct heat ovens in Texas. The area is known for its community barbecues, where the chefs use the same style, so these are the flavors locals love. As for those passing through Brenham from Austin or Houston, if the line in other, established locations isn’t your thing, stop by Nathan’s and fill your plate with grilled meats. processed from Texas the old fashioned way.

Daniel Vaughn Daniel Vaughn Daniel Vaughn is the number one barbecue editor in the country and has eaten more barbecue than you. View Posts Email Twitter Instagram RSS Summer’s “Dog Days” are here, and you’re dreaming of fun — something other than a backyard blow-down pool. You NEED to get out of the house, experience a complete change of scenery, make some memories, feed your spirits… without defaulting! Do not worried. Head to the Brenham and Washington area! The ride was easy

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