Best Food In Amarillo

Best Food In Amarillo – In cattle country, beef—not pork—is the parson’s delicacy. Simple cilantro, onion, and freshly made tortillas elevate a well-marinated steak; Garnishes of guacamole, chopped lettuce, tomato and salsa let you choose between sweet, savory and an ideal balance of spiciness.

Lupita’s is a taco factory, so don’t expect much from the ambiance or seating. You see the corn dry for tomorrow’s mill, and while you wait, you see the tacos progress: tortillas heated on a skillet, topped with slow-cooked green chili pork, finished with cheese, lettuce and onion. and cilantro. Get fresh red salsa out of the cooler and you’re good to go. 4013 E. Tenth Ave., 806-372-3537. 8-6 per day.

Best Food In Amarillo

Talk guilt-free: At this Guadalajara-style restaurant, the steaks are so lean and the tortillas are so small that you can swallow a taco in three or four bites. It’s almost impossible to decide between red (tomatillo and jalapeno based) or green (tomatillo based and hot!) salsa, so go for both. 1800 Bell, 806-318-3859. 9-9 Sunday-Thursday, 9-10 Friday and Saturday.

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Jason Hyde Jason Hyde Jason Hyde is a staff writer and editor focusing on business, medicine, science and technology. View Article Twitter RSSI Email When you think of Texas, you think of its wide open spaces, its western heritage and its purple sunsets. Don’t you want some delicious Tex-Mex food? Would you like to visit the beautiful Palo Duro Valley for free? If so, you should definitely visit Amarillo.

Amarillo is one of Texas’ gems with impressive open spaces, western heritage and stunning sunsets. So even if you enjoy the scenery, you will be hungry.

Whether you’re looking for authentic Mexican dishes, juicy burgers, or classic American fare, Amarillo restaurants offer a variety of dining options. Plus, there are plenty of free activities and attractions for the whole family.

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If you visit Amarillo to learn about its western heritage, be prepared to linger in its wonderful restaurants. There are too many great restaurants in Amarillo to list them all. But I will count what I experienced during my first visit, and I would be happy to come back for a second visit.

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If you’re looking for some really tasty Tex-Mex, look no further than Jorge’s Tacos Garcia in the heart of Amarillo’s Arts District.

This restaurant has been in business since 1957, so it’s an old restaurant, but a good one. Customers today have a wide variety of menu items to choose from at George’s, which was originally established to serve cattle.

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His menu includes burritos filled with rice and beans, fajitas, tacos and egg rancheros (Mexican-style eggs with beans) or chipotle chorizo ​​(topped with potato wedges).

Jorge’s Tacos Garcia has been voted the fifth most popular restaurant in Amarillo, and for the discerning traveler, this buzzing lunch spot offers a delightful insider secret.

The host greets guests warmly and leads them to a table that can be shared with friends or strangers.

Whatever their choice, arriving guests will quickly realize they are in for a fantastic dining experience – including mouth-watering succulent Tex-Mex dishes.

Great Places To Eat And Drink In Amarillo

Ohm’s Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Amarillo and well worth a visit. It is small and convenient, giving people a natural and intimate feeling.

For food, you will find the prices to be quite reasonable. The Southwest menu features a variety of locally sourced food, so eating there supports the local economy.

Entrees include Sichuan-style lamb chops with sautéed winter vegetables, and delicious roasted organic elk tenderloin with carrots and mashed potatoes and red wine demi-glace. The elk tenderloin was recommended by my waitress for free and I’m so glad I tried it.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I decided to try their Espresso Crème Brulee. So, coffee lovers, save some room for this heavenly dessert. In addition to top-notch food, OMS offers patrons a warm and inviting ambiance.

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The outdoor patio at Ooms is just as cozy, giving you the chance to sit by the fireplace and soak up the Texas warmth.

Just off the town square, Ohms Cafe is the perfect place to while away a few hours in dark maroon armchairs with food and wine.

Large prints on the walls depict abstract landscapes, and the interior creates a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. The hospitality of owner and sommelier Edmond is unparalleled.

Macaroni Joe’s is a great place in Amarillo for delicious authentic Italian food. Take guests on a culinary journey through Italy at this family owned and operated restaurant that will not disappoint.

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Dishes include pasta, veal, steak and seafood – all cooked to suit every taste. Affordable prices and amazing daily deals every week to keep customers happy.

Macaroni Joe’s also serves a variety of appetizers such as fried calamari, cocktail shrimp, soups and salads, and garlic bread.

Most Italian restaurants have a touch of romance, and Macaroni Joe’s is no exception. Amarillo’s gorgeous decor and light make you feel like you’re on a day in Italy, with the same great service!

The food is heated by a small heater on the plate, keeping them warm and full of flavor, which is a nice feature.

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The Big Texan is located in downtown Amarillo, just off I-40. Due to its quirky nature, it’s a very popular spot with tourists and locals alike, so I recommend booking in advance.

In addition to burgers, ribs and steaks, Big Texan offers a full menu. Kids even get kid-sized steaks! Dining at Big Texan is a pleasure as it serves great food in a delicious setting. It’s great for families. It pays to get to Big Texan at least thirty minutes early to get a seat.

Win or lose; It’s not just the steak that makes Big Texan such a great place. The staff are very friendly and they live by the motto “good food, good people and a good time”.

In addition to offering a family-friendly atmosphere, Big Texan hosts events and delicious cocktails, so you can use their facilities to organize an evening with friends.

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Drunken Oyster, one of Amarillo’s best seafood restaurants, is centrally located and offers a full menu and daily specials in an inviting ambiance including an elegant dining room, full bar and heated patio.

Drunken Oyster serves fresh seafood, a variety of Cajun-Creole dishes and delicious daily specials. It is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in the city since 1997.

The restaurant has southwestern charm, attentive service and delicious seafood dishes such as freshly shucked Rockefeller oysters with spinach, bacon and parmesan.

Drunken Oyster offers favorites such as halibut pontchartrain with creamy spinach risotto, crabmeat and certified Angus beef.

Highest Rated Seafood Restaurants In Amarillo, According To Tripadvisor

If you’re looking for a great night out with friends, there’s nothing better than dining at one of Amarillo’s best restaurants. But if food and wine is your thing, one of the oldest restaurants in town is the best bet; Goldenlight Cafe & Cantina’s menu offers everything from Southern chicken skillet to steak.

They also have excellent burger options, vegetarian options and desserts created by professional chefs. No wonder everything tastes so good; This place has been in business since 1946, making it the oldest restaurant in Amarillo.

There is a lively atmosphere with various local bands performing throughout the weekend, and you can easily follow the agenda on their website.

In wrapping up this list of the best places to visit in Amarillo, I will say that their green chile cheeseburger with crunchy fries makes me move every time I drive through Texas.

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Amarillo is a beautiful western city with many museums dedicated to Texas history and culture, and countless activities for local residents and visitors. After visiting all the top attractions, Amarillo offers unique dining options.

Although it can be challenging to decide the best restaurants based on your time constraints, you should definitely try more. Much of Amarillo’s history is tied to one food – beef. The region produces 30 percent of American beef and 90 percent of Texas beef. However, cows no longer dictate only local menus. Today, Amarillo restaurants are filled with different flavors and ideas, whether it’s comfort food or fine dining options.

I plan to visit and try a few places, but I’ll save those for my second Amarillo food tour. That’s seven

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