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Best Florists In Regina – The 2021 Bureaucratic Reform Implementation Assessment and the 2022 PMPRB Implementation Readiness Assessment were held on 12 May 2022 at the Belitung Regency Government Meeting Hall to initiate the submission of the 2022 Bureaucratic Reform Implementation Self-Assessment (PMPRB). I was. Implementation of Program Coordination Policy and Bureaucratic Reform, Instrumental Accountability and Oversight I, Sri. Ahmad Hasmi, AK, Finance Manager, Ms. Chafidaloh Mufidah, Deputy Secretary of A.M.D.A.K. was presented for evaluation. The webinar was attended by Mr. Regent of Belitung, PANRB Ministry, H. Sahani Saleh, S.Sos., Inspector of Belitung Regency, Ir. Arpani and his staff, assistants and regional equipment association leaders of the Belitung Regency Government.

The program was started by Shri. It was done in Ir’s speech. Mr. Arpani said that as Belitung Regency Inspector, his PMPRB implementation in Belitung Regency will be implemented in 2019. Work Units, in 2021 he said fifteen (15) work units have been launched. In 2022 he will have 20 work units evaluated. His PMPRB in Belitung Province is basically required to be implemented by all OPDs, but what will continue after the evaluation phase by TPI is to meet needs and improve the quality of bureaucratic reform development. He said his third goal and vision for the Belitung Regency, bureaucratic reform to achieve good governance, is essential to the implementation of the PMPRB. So Mr. E.R. Alpani also said that this event was a reminder of the collective commitment of all levels of the Belitung provincial government and its functional mechanisms, so as to understand the functions that still need to be improved or improved in the implementation of bureaucratic reforms. I said that it is something that will let you. The program he divided into two sessions. namely, Session 1(1)-Evaluation of the implementation of bureaucratic reforms by all his OPD leaders in 2021, and Session 2(2) Preparation for implementation of his PMPRB in 2022. All PMRB assessors were present. Through this program, it is also hoped that a common understanding can be obtained among evaluators implementing bureaucratic reforms at OPD and TPI. This will allow you to record exactly what was wanted during the PANRB Ministry evaluation while filling out the LKE. Implementation of bureaucratic reforms in Belitung Provincial Government.

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Belitung Regent H. Sahani Saleh, S. Source In a subsequent speech, Mr. Ahmed Hasmi, Ak., Assistant Assistant for Policy Implementation and Evaluation of Bureaucratic Reforms, Equipment Accountability and Supervision I said he would be a resource person for the programme. I expressed my deep appreciation and appreciation for the willingness of Regarding promotion of RB implementation in Belitung province, Mr. Ahmad Hasmi, Ak Thet will attend his Belitung. However, it is hoped that through such media zoom his meetings, Belitung province will continue to benefit and increase enthusiasm about implementing sustainable bureaucratic reforms in the government.

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The Regent of Belitung said: And having to serve society and do what is served by society means that governments need to improve bureaucratic performance and ensure that there are clean, efficient and competent bureaucrats. That’s it.

In response to the success of the Belitung Regency Bureaucratic Reform Index 2021, her Belitung Regent, who still received a ‘CC’ rating, said the distribution of outcome factors was very good, scoring 31 out of a total of 40 points and 14 points. I was. This result should definitely improve. Based on these outcome factors, the Belitung county government has achieved a number of achievements, such as her WTP vote for BPK, and Belitung has awarded her 86.10 anti-corruption I also received a recognition index. In the Corruption Eradication Commission Investigation (SPI), this value was ranked as the highest in the Regency government category Bangka He He Belitung province. On this point he said: Don’t worry too much about the respect/dignity of others. By being insightful to improve the quality of bureaucratic administration, continuously improving ourselves and fostering a culture of honesty, performance and service to serve society at its best, occurs naturally/automatically.

Therefore, in the spirit of bureaucratic reform, the Belitung Provincial Government launched 16 innovative programs in Belitung Province to improve services to the community. SEHATI (Integrated Health System), AMBONG (Intake for Infants and Expectant Mothers), PELANDOC (Dial Dial and Mobile Doctors, SIMPOR (Education and Sports Support System)) and other innovative programs benefit society has brought ), Pantas (Priority Pick) -up population control program), Pelanduk 119 (village health services), and many other innovations.

Belitung’s regent also said Belitung will be the venue for the implementation of his G20 Development Working Group (DWG) on Governments, a major international conference to be held in September 2022. Of course, this trust must be underpinned by mature preparation and coordination of all stakeholders in the Center and in the region. As organizers, the Belitung Regency naturally made every effort to make the event a success. This appointment is inseparable from Belitung’s previous successes in advancing many of its agendas at the international level. It is also inseparable from our faith in Belitung Province, which has been designated as a Priority Destination Area, a National Tourism Policy Area (KSPN) and a UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG). The G-20 program is certainly expected to be a catalyst for tourism and economic revitalization directly felt by the region.

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The next event was a presentation by Mr. Ahmad Hasmi (AK), Assistant Secretary for Bureaucratic Reform Policy Implementation and Evaluation, Facilities Accountability and Oversight I, on the pace of bureaucratic reform in Belitung Regency. The bureaucratic reform agenda is expected to move forward rapidly, he said. Bureaucratic reform is a presidential work priority and a tool to accelerate national development. The reform he expected to be completed in 2024. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the bureaucratic reform goals so that they can be achieved as expected. Ahmad Hasmi (AK) also conveyed the president’s message on bureaucratic reform: Bureaucratic Reform This involves accelerating policies, simplifying the bureaucracy, optimizing the SPBE, developing human resources, strengthening a clean and accountable bureaucracy, and global demand and community expectations, as well as special should be supported by strengthening public service policies in line with the sector’s premium tourist area.

Regarding the success of the Belitung Regency bureaucratic reform, Mr. Ahmad Hasmi, A.K. He expressed his gratitude to the Belitung Regent for speaking about his Belitung innovations his programs such as his WTP. This represents a significant effort to achieve bureaucratic reform in Belitung province.

To support the implementation of bureaucratic reforms in the Belitung Regency, he made several memos as follows: 2. Change agents have not sufficiently established social control to maintain their integrity. 3. Business process maps have not adapted to the effects of bureaucratic simplification. 4. Implementation of surveillance policies is sub-optimal; 5. Public services are still at minimum standards; As for achieving interim results, there are two of his interim results that will be accurately measured in 2021: his SPBE index and the collection of “good” results. For other core outcomes, no significant progress has been made and some indicators have even declined. In the Outcomes component, WTP opinion increases achieving performance accountability and financial accountability. It shows good results in public perception of public service and integrity. This is evident from the results of a survey conducted by KPK and the results of a service survey by SKM.

Ahmad Hasmi, AK. On this occasion, he also expressed his gratitude to the initiative to organize programs like the Belitung Regency and to the district government to ensure that this initiative of PMPRB achieves the expected results in the future. Continue to advise and guide.

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The program then proceeded to Session 2 (2), preparation for the implementation of PMPRB 2022. The session was attended by all the evaluators of PMPRB and her Mrs. Chafidaloh Mufidah, A.Md.Ah, who is the resource person of the programme.The purpose of this event was to discuss the technical implementation of did. This is different from 2021, according to the Lieutenant-General of Bureaucratic Reform, Equipment Accountability and Oversight, Letter No. B/564/RB.06/2022 dated 25 April 2022. Mechanism to submit an independent review on the implementation of the bureaucratic reform (PMPRB) in 2022.

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