Best Fishing Spots In Vancouver Wa

Best Fishing Spots In Vancouver Wa – Washington is a diverse state in almost every sense of the word. From the vast Seattle metro area to small mountain towns and desert retreats, Washington has something for everyone.

We know there are countless ways to describe and divide Washington counties, but we’ve found the four that make the most sense from both a geographic and fly fishing perspective.

Best Fishing Spots In Vancouver Wa

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife divides the state into a total of six states, so we’ve rearranged those boundaries a bit to make it easier for you to read.

Learning To Fly Fish

In each area, we highlight a unique, outstanding river – the best in the region. I will also list the names of the titles in each state, the rivers are still really worth exploring.

Whether you’re a fisherman or enjoy swimming in the high desert, Washington has something for you.

Covering everything from the western Seattle area to the Olympics, Western Washington is a steelhead fishing paradise.

Without a doubt, the most popular area in Western Washington is Olympic Island, known for its incredible steelhead fishing.

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It’s hard to pick one river out of dozens of bodies of water on the Olympic Peninsula, but the Hoh River stands out.

Emerald Water Anglers, one of the region’s leading guide services, notes that the Hoh River is “sure to be a haven for any steelhead.”

Other guides in the area agree, with Waters West Fly Fishing citing the Hoh as “one of the most popular steelhead and trout rivers” in the area.

Winter Iron Head is Hoh’s most famous quarry. Fish are sometimes available in the spring and summer, but the number of fish returned is affected by the season.

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The river can be under a lot of pressure, but it is popular because – there is a lot of metal to catch.

Fish, mostly cuttlefish, are also often targeted by Hoh. The fishing season can be tough and the Hoh can be a great river for non-steelhead fishing.

Being a small river, most anglers opt to forgo traditional 12- or 13-foot rods in favor of shorter rods or a single handle.

Sol Duc have steady sales in the summer and winter, which are the main targets here, but Chinook and coho are also available depending on the season.

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The number of returning fish can sometimes indicate the season of fishing in Sol Duc, so be sure to check the applicable rules before you head out.

The dedicated fly hunter is no doubt familiar with the Skagit River (and the Skagit equivalent is commonly used for steelhead fishing).

The Skagit is one of Washington’s great steelhead rivers, located on the Olympic Peninsula. located northeast of Seattle in Skagit County.

In addition to the popular river, trout fishing is also popular in the Skagit River, which is a great choice no matter what you like to do.

Fishing In Vancouver Wa

Salmon and trout populations are almost nonexistent in the Skagit, but that’s true of most rivers in the Pacific Northwest; salmon and trout populations have generally declined in recent years.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Western Washington is mostly known for salmon and trout.

But there is also fishing in the Sauk. The hedgehog is the most popular target of fishermen, as they are abundant in the river and eager to catch.

Stretching from Leavenworth to Spokane and the Idaho border, Eastern Washington offers some of the most underrated salmon fishing in the desert.

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Many consider this the worst state in Washington for fishing, but there are still great options in the area.

Most importantly, Rocky Ford is a very special place. it’s rare to have a small stream with big trout, especially in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s a great opportunity for many fly anglers.

Rocky Ford Creek fishing is productive year-round, and because it is a creek, walleyes and other small water bugs are the most profitable here;

One important thing about Rocky Ford is that streamflow is not allowed to maintain the ecological integrity of the stream.

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Surfers on the tidal parts of the beach are not a bad idea, but remember not to go into the current.

As the name suggests, the Spokane River flows right through downtown Spokane, the largest city east of Washington, DC.

Even close to such a large city, the Spokane River is easy to fish, and fly fishermen who choose to venture here often have the entire river to themselves.

One of the main reasons Spokane is under so little pressure is that it is better caught by boats; If you have a ferry or boat, Spokane is worth a look.

Reel In A Catch

Rocky Ford Creek in eastern Washington is not a desert stream with large trout. In fact, Eastern Washington is a unique region with many high-yielding desert strains.

Most of these streams are privately owned or require an honest search to find, so I won’t name them here; locals and people who found these streams don’t want to post on the web.

However, with a little effort and a lot of scouting, you’ll be able to find some of Eastern Washington’s most underrated desert streams, all of which hold bigger trout than you’d expect.

South Central Washington is an area that includes both Yakima and Walla Walla counties that offer a unique combination of fly fishing for both steelhead and trout.

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The Yakima is arguably the best fishing river in Washington by veteran anglers and is one of the only fishing lines in the state where fly anglers from Oregon and Idaho will come to Washington to fish.

Much of the river flows through private property or is difficult to fish from the bank. Fortunately, if you don’t have a boat, there are plenty of guides in the area that offer Yakima tours.

The most famous part of Yakima is the body of water between Easton and Rosa Dam, which is a very long and productive body of water.

The flat upper reaches of the river, below Easton Dam, have banks that are moderately accessible to anglers without boats.

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Downstream behind the town of Cle Elum, there are plenty of places for fishermen to anchor their boats.

The shore entrance can also be found below Rosa Dam, which is flat and less pressured than the water above the dam, but offers excellent fishing for large fish that should not be missed.

According to Red’s Fly Shop, one of the best fly shops in the Yakima area, Yakima fishes year round.

Each season offers different experiences and blooms, but fishing is possible any time of the year in Yakima.

Fishing Hot Spots In Western Washington

Believe it or not, the Grande Ronde is the crown jewel of a well-fished river in both Oregon and Washington.

We made a section on the Oregon section of the Grande Ronde, and the Washington River section may be the same.

The Washington section of the Grande Ronde River is shorter than the Oregon River, and the river crosses state lines as it approaches its confluence with the Snake River.

Steelhead fly fishing typically heats up in Washington’s Grand Ronde rivers in the fall before the fish migrate to Oregon.

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Whether you decide to fish in Oregon or Washington, the Grand Ronde is a great steelhead river that should not be missed.

If you’re ready to fish in South Central Washington and want to escape the crowds, the Natchez River is a great place to explore.

The Natchez joins the Yakima River at Yakima, about 80 miles southeast of its headwaters in the mountains of the Wenatchee National Forest.

This means spring and early summer are unfishable in the Natchez due to high currents during the ice spawn.

Fall Chinook Fishing In Vancouver, Washington

As a small state in Washington that borders the Columbia River, Southwest Washington is certainly known for its annual abundance of salmon and steelhead.

Cowlitz offers nearly every type of fishing while also offering some of the best trout and steelhead fishing in the state.

Chinook and coho salmon as well as steelhead have made up the Cowlitz for the past two years, making it a very popular catch for all types of anglers.

Fly anglers often prefer to target steelhead, which are easier to catch with a spinner fly than common trout; coho is sometimes an exception to that rule.

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No matter the time of year, there is always something to fish in Cowlitz.

The river receives runs of winter and summer steelhead, fall and spring Chinook, and fall coho, meaning there is rarely a dull moment at Cowlitz.


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