Best Fertility Doctor In Scottsdale Az

Best Fertility Doctor In Scottsdale Az – “Meeting with Dr. Zen is like finding the missing piece. I can’t thank him enough for being my personal health detective.

Dr. Alyssia Zenhausern, NMD (Dr. Zen) is a leader in naturopathic medicine and the founder of NMD Wellness of Scottsdale, a leading naturopathic clinic dedicated to your fertility journey. Whether you want to start a family now or don’t want to miss your chance in the future, Dr. Zen and her team offer a holistic approach to your health to optimize your prenatal, fertility and postpartum experience. The doctor provides the Zen of integrative care that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own health. The doctor thinks he came from Geneva, Switzerland. The Zen of the power of naturopathic medicine has helped hundreds of women conceive naturally. He also works alongside other members of your fertility team, including your gynecologist, OB/GYN, REI, and endocrinologist, to give you a personalized approach to your health.

Best Fertility Doctor In Scottsdale Az

Emphasized Dr. Zen is the importance of addressing the cause of a hormonal imbalance, whether you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, a luteal phase defect or recurrent miscarriage.

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Her patient success stems from her extensive practice in women’s health and the use of a number of methods, including: United to bring the best to your family Our family is growing! Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health and the Arizona Center for Fertility Studies work together to give your family the best. Find out more here!

Our Advanced Fertility Center Our high standard of care means that many of our patients’ treatments are covered by insurance.

Our exceptional package prices economical fertility treatment and flexible financing make your goals affordable for any budget.

Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health offers comprehensive reproductive endocrinology services. We specialize in the treatment of reproductive disorders with specialist knowledge in all areas of infertility, including complex cases of male infertility. In addition, our AZ fertility clinic can treat complex reproductive endocrine disorders such as endometriosis, amenorrhea and abnormal uterine bleeding. The staff places great emphasis on providing high-quality, state-of-the-art infertility care that addresses both the physical and emotional concerns of each patient.

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Infertility is a complex disease and is often caused by many factors. Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health brings together fertility specialists and the latest technology to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of infertility. Our female and male infertility clinic offers basic infertility tests to help with the initial diagnosis of the cause of infertility. Reproductive treatments include ovulation induction, IUI, IVF genetic testing, a full range of advanced assisted reproductive technology services, and mind-body services to support patients’ emotional needs. We also offer F.A.S.T., an app that allows you to order online fertility tests quickly and efficiently.

If you are considering reproductive diagnosis and treatment, please contact us. We offer free second opinion consultations for patients who have been assigned IVF by another doctor, or who have not undergone successful IVF treatment.

“In all our time at this clinic, we never felt like a number. We were always greeted with smiles and kindness and supported with empathy and support.

“Until 2017, my husband and I tried for almost 3 years with several successful IUIs until we were recommended. We are very happy with our journey and 2 successful IVF cycles.

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“Dr. Patel and all his staff are true miracle workers. After many years of trying to achieve a successful pregnancy, we decided to do IVF. Every step of the way they were all very social and respectful. We had a viable embryo and I are so happy to report that our son was born two weeks ago. I can’t thank Dr. Patel and staff enough! We will always be grateful to them and their hard work. I highly recommend Dr. Patel. Thank you so much”

“We first saw Dr. Patel in July 2020. Today (June 16, 2021) we saw our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. We had a long, difficult, emotional journey and Dr. Patel was the third inseminator. the specialist we saw.”

“We had a wonderful experience meeting Dr. Patel and all his staff! This is the second clinic we have been to and the difference between them is night and day.

“Dr. Patel and his staff were absolutely amazing. We were off staff, which can certainly be an added stress for IVF, but AZRH made sure we received the same quality of care.

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“Fantastic staff! Your nerves are really calm and you keep smiling. They are very good and responsive. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff strongly.”

“Second IVF round! We have a beautiful baby girl!! Thank you Dr. Patel! You are the best!!” Lane is one of the top naturopathic doctors in Phoenix, Arizona. He has such a passion for natural medicine and always takes the time to listen to you as a patient. dr. Lena is a wonderful, intelligent and attentive doctor. In my experience he goes above and beyond for his patients and is up to date with everything regarding the care of his patients. I highly recommend the doctor. Lane as a doctor. The doctor helped me. Lane could see the gaps and she really helped me continue my journey through my pregnancy. A big thank you to the doctor. Lane with all your support.

Dr. Lane has helped me tremendously on my path to becoming a healthy mother. Both times PCOS made it harder to get pregnant, and Dr. Lane helped me in everything at the same time. He helped me put together a treatment plan that included dietary benefits, supplements, acupuncture and lab testing. Also reading her book of affirmations was very helpful when I lost hope for a child. I would recommend this practice to anyone who wants to improve their health and solve a specific problem. The staff is friendly and helpful. It’s really fun every time I have an appointment.

Thank you for everything you have done to make our dream of a family come true! It seems impossible without you.

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Thank you for all you do. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. Your level of care is above the doctor’s. You were my therapist, friend and supporter, and angel in disguise. I am grateful for the role you played in our journey.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years without success. We have had failed IUIs, IVF cycles, and multiple miscarriages. I started studying naturopaths hoping that something would change. I was not disappointed! I have never had a doctor who took the time to get to know me like a doctor does. Lane. After working with me and my husband, we naturally conceived with the help of a doctor. Len less than 6 months. We are forever indebted to Arizona Natural Medicine for helping us build our family.

After a miscarriage in 2016, my husband and I were completely devastated. We searched for answers and were told over and over again that we were both healthy and should try to get pregnant again. I always thought, if it didn’t work the first time, why should we do the same thing and expect different results? I asked my obstetrician to get tested and see if there was anything out of the ordinary that could cause me to miscarry. All tests came back normal, except one. I have a C677T MTHFR gene mutation. This gene is directly linked to miscarriage and pregnancy complications. Even with these results, my obstetrician told me not to worry and to keep trying.

I needed an explanation, and it was obvious that my obstetrician was not going to go into detail. I started looking for information on the internet and found Dr. Lane. He specializes in this type of mutation, and I knew right away that I had to see him. Unfortunately I had to wait a few months to see them, but the wait was definitely worth it! He gave my husband and I the right supplements and prepared our bodies for conception. As soon as he allowed us to meet again, we got pregnant after a few months. We gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby in December 2018 and are very grateful. I know we would not be where we are today without Dr. Lane.

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I have recommended it to all my friends who have problems with pregnancy. My husband and I continue to consult each other for all health problems, not just infertility. The doctor helped us. Survived the most difficult times and gave us the family we always dreamed of!

After more than 3 years of trying to get pregnant, I turned to Dr. Lane in a pinch. I knew that fertility treatment was not for me, and because I lead a holistic lifestyle, I found a doctor. Lane is exactly what I need. His focus was to bring my body to peak performance, which would create optimal conditions for conception. See Dr. Lane for a while

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