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Best Dog Training In Tallahassee

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We are so lucky to have trained with Nick, he gave us the opportunity to train the rescue pit bull, Ali, into a superstar! While she was training just after the first session, she went from a wild dog that was in a kennel to an amazing family member that we have full faith and control over. Her friends can’t believe how well behaved and trained she is just a few months after leaving the orphanage in South Florida! If you are looking for reliable training, contact Off Leash today!

We have tried several Tallahassee vets and this is our favorite. Our cats are checked and treated as if they were their own! We love the staff and the service provided. We have peace of mind knowing they are getting the care they deserve. We bring the passion, education and experience of more than two decades into our business. Puppi Ladies are Tallahassee Puppy Specialists serving all of Lyon County. We are the only local trainer that focuses exclusively on puppies, and we offer a variety of services to fit your dog and your schedule.

We use humane methods of positive reinforcement, based on the science of operant conditioning, for faster and more effective training results. Because choke chains and shock collars and punishments can lead to behavioral problems, we use natural rewards such as rewards, praise and play to motivate our clients’ dogs. Most importantly, positive reinforcement works!

A certified professional trainer since 1999 and founder of The Puppi Ladies, Jan has provided a wide range of professional services to her clients and their dogs, including private training, group lessons, basic and advanced obedience, temperament testing and evaluations for rescue groups. special customers.

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Jane founded Mind Your Manners dog training and behavior early in her career. Inspired by her daughter’s observation that all well-behaved dogs start out as puppies, Jane focused her work on her true passion, working with the youngest of dogs to create happy and confident canine ambassadors.

With a master’s degree in elementary education and science, Jane continues to learn and practice the latest training methods, which she applies to her clients. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and regularly attends their annual conference.

We have worked with hundreds of dog owners over our many years in business, and below are just a few of our satisfied customers.

Jane is obviously very knowledgeable about puppy training. It was a very positive experience for both of us and the puppies. We will definitely continue.

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Excellent class for all levels of dogs. They know what they are talking about and have a great opportunity to introduce your dog to many new life experiences.

Poppy women know what they are doing! They gave me a lot of great tips on how to train my puppy. They are patient with all dogs and their owners. The bond between an animal and its owner is a unique bond. With Morgan Dog Training, you get the best certified dog trainer to match your pet to the behavior you want. My proven techniques and unique approach have helped pet owners throughout the Tallahassee area train animals just like you. Call me today to get started!

Our puppy programs are designed to give you and your puppy all the tools you need to communicate better and live a long, happy life together! Whether you need help training your puppy, terrible puppy biting, socialization, or just basic behaviors, these programs will help you and your puppy on the road to success!

Our essential behavior programs are designed to give you and your growing puppy the tools to succeed! Now that they’ve mastered the puppy basics, we can start practicing for real life situations! Whether you need help with leash walking, door manners, summoning, or just learning how to effectively communicate with each other, these programs are for you!

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Our behavioral rehabilitation programs are for those puppies who just have a little more courage! Whether you are dealing with aggressive tendencies, leash interaction, resource guarding, past biting incidents, separation anxiety or general fear and anxiety, these programs are designed to help you and your pup deal with the root cause of these issues so you can live your best life together!

Our 6 week group classes are suitable for dogs of all ages! We offer classes ranging from basic obedience classes, advanced obedience and CGC classes. If you and your pup need help communicating or building a stronger bond, start here!

Our new daily training program quickly became a customer favorite. These programs introduce your puppy to a fully immersive training experience where we can spend time dealing with the issues that require more attention. Unlike stressful training programs and schedules, dogs can go home every day to recover from the next workout.

Puppies are dropped off at our 2 hour training facility where our trainers will cover basic and advanced obedience, leash skills, puppy training and more!

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We are proud to offer online courses now! Our goal with these courses is to make dog training accessible to everyone. We currently offer three courses: basic obedience, puppy 101 and a free enrichment course for dogs. These courses will help you learn the tools you and your pup need to communicate properly from the comfort of your own home!

We offer guided tours, seminars/workshops, wedding services and more! For more information, contact us below, and for information on upcoming Pack Walks & Workshops, follow us on social media @!

My name is Morgan Fox and I have been training for over 8 years. I majored in psychology with a minor in biology and took all the classes related to animal behavior. I am a certified professional dog trainer through CPDT-KA and a CGC AKC resident. Our business is licensed and insured. I am very passionate about training dogs with trust and loyalty. I have four dogs: Matty, Kona, Brakton and Oliver. Each of them has its own characteristics. My training style relies heavily on human-dog communication and learning your dogs needs. We mainly work with positive reinforcement and building self-confidence for your dogs!

Peace! My name is Tyler Fox and I am the co-owner of Morgan Dog Training. My training style focuses on meeting the needs of both the dog and the handler to improve communication and confidence. I have a passion for high powered working dogs that love to work and play. If you have a dog that needs help with grooming and obedience behaviors, leash skills and recall, or need help with your high lead dog, I can help you and get your pup on the road to success!

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My name is Samantha Parks and I have been working with dogs since 2006. I am a certified canine behavior consultant through CCPDT. What started as a way to pay for my degrees in sociology and psychology quickly became much more. In 2014, I started focusing mostly on treating problem behaviors, as I’ve always had a soft spot for those who need more TLC. I have a lot of experience in managing multi-dog families as well as working with dogs that have anxiety and worries. I use positive methods derived mainly from classical conditioning. I currently have four dogs of my own; Penny, Pepper, Nessie and Uri.

Hello friends! My name is Maria. I have been working with animals of all shapes and sizes for over 7 years. I have been working with dogs for as long as I can remember. I met Morgan a few years ago at one of her basic obedience courses, which I signed up for at the time with one of my dogs. Since then she has been involved in sociology and psychology, and a master’s degree in counseling and human systems, with an expert degree in pedagogy. my way

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