Best Dog Sledding In Juneau Alaska

Best Dog Sledding In Juneau Alaska – Whether you’re spending a few days in Juneau before your vacation begins, or you’re traveling through Alaska and want to get to the capital city, there’s plenty to do here. Don’t be surprised if you end up staying longer than planned.

Dog sledding and helicopter tours. Coastal Helicopters offers the best tours in Alaska. It’s three great experiences in one: dog sledding adventure, helicopter ride and glacier travel. The 90-minute adventure includes a 25-30 minute helicopter ride over the impressive glacier before spending 60-70 minutes at Herbert Glacier Dog Sled Camp. Not only do passengers feel like they’re being pulled by a team of 10-12 people, all led by experienced mushers, but they also take their time getting to know each dog and puppy at the end. The helicopter itself is amazing. fly over the Tongass National Forest and Juneau Glacier, where there is a chance to see bears, moose, goats and other animals.

Best Dog Sledding In Juneau Alaska

Goldbelt Mount Roberts Tramway. We didn’t know what to expect from this tram ride, but it exceeded our highest expectations. Once at the top, there are miles of scenic hiking trails that offer some of Juneau’s best views. Walk through subalpine meadows through 200-foot-tall trees and brightly colored flowers. Wildlife such as bears, mountain goats, and beech can be seen from observation decks found along the hiking trails. The Nature Center is a great place to get advice on which trails to hike and learn more about the area’s history, environment and wildlife. A gift shop and restaurant can also be found at the top of Mount Roberts. I don’t know if I should point this out, but technically the “top” of Mount Roberts is another 2,000 feet above the tram building. 😊

Dog Sledding In Juneau On The Norris Glacier Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier. Located in the Tongass National Forest, visitors can visit the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, which overlooks the Mendenhall Valley. The best way to get there is the Glacier Shuttle, which runs every 30 minutes. Shuttles run frequently, so you can stay longer (or shorter). The ship departs directly from the cruise terminal pier and disembarks at the visitor center. Southeast Alaska’s only accessible glacier attracts more than 400,000 visitors annually. Be sure to hike Nugget Falls, which culminates in a five-story waterfall next to a glacier.

Roma Bistro. One of the newest spots to open in Juneau, Roma Bistro serves delicious pizza, sandwiches, salads, calzones and tapas. In fact, the tapas are part of the big game: sample ravioli butter, tiger prawns, beef carpaccio and lamb osso buco. Try pizzas for lunch and dinner. try the Roma pizza with beet pesto, goat cheese and taleggio, or try one of the many delicious sandwiches (genova, capicola, Italian water, ham and provolone are the best). red wine vinaigrette). Leave room for the innovative smooth tiramisu made with ladyfinger cookies, candies and toasted pistachios. The restaurant is located on the pier, near hotels, shopping and cruise ships.

Pier Hangar. For the best views of Juneau, be sure to head to the Pier Hangar, where you can sit outside and enjoy views of the mountains, seaplanes, and cruise ships. Named after a hangar for floating planes, this hangar has a great Alaskan feel and serves some of the best seafood; try their freshly caught salmon and famous lobster. Are you not a fish eater? There are plenty of other options, including hand-cut steaks, burgers, pastas, salads and over 125 beers (now that’s a choice). The restaurant has been a favorite of locals and visitors for over 20 years. Select your cruise and we’ll show you only the sailings in each port that fit your schedule.

If you’re like many who travel to Juneau, dog sledding in Alaska is on your bucket list. The Glacier Dog Sled Adventure offers a truly authentic experience atop the majestic Norris Glacier. Learn about the fascinating history and lifestyle of dog sledding in Alaska from professional Iditarod and Yukon Quest dog riders. This special excursion begins with a thrilling helicopter ride over the Juneau Glacier before landing at Dog World. You will meet your guide and a group of enthusiastic Alaskan huskies who are looking forward to running over the snow covered glaciers. Then you get into the sled and at the dark signal the dogs go. The thrill and excitement of dog driving in this breathtaking landscape will be remembered for a lifetime. However, book your spots on the Glacier Dog Sled Adventure in advance, Alaska dog sled tours are always in high demand.

Disney Cruise Line Alaska Dog Sled Excursions: Compare/contrast

Your Juno canine adventure begins with a convenient pickup at the cruise ship docks. Then take a short drive across town to the Douglas Island heliport for gear fitting and a brief safety orientation. Excitement ensues as you board the helicopter to begin your epic flight journey. Enjoy spectacular views of the Tongass National Forest and Juneau Glacier while observing wildlife and glaciers. Upon arrival at dog camp, your guide and professional handlers will teach you the commands and basics of sledding. Watch these excited Alaskan Huskies react with wagging tails and a genuine desire to run down the road. During your two-mile glacier dog sledding adventure, a photographer will capture frame-worthy photos that you’ll be able to view and purchase at the end of the trip. After your full hour of fun on the glacier, enjoy another thrilling flight to the helipad.

This cruise will leave you with unforgettable and fond memories of your time in Juneau, as well as the next epic adventure in Alaska on your bucket list. If you’re looking for a dog sledding tour in Alaska that includes a deep glacier experience, check out the helicopter dog sledding with optional landings.

This activity is rated as easy/moderate as guests can use stairs to load/unload the helicopter. To ensure the comfort of all passengers, passengers weighing more than 250 pounds (clothing weight) must pay an additional $115 for additional seats. Flight passenger names and weights are required by the FAA for weight and balance calculations and flight identification.

There is no carry-on bag policy on board, please contact us if you have medical needs that need to be carried. All bags brought to the base will be stored in the tourist office until you return from the flight.

Humans And Dogs Have Been Sledding Together For Nearly 10,000 Years

Cancel up to 14 days before travel for a refund minus non-refundable fees. If the trip is canceled for any reason (such as inclement weather) or your cruise is rescheduled, you will be refunded minus the fare. any non-refundable fees.

Answer: Dress warm and in layers, as temperatures on the glacier are often colder than you’re used to. We offer Glacier Overboots that fit better than sneakers. Don’t forget your sunglasses, scarf, hat and gloves and don’t forget to bring your camera for lots of pictures!

Answer: Yes, the herds are helicoptered in early in the season and camped on Norris Glacier before summer trips.

Answer: Yes. Our dog sleds are the same as any sled you would see in professional competition and require a certain amount of snow to function.

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A: Each helicopter can accommodate 6 passengers, weight and balance calculations are developed for each aircraft.

A. the base has several helipads and accommodation for large groups can be arranged with advance notice. If your group exceeds 6 passengers and requires the use of several aircraft, we recommend that the pilots coordinate the landing sites on the glacier so that you can spend the landing time together.

A: Each team of 10-12 Alaskan Huskies is attached to a double sled system with 5 passengers per dog. We usually book 12 passengers per hour, so a typical load per team is 4 passengers, but we can handle any group.

A: On your trip, there’s a good chance you’ll see wildlife on a plane or on a glacier. However, this is not a wildlife viewing tour and we cannot guarantee that you will see wildlife.

Dog Sledding In Juneau, Alaska

A: Your pilot will be with you throughout the journey, so he’ll be happy to lend a helping hand if needed. If you require additional assistance, please contact us prior to your trip to discuss your needs.

A: These Turbine A-Star helicopters are the standard in the air travel industry and are ideal for this type of flight. Our pilots are experienced, well-trained and dedicated professionals whose primary focus is safety and

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