Best Doctors In Montgomery County Md

Best Doctors In Montgomery County Md – Hosted by Melissa Jacobs In this year’s Extraordinary Medicine Challenge, we are proud to feature the best doctors from the region. Doctors voted for their colleagues in various specialties through online polls. The top vote getters were decided by our editors.

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Best Doctors In Montgomery County Md

(800) 789-7366 James Costanzo, Eugene Elia, Jonathan Carino, Frank Giamatti, Andrew Old, Nikos Pavlites, Scott Ritterman, Cheston Simmons, Dean Trulin, Raymond Wolf, James Sorbach

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(800) 789-7366, Richard Balotti, Jeffrey Berger, Jeffrey Sidara, Zachary Hauser, Michael Lee, Adriana Bravac, Matthew Shaffer, Kelly Escalon-Grave

(800) 789-7366 Michael Byrnes, Anne Colton, Nicholas D. Noble, Charles Hammer III, Glenn Lipton, R. Bruce Lutz, Jeffrey Malomet, David Yocha, Richard Ziegler

(610) 382-5900 Lee Bergman, David Kahn, David McGuinness, Lynn Peek, Matthew Sarosh, James Squadrito Jr., Elaine Wang, Ilya Zelts Looking for a Doctor? After a rigorous screening and selection process, 431 physicians in 61 specialties in Montgomery County and Upper Northwest DC (ZIP codes 20015 and 20016) were ranked the best in their fields by Castle Connolly, a health research firm. .

With data from the list of top doctors. Castle Connolly is a healthcare research and information company founded in 1992 by the President and Past President of the American College of Medicine to guide consumers to America’s top doctors and hospitals. Castel Connolly’s study, research, screening and selection process, led by an MD, involves hundreds of thousands of physicians and academic medical centers, specialty hospitals, and regional and community hospitals across the country. Castle Connolly’s physician-led research team follows a rigorous screening process to select the best physicians nationally and regionally. Its online nomination process – at – is open to all licensed physicians in the United States who can nominate physicians of any medical specialty and anywhere in the country, and whether a nominated physician is or is, in their opinion, the best in their field of medicine in their region or They are the best in the country in their medical expertise. Careful screening of physicians’ education and professional experiences is essential before making the final selection among physicians who are highly respected by their peers. Conclusion: Castle Connolly identifies the top physicians in the United States and provides consumers with detailed information about their education, practice and specialty in paper manuals, national and regional “Top Doctors” magazine features, and online directories. Awarded as Best Doctors by Castle Connolly.

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Doctors selected for inclusion in this magazine’s “Top Doctors” feature may appear online and/or in print online at or in conjunction with other Castle Connolly Top Doctors databases.

Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Acquired in late 2018 by Everyday Health Group (EHG), one of the world’s leading digital health companies. A recognized leader in patient and provider education, EHG serves more than 53 million healthcare visitors. Consumers and more than 780,000 US doctors and medical professionals visit their top health and wellness websites. EHG combines social listening data and analytics expertise to deliver highly personalized consumer health content and effective patient engagement solutions. EHG’s vision is to drive better clinical and health outcomes through more relevant information-based decision making and analytics. Healthcare professionals and consumers with trusted content and services through Everyday Health Group’s flagship brands, including Everyday Health®, What to Expect®, MedPage Today®, Health eCareers®, PRIME® Education and exclusive partnerships with® and The Mayo Clinic Diet. ® EHG is a division of J2 Global Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM) and is headquartered in New York City.

We believe all Montgomery County residents deserve the in-depth reporting, perspectives and resources to help them better enjoy, understand and impact our community.

If you can, we hope you will keep our magazine free to all readers by subscribing. Our physician directory features some of the top medical professionals in the Washington area, selected by their peers. Search our database of thousands of doctors by specialty, location or hospital affiliation to find the perfect match for you.

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Each spring, we ask nearly 13,000 physicians in DC, Maryland and Virginia to tell us which colleagues they recommend in various specialties. To ensure data accuracy, each physician was sent an online survey and required to enter a current medical license number registered in the county, Maryland, or Virginia. Doctors could only cast one vote each and could not vote by themselves. Those who received the most votes in each of the 39 categories were named Top Doctors.

In this online list, winning doctors are marked with the badge of “Best Doctors”. Our digital directory of physician contact information also includes sponsors, but only specialty physicians have the award logo.

Just because your doctor isn’t on our list doesn’t mean he doesn’t provide good care. Some doctors practicing in large hospital departments are not part of normal referral networks and can often be anonymous. Also, some may work in smaller practices or be younger and less known. If you love your doctor, continuing the relationship makes sense.

In some ways, yes. Asking for a referral means that your doctor will give you the name of the first doctor that comes to mind, and that person may be in your medical circle. Here’s a difference: 13,000 physicians represents a wider circle of professional colleagues.

Dr. Bryan Curtin

Although physicians may vote for colleagues they respect, they may have little experience interacting with them, so we recommend using good judgment. If you feel uncomfortable with a doctor, find another, regardless of his reputation. A surgeon for nearly 30 years, Dr. Thomas Mathieu is director of the Johns Hopkins Cardiovascular Surgery Program at Suburban Hospital. Matthew studied electrical engineering at Harvard, received his medical degree from Columbia University, and received his master’s degree in surgical research from the University of Virginia. He is an assistant professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins and chair of the Maryland Cardiac Surgery Quality Initiative, a consortium of 11 cardiac surgery programs in Maryland. Matthew lives in Northwest DC with Dana Bowen Matthew, Dean of the George Washington University School of Law.

My father was the first black neurosurgeon to train in America and he practiced in New York City for 40 years … so he was my first influence. Surgery was very interesting because you immediately made a difference in someone’s life. We can’t go to a restaurant in New York without someone coming up and saying, “Dr. Matthew, my father, my brother, my sister, what have you done to me…” Then I looked at all the specialties and heart surgery piqued my interest because it involves an electrical circuit and a system of arteries, capillaries and veins. … It appealed to the engineer in me.

The first thing I always show them is their pathology. I often take prints from cardiac catheters showing coronary blockages. I show them what the problem is and then show them how we can fix it. I share with them that our operative risk for coronary artery bypass grafting is less than 2%. … I share with them that the risk of not having surgery is actually greater than the risk of having surgery. It really helps if they can understand what we’re doing, validation is a problem.

Trust the patient. The patient will tell you what is happening. A detailed history is important, and you can often find things with a physical exam that will give you clues—what the underlying problem is, and some things you should be concerned about. Because surgery is not just a cut. It is a process of pre-operatively preparing the patient, performing the surgery, and then managing the patient’s ailments after the surgery. All of this requires careful, careful attention to the patient – ​​and then building rapport. If the patient trusts you and trusts you, he will do better.

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