Best Diners In Calgary

Best Diners In Calgary – Dine on Katy Rolls, Chilli Chicken and Dal Makani in the colorful Calcutta Cricket Club Dining Room, designed by local artist Maya Gohil. If you can not decide what to order, the restaurant’s three-course menu promises an unforgettable evening for your table.

With a certified Red Seal chef at the head and a welcoming atmosphere, it is not uncommon for Masala Bhavan’s South Indian cuisine to receive steady support since the restaurant opened in 2015. From starters like tandoori chicken and fish pakodas to mains like Kerala shrimp. A full menu of spicy and delicious food awaits.

Best Diners In Calgary

With Beltline Restaurant already successful, the team behind Cinnamon Indian Cuisine & Bar has expanded with the opening of its second location at Vista Heights in 2021. Visit a place for a delicious spread like pakora vegetables, fried lamb, ghee, chole masala. Chicken, cinnamon and more.

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Bankview Restaurant specializes in Oriental Indian cuisine and offers a must-try menu of tandoori, chicken, seafood, paneer, mutton and vegetable specials. Make sure you save space for desserts where you can choose from attractive options like gulab jamun, kheer and mango kulfi.

Visitors have flocked to the Mission restaurant for years to taste other dishes such as Chicken Tandoori or Butter Paneer. The East Indian Restaurant has recently moved to a new location a few blocks from its previous location, so be sure to check it out on your next night.

This site uses cookies to improve your experience. We will assume you are okay with it, but you can refuse if you wish. Recognizing the Privacy Policy Over the past decade, Calgary has indeed become a city that has adopted its own independent restaurant. There are some places that really shout “Calgary” and naturally on the “must try” list of many visitors. When first-time visitors to Calgary ask me for restaurant recommendations, I not only weigh the delicacies of my favorite places, but also how unique they are, the level of creativity that the chefs put in. Dishes and how they represent a larger Calgary dish. Culture. . The list can easily be more than twice as long, but these 14 restaurants are a place to try if you are looking for a taste of Calgary cuisine.

If Calgary had a geographical heart, it would probably be at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers where Dean House sits. The house is a historic gem, built in 1908 as the private residence of NWMP Chairman Richard Dean. The fully renovated building has a light modern feel with a rear roof overlooking the confluence of the two rivers. The food matches the location. Expect luxurious Canadian cuisine that celebrates historic sites with modern delicacies.

Argentinian Asado At Charbar Restaurant In Calgary

When it comes to the growth of Calgary’s independent restaurant industry, the man behind CHARCUT Roast House is the city’s largest ambassador. Managed and run by co-chefs John Jackson and Connie DeSousa, CHARCUT shows Calgarians that high-quality restaurants do not have to be strict or formal. The menu is especially popular for home-made charlottes (hence the restaurant name) and especially pork head mortadella. The menu is very diverse, balancing the meat treated with pasta and the famous fish and duck dishes. And if you’re in the city center for lunch, a “one-time lunch” is highly recommended for a quick hit.

Another great dining venue in a historic home in Inglewood, Rouge is Calgary’s gold standard when it comes to fine dining. This is the place to go for a special occasion or an opportunity to beautify yourself with highly professional service. The menu is inspired by the French with strong Canadian elements and outstanding new and local ingredients. Setting is another Rouge selling point. Located along the river near the Wilder Institute / Calgary Zoo, the restaurant also has a large courtyard with a private garden.

There are many restaurants that create their menu with local ingredients, but nowhere is that far from Calgary’s famous River Cafe. River Cafe, the only restaurant in Calgary’s beautiful Prince Island Park, is a beautiful island park in the middle of the Bow River dedicated to local cuisine, all sourced from Canada. Coffee and chocolate. It is always perfectly fresh and mostly tastes incredibly delicious. With overlooking the river and food baskets available in the summer, there is a good reason this gourmet restaurant has been a staple of Calgary for over 20 years.

It’s not the latest Calgary thing, but if you are looking for an old school style and a taste of Calgary history, this classic barbecue is just the ticket. Founded in 1972, Caesars Steakhouse is a beautiful time capturing the days when Calgary’s business ran around a plate of barbecue, cut in order with several rounds of baked potatoes and a few rounds of martinis. Caesars still offer a “traditional serving” with a side dish of Caesar salad mix. Contrary to popular belief, Caesars is not the birthplace of Caesar Cocktail, but they do well!

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Calgary is known for its barbecue and has many good restaurants, but Modern Steak is on this list because of its commitment to serving locally produced specialty beef. The restaurant offers a variety of Alberta farm cuts, but the biggest draw is the Modern Benchmark Black Angus from the restaurant-run Calf. Equipped with modern décor (hence the name) but fully immersed in Alberta beef culture, Moderne Steak represents both Calgary history and our future.

The national chain is Calgary’s main success story. Locally owned, the four different locations have their own flavors offered specifically to their specific neighborhoods. What they have in common is a relaxed atmosphere, a good dining table and a good selection of beers. Calgary has definitely become a beer city in recent years, and National does a great job of representing many of Calgary’s best breweries, in addition to some international favorites.

We Calgarians love our lunch spot and there are plenty of places in town to get a good lunch. OEB Breakfast Co. A favorite among locals and visitors alike. With three locations in the city, the Calgary-based chain offers a rich chef-inspired breakfast made with the farm’s finest fresh eggs and other local ingredients. More.

Chef Justin Lebo Pigeonhole’s small plate restaurant is the pinnacle of modern Calgary cuisine. Classified as a “wine bar and snack bar”, the menu changes frequently depending on the season and the preferences of the kitchen, but you can always rely on creative flavors, vegetables, dressings and tartare. For something more, another Leboe’s restaurant, Model Milk, is right next door, making this 17th Avenue SW a favorite for Calgary diners.

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No trip to Calgary is complete without stopping at Simmons Building, the regional center of Phil & Sebastian, Charbar and Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. Aviv Fried, a bakery that started his business by distributing bread by bicycle. Sidewalk Citizen still sells that delicious bread, but now you can visit the Simmons venue for a full lunch with flavors inspired by Israeli Fried. If only one thing makes sticky bread, those things are really divine.

There is no better way to see Calgary than from the top of Calgary Tower. Even long-term residents tend to see new things from the bird’s eye view, and the Sky 360 Rotating Restaurant gives you the opportunity to see them all from a beautiful angle as you circle around the perimeter of the tower. The scenery is the main attraction and the food is delicious. Find local favorites made by Bison, local Canadian beef, cheese and Calgary specialties. Other.

Teatro, one of Calgary’s finest restaurants, is located in an old bank building near the iconic Olympic Market. Refined Italian-inspired food is always delicious and comes with specialties such as olive oil from the owner’s family garden in Italy. Teatro is a special food for wine lovers. The former bank vault serves as a wine cellar filled with wine collected over the 25 years the restaurant has operated.

Another pioneer of Calgary’s modern restaurant, UNA Pizza + Wine, helped start Calgary’s sleek pizza craze and continues to make some of the best pizzas in town. With the no-reservation policy, there is often a line, but classic foods like prosciutto pizza and kale Caesar salad or bar snacks like walnut-stuffed medjool dates are worth any wait. If you want your pizza.

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