Best Dentist In Richmond Hill

Best Dentist In Richmond Hill – Many of our patients tell us that they need dental care that is affordable and works with their schedule. We are committed to continuing to meet the needs of our patients and tailor our practice or general dental/family dental services to them. How do we do that?

Our staff is open all day on Saturdays (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) to accommodate patients who do not see us during the week.

Best Dentist In Richmond Hill

According to a recent article by CTV, the average commute time in the GTA is 42 minutes. If you’re in York Region (most of our patients are), add another 11 minutes to bring your commute time under an hour. Multiply that by 2 and that’s 2 hours a day to work and back. There are no jobs, engagements, volunteering or other activities at this time.

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Some Richmond Hill dentists are open part-time on Saturdays, but appointments fill up quickly (and this can delay your dentist appointment). The Canadian Dental Association recommends seeing your dentist regularly (ie every 6 months) for checkups and cleanings. By opening all day on Saturdays, we make it easy for patients to see a dentist whenever needed.

For these reasons, our team is available to work with patients every Saturday for 8 hours and we are open 2 nights a week (Monday and Friday) until 20:00.

We all know that just 1 method of ordering a plan will not work for all of our patients. Some patients prefer to call us or book an appointment with the calendar in front of them, others have already completed their appointments (a good way to remember the next time) and online booking is becoming more and more popular as many of our patients prefer it. Add an appointment to your electronic calendar.

It is also important to remind our patients of the upcoming schedule. Based on their preferences, we call, text or email patients 1 week prior to the appointment as well as 1 day prior to confirming or rescheduling the appointment.

Highest Level Of Patient Care Services In Richmond Hill

At Hummingbird Dental, we love what we do and are here to help our patients maintain their oral health and hygiene.

If you are looking for a new dentist at Richmond Hill Dental Group, call (905) 237-7976 with your questions or book an appointment.

Dr. Taghizadeh and the dedicated team at Hummingbird Dental are committed to providing exceptional dental care at affordable prices. Our main goal is to make patients of all ages feel comfortable when they visit our clinic. We love what we do and a patient’s smile says it all! We have a wide range of dental services and perform most of our treatments in-house, eliminating the need for professional referrals. Our clinic is the best choice if you are looking for quality cosmetic dentistry, veneers, dental health treatments, Invisalign, endodontics (root canal treatment) and prosthetics (crowns/bridges/dentures). We also offer same day emergency dental appointments, pediatric dentistry as well as Saturday dental appointments for clients with work schedules. We care for patients in many languages ​​(English, Farsi, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi & Urdu). If you are looking for a general dentist or family dental group serving patients and families in Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Vaughn, Aurora or surrounding communities in the GTA, we are accepting new patients. There’s a lot to choosing the right dentist…we know it’s more than just searching for “Dentist Richmond Hill” online to find the best one for you! Why do our patients love Hummingbird Dental? With Wi-Fi, refreshments, TVs, massage chairs and treasure boxes for our younger patients, we want our patients to enjoy coming to the dentist. During your appointment, we’ll give you tips on how to implement the best dental hygiene practices between your caregivers and put your smile first. Hummingbird Dentistry is a great choice for families because we like to treat patients of all ages. Scheduling & Payment Another reason our patients return to Hummingbird Dental is that we make scheduling easy and efficient. New patients can fill out a patient form before their visit. We always choose a voucher that provides direct dental insurance, eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork, and offers a user-friendly online process to request an appointment. Flexibility is important to us, and we know it is to our patients too! If you would like to call us for an appointment, you can reach us at 905-237-7976. Hummingbird Dental Services Family Dentistry Seeing a dentist can be stressful for some patients, so at Hummingbird Dental we want to make every patient as comfortable as possible. . Our modern, state-of-the-art dental office in Richmond Hill has all the amenities to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease while receiving quality dental care. We guarantee short wait times, excellent care from hygienists and dentists, and follow-up by our staff. We care deeply about each member of your family! General Dentistry Whether you need root canals, teeth cleanings, fillings, oral cancer screenings, or other general procedures, we are happy to provide you with a consultation. In addition to general services, you may be interested in cosmetic dentistry for a brighter smile! Restorative Dentistry At Hummingbird Dental, we offer restorative dentistry in the form of dentures, permanent and removable dentures, dentures, bridges and dental implants. If you suffer from tooth decay, missing teeth or fractures that are affecting your self-confidence, you may need a restorative procedure to improve your smile. We provide the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best dental implant to bring a beautiful smile to your face!

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When making your first appointment, it’s important to be well prepared for what to expect during your visit. Our attentive staff will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.

We complete a dental exam to assess general dental hygiene. During this exam, the dentist or hygienist will look for the following:

Perfect Smile Experience At Hummingbird Dental Clinic Richmond Hill

During a dental exam, you can expect to answer a number of questions to find out about your (or your children’s) dental health and to understand your general health. Medicines and treatments affect overall health, so it’s important to know this information. We also provide you with complete oral hygiene instructions for self-care at home between office visits.

Hummingbird Dental is truly committed to keeping our patients safe and healthy. Here are some tips to prepare for your next appointment:

Regular dental visits are important to maintaining your oral health, and we are committed to providing the safest care possible for our patients. Patients receive up-to-date information about COVID-19 safety measures prior to their appointment.

Best dental experience I have ever had. I gave Hummingbird Dental 5 stars, but would give them another 5 if I could. Dr. Taghizadeh and his staff are courteous, polite and professional. Get out of your current dental chair and head straight to Hummingbird Dentistry.

Richmond Hill, On Dentist: Dr. Cecilia Wong Family And Cosmetic Dentist

Setup and registration was quick and easy. The first time I went to the dentist, I was overwhelmed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the receptionist, Eva, and the staff. Dr. Taghizadeh is a passionate dentist who enjoys his work and enjoys dealing with all patients, young and old. He has a good attitude and explains things well. This dentist will not let you down.

Best dental service I have ever had in Ontario! I immediately went to the emergency room taking care of my teeth. He is very informative and thorough, explaining every step and why each service is done. I definitely recommend it to everyone I know!

Every staff member was nice, friendly, kind and welcoming. The dentist I followed from Scarborough to see here and every kilometer of the drive. He is patient and understanding. His work is second to none, he always makes it easy and ensures patient satisfaction even though his work requires extra time. Take your time and visit the dentist less often. I am lucky to find this place with an amazing team! It makes visiting the dentist look forward and fearless

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