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Best Dentist In Cuba – The Man with the Light Bulb is one of the many murals in the city of Che Guevara, one of the central figures of the Cuban Revolution.

Last week, just days before the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, I sat in a room in Old Havana with National Geographic photographer David Guttenfelder, photo editor Sadie Quarrier, and 21 Cuban students and young professionals to discuss what that means. At this point in the history of the Cuban state.

Best Dentist In Cuba

The meeting was part of National Geographic’s weekly photography camp held in the city. Our goal: to teach Cuban youth how to tell their stories through photography, to challenge them to show us their world in a way that outsiders can’t see.

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We found an enthusiastic group of students, a new generation on the brink of change and uncertainty, who cared about work that reflected their challenges, hopes and dreams.

“My generation is very eager to keep in touch with the world through the Internet, foreign press, TV channels and other means. It is this thirst for information that sometimes makes us ignore things in our own country, makes us blind. It goes away. The good things that still remain in our society are the things that define us and make our country unique in the world – Claudia Zayas Centristavan

An artist takes a break from playing music in one of Havana’s art districts, Colegio de Hamel, where musicians and artists gather to exhibit their work.

“Cuba needs change, which is happening now. I don’t want to live in another country to fulfill my dreams.” – Jennifer Albin

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“The relationship between Cuba and the United States has opened up new areas, including investment, direct flights and university scholarships. The changes are still uncertain; they must continue to develop to be seen.” -Laura Bautista

“People of my generation are fearless, fearless, and we brought these things to the new Cuba. We are the future. I see my country as one big family, although it has good and bad things, at the end of the day this is what the country is, and I love her just the way she is.” – Sandra Delphine de Leon

“As a young person, I see positive changes, but rather slow. It is important for me not to hold on to my hopes and dreams for too long. I have seen many talented and wonderful young people. Looking for new opportunities. I moved. abroad and it makes it difficult to flourish in our future – Jonathan Lopez Avila

“Cuba is a beautiful country, full of colors, music, great people and wonderful blue skies. If other people can enjoy these things, it’s perfect. I hope I can achieve these dreams. It seemed impossible without going blind. With light .” – Alexandra Diaz

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“It’s afternoon in Havana and the tourists drain their camera batteries and prefer to go back to their hotels, to see Obispo Street, its colors, people and cobblestones; they bring the smiles of the vendors. And the joy of walking past.

The shadows seem long and the sun, the sun, hides behind the sea. It shone on two different vans today. One bright and shiny, full of life and movement. The other, sad and gray, affected by time and misery, where dark walls spread along the streets.

New businesses are popping up everywhere – travel, investors and companies are coming; Layers of color are added; And some buildings are returning to their glory. Materialism resides in many hearts and our values ​​that we once proudly presented to the world are today like other old buildings of the last century. They flee as a generation of dreams trying to fulfill them outside of Pierre (Al Malkina).

Night falls in the capital of Cuba. Parks, discos, bars and Wi-Fi zones are busy. Girls go out with the desire to capture the stars, their innocence under the makeup.

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Tomorrow, as the sun rises, tourists will again cross Obispo, bees will build more dangerous hives, new businesses will emerge, and young people will go out again to continue singing their dreams to the sea. “- Ernesto Herrera Pellegrino

Right: A bride rides a horse as locals and tourists gather to cheer in the tourist district of Old Havana.

“Sometimes I see a better future with different leaders and a better society, but sometimes I see the opposite.” I watch the news on TV at night, visit the rest of the world and promote my country in every way and I am amazed. If we ever have a better world, I want my country to be different and I won’t compare it to another country because nobody is perfect. – Claudia Diaz Alverino

“In my opinion, the Cuba of the future is a place full of opportunities for its young people, internationally known for the creativity and initiative of its workers and admired for its respect for nature and the environment, a young Cuban as a person, sometimes it is difficult for me to avoid the doubts that attack my generation, but this does not prevent I embrace change with enthusiasm – Renata Crispo Suarez

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“Everyone wants to come and see Cuba before it changes. I think that in a few years we will be better in all aspects and I really hope that it will be, because it is the “Virgin Islands” with all the potential. People, better invest in Cuba – Alejandra Gonzalez

“Fidel’s death is a great loss for us, although we know that we owe a lot and are the heirs of our country, but we feel that a stage in the history of Cuba has ended and it is in our hands. B. Turn the ship to our home. To better waters and maybe deeper and more stormy…” – Odile Emily Orozco Acosta in response to Castro’s death after the seminar ended

Centro Habana is a less affluent area of ​​Havana that tourists don’t usually go to. Such dilapidated structures may be demolished and replaced in the future.

Kristine Elstner is the director of VisionWorkshops and director of National Geographic Photo Camp. National Geographic Photo Camp is a partnership between the National Geographic Society of Cuba and the Fototeca de Cuba. The NGPC was sponsored by the National Geographic Society of Cuba and John S. and James L. Nate. Since 2003, National Geographic Photo Camp has provided programs to more than 1,500 youth in more than 71 locations. Cameras are provided by Olympus.

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In 1800, a forced march of Indians took place in the capital of Arkansas. The city is now grappling with the question of how to remember this painful past.

Climate change is causing extreme warming of the Earth’s oceans more often and for longer periods of time, posing a serious threat to the animals and plants that live there.

DNA hidden in meltwater from the world’s highest peaks has revealed a treasure trove of biodiversity in a recent study. Perhaps another reason why Thailand is known around the world as the “Land of Smiles” is its popularity as a dental destination. For more than two decades, the country has served as a top destination for all Dental tourism, and the demand for dental procedures here is steadily increasing.

Thailand’s popularity in dental tourism is due to three things the country offers: 1) excellent dental work, 2) affordable prices, and 3) a wonderful travel experience.

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Dentists in Thailand – mostly in leading clinics such as the International Dental Center – have decades of experience and many of them have also been trained abroad (eg USA, UK, Australia). Clinics use the latest technology to perform dental work accurately and quickly, while ensuring patient safety and comfort. For example, we have a three-dimensional CT dental examination (we are actually the first dental implant center in Israel to receive it in 2004), a digital CAD/CAM dental milling laboratory, a digital impression scanner and more.

In addition to quality dental treatment and a high level of care, our dentists are fluent in English, ensuring easy and efficient communication about your dental needs. Most Thai clinic staff (including ours) are also bilingual and well trained to provide the best support to international patients.

A dental procedure in Thailand will cost you about 60% less than in Western countries (such as Australia and the USA). For example, a titanium implant costs (on average) $5,500 in Australia and $5,000 in the US, but only in the US. $2200 “B – That’s less than half! – In Thailand.

A composite veneer in Australia will set you back about $900 in the US and $860 in Australia, but only $200 in Thailand. One last example, if you want pearl white in the US, you’ll pay approx. $1500B per tooth. In Australia it will be cheaper, $700; but

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