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Best Dentist In Cardiff

Making you smile for life is our mission. Therefore, we have a team of experienced dentists who provide general dental care services. cleaning and specialized treatment in a friendly and welcoming environment. With the knowledge and expertise of a practice established nearly 30 years ago, we provide a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology to provide you with the highest standards of care. We are sure you will walk in and out with a smile!

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“I have been undergoing dental treatments for many years and have always been satisfied with the treatment. I thank you for your attention. The professionalism and knowledge, kindness and understanding given by Parkside’s dental team has always been my best treatment. Respect, done . And patience. Always be appreciated. Therefore, it is impossible to recommend them too highly.”

“Keeping the staff from start to finish is amazing. Thoroughly explained and handled professionally every step of the way. 100% recommended – friendly and professional treatment.”

“The Parkside team took good care of me – I was a little nervous. But from the lounge you feel welcome and at ease. Victoria is very friendly and takes the time to explain everything and talk to you about any concerns or questions you may have. when done I could barely feel the injection. (Which I’m really worried about!) and everything went really smoothly. I would definitely recommend a dentist!”

“I came to train as a new patient after my first search for the NHS, the training was very smart and clean. The team was very friendly and professional which made me feel at ease. Would recommend this practice to everyone. Will definitely do it . Great personal experience!!”

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“Patience in years of training and have always received excellent service. The team is very professional and friendly. And never had a ‘scary’ experience. Looking forward to my next visit.”

“Being here for many years and found the staff very friendly. Dental treatment has always been of high quality. They were very helpful when I needed emergency treatment.”

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. See our cookie policy. Learn more By continuing to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Craig grew up in South Wales and graduated differently from Cardiff University Dental School 10 years ago. ‘Dental Student of the Year’ during his time at Cardiff for the all-rounder. “Shows the best professionalism. clinical competence and best teamwork and has been voted on by all the officials.”

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Craig is passionate about overall dental health. This led him to additional training in orthodontics and one-on-one treatment planning. He will soon graduate with a PG Diploma in Orthodontics.

He discovered his passion for minimally invasive dentistry. This includes orthodontics, teeth whitening and bonding to create a naturally healthy smile as recommended by pre-surgery photographs. Digital scans, smiles, and then let his patients be 100% part of the planning process.

Craig was trained in dental implants by Dental Biohorizons, one of the most widely used implant systems in the world. and works closely with local surgeons to help coordinate the placement of the implants. This is the most cost-effective way to replace teeth. And this can be done by spreading costs using one of our monthly payment plans.

Craig is certified and trained in various orthodontic systems. She is trained and certified to use Ormco Ceramic Symmetry, Six Month Smiles, Fast Straighteners, Invisalign clear aligners and Inman aligners.

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A comprehensive assessment of the patient and the mouth/face as a whole is what Craig feels is essential to his ability to deliver quality, evidence-based dentistry.

Marco is originally from South Korea. But settled in South Wales after graduating from Cardiff University in 2011. He studied with top dentist Craig Lewis and they shared a four-year home on campus and have been good friends ever since.

He developed his skills by earning a Master’s degree in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Manchester (2016) and is passionate about detail when it comes to replicating natural functions and aesthetics.

Marco offers additional orthodontic training for clear braces and white ceramic braces. He is currently receiving further training in implant dentistry using the Bio Horizons system and is also enrolled in a comprehensive orthodontic treatment wired orthodontic training program that he can provide. patient

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Marco is committed to providing professional, honest and caring dental services to every patient. and believes in a friendly and calm approach

He is a devoted family man who enjoys good food and good friends. And there are two cats named Yuki and Ziki.

Beth grew up in Ogmore-by-Sea but has lived in Cardiff since 2000. Beth is a fluent Welsh speaker and graduated entirely through Welsh.

Beth graduated from Cardiff (MET) in 2003 with a BA (Honours) Management degree. She also received a postgraduate teaching degree from Cardiff University working in a specialized teaching sector. way with behavioral support

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Beth enjoys a simple life. Suitable for outdoor activities, travel, good food. and spend time with family and friends

Beth is a fitness/gym lover. As a result of this hard work and determination He earned the title of Great British Overall while competing in the fitness industry in 2012.

Tess has been working at Birchgrove Dental Practice for over 10 years, previously working as an experienced dentist with extensive dental care knowledge and always happy to help.

Tess had his background as an accounting assistant and was a director at a construction company for ten years.

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Tess likes to eat and dance. Her favorite restaurants are Valentino’s and Plague in Whitchurch Tess. Enjoy spending time with grandchildren. her in West Wales over the weekend. Especially when the weather allows them to go swimming. Tess loves the family-run feel of Birchgrove Dental Practice, especially the personal feel we can give to every patient.

Debbie joined the training as part of our welcome team. She also qualified as a dentist in 2009.

Karen people specialize in gum and teeth care. She plays an important role in helping our patients maintain oral hygiene by providing advice and preventative information.

Karen worked for several years at Birchgrove Dental Practice as a dental hygienist before earning his diploma in dental hygiene in 1992.

Our Team At Birchgrove Dental Practice, Cardiff

Serene was originally from Derby. She was trained in Dentistry in 2009. She thoroughly enjoys her role and is very good with dental patients and children with nervousness.

Outside of work, Serena likes to watch murder documentaries. both inside and outside the workplace She has a good sense of humor. She has a very cheerful personality. His cheerful personality is what ultimately makes the patient feel comfortable in his company.

Lisa has over 25 years of experience as a hygienist and has a national certificate for dental hygienists. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and enjoys her work.

Lisa was also certified as an oral health educator in 2014. She is passionate about promoting excellent oral hygiene for all ages. She especially enjoys working with neurotic patients and children. and strives to make our patients as comfortable and comfortable as possible for their practice.

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Family time outside of work is important. Lisa is happily married with two children. She has been leading the Beaver Scouts in her local Scout group in Rumney for the last four years, something he really enjoys doing. She always seems to be planning her next adventure.

Shannon qualified as a dental hygienist in 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed helping out with this chair. She especially enjoys caring for anxious and anxious patients because Shannon can put them at ease.

She enjoys challenges and learning new things and strives to be 100% whether she is at work or at home. Shannon is the newest member of Birchgrove Dental Practice and she can’t wait to do her dental work. here

Going to the dentist wasn’t something I was looking forward to. But after visiting Birchgrove Dental Center last year It doesn’t bother me anymore! Craig is professional. Always knowledgeable and careful The real test came this week when I had to do dental implants. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt.

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