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Best Dentist In Bathurst – Intern in Australia in 2018. He has held various positions in Venezuela, the United States and Australia and is currently a general dentist in Bathurst. His main areas of expertise are preventive, minimally invasive, restorative dentistry, endodontics and gum health. Physicians care for all types of patients, but have a special interest in caring for children, anxiety and special needs.

Graduated from Central Western and Charles Sturt University. Coming from this area, his main goal is to protect and improve the oral health of everyone. He has a keen interest in all areas of general dentistry, including oral surgery, prosthodontics and restorative medicine.

Best Dentist In Bathurst

1993, Bachelor of Dentistry, Bachelor of Dental Science. He meets with people and helps improve dental health and cosmetic dentistry. Kathy specializes in cosmetic dentistry – balancing all aspects of the face to improve the smile.

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After graduation, he moved to Bathurst and opened his own dental practice in 1979. After more than 40 years in the field, David remains passionate about dentistry in general, with a particular interest in restorative dentistry and restorative dentistry. David is a member of the Australian Dental Association.

In 2000, he received a fellowship from the Royal Australian College of Dentists, where his field of study is general dentistry in restorative dentistry. He practices all areas of general dentistry, but pediatric dentistry is his passion. Elspeth has extensive experience working with children of all ages and disabilities. She especially enjoys working with children with autism.

Dr. William Chua graduated from the University of Sydney in 1988 with a Bachelor of Dentistry.

He has been practicing in Batters for over 20 years. He has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and full mouth restorations and strives to provide the highest quality dental care for each patient using the latest technology.

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In 2003, he completed his degree in dental surgery at the University of Sydney. Always interested in orthopedics, he completed his specialist training at the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Robert Boshier has been serving the Midwest in Orange since 1998 and has been open ever since.

Clinic in Bathurst. He is an Associate Professor in Removable Prosthodontics and has been an Adjunct Lecturer in Complete Prosthodontics at Charles Sturt University for the past 4 years.

If you are looking for the best dentist in Bathurst. Below is a list of the best dentists in Bathurst. To help you find the best Bathurst dentist near you, we’ve compiled a list of Bathurst dentists based on patient reviews.

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As the name suggests, dentists work in dentistry and are part of the field of human medicine. In addition to normal duties such as attending to incoming patients, care for sick patients is required; They often come to the practice without an appointment to get rid of their dental problems.

Daily activities include preventive, curative, oral and dental care. A dentist’s work involves not only the teeth but also the jaw or gums. However, different tasks come to different patients. Above all, age structure is an important factor.

While the primary focus of children and young patients is on dental treatment and prevention, practicing dentists must meet higher standards in the geriatric patient population. In fact, the dentist not only reacts to short-term problems, but also takes a long-term approach to prevent future damage. For example, all or part of the tooth may need to be replaced.

Moreover, dental vacancies are not only for general dentists but also create additional specialties. These specialists can be periodontologists or dentists. In this regard, the range of specialization of a dentist can be broad or limited to a specific area.

Of The Best Dentist In Bathurst

The rights and duties of dentists are closely related and include the right to professional autonomy, self-determination and clinical autonomy. These professional privileges are not only for the benefit of dentists, but also enable them to fulfill their professional duties and responsibilities to provide quality and ethical oral health care to all members of the dental community. If these professional rights are violated, the maintenance of professional standards may be jeopardized.

The interpretation of the professional rights of dentists may vary from country to country depending on the responsibilities. However, in all cases:

Acting in the patient and public interest; It also respects professional and ethical guidelines, as well as the credibility of the dental profession. Dentists must recognize and manage situations where professional responsibility takes precedence over professional privilege. Constant changes in both the dental profession and the public mean that the professional rights and responsibilities of dentists need to be regularly reviewed to meet these needs in the future. Bathurst Central Dental Care is conveniently located at Disra Drive Plaza. Oshkosh with shops and restaurants including Walmart, Carter’s |, Bulk Bar, CIBC, Marble Creamery, Bagel World and Subway.

Promenade Mall is across the street and has over 150 stores including T&T Supermarket, Coach, H&M, Aritzia, Lululemon Athletica, Pandora and more.

Dr. William Chua

Each of our dental rooms is equipped with the latest dental technology and is set up to maximize your comfort, including ceiling-mounted televisions that show your chairside selections from a variety of sources, including Netflix.

Dr. of BC Dental. Lee and the hygienist are amazing. They are prompt with appointments and thorough in their cleanings, assessments and appointments.

Very comfortable and beautiful clinic and I Dr. I find it comforting to talk to Lee about my concerns because he always communicates them.

Ample parking, convenient access, 2nd floor, very clean, modern, updated, very friendly and courteous staff, Netflix shows of your choice during your visit – great bonus including teeth whitening – check out their website! The dentists and dental hygienists are excellent, prompt and very informative about the procedures. They allow you to schedule an appointment and plan your order in advance. I am happy with BC Dental because they have continued to take care of me over the years! Referral to the nearest oral surgeon for serious dental work. Thank you BC Dental!

Bachelor Of Dental Science

I have been a customer for over 10 years and have been completely satisfied with my experience. Very professional staff, environment, nice office, our family’s needs, everything we asked was taken care of and solved.

They explain all the work. And while the kids do their homework, there’s Netflix

This was my first time having my piercings treated here and overall it was a great experience. Dr. Lee and his staff were professional, friendly and went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Lee explained every step of the process very clearly and answered all my questions. Also, the office is clean and parking is convenient. Couldn’t ask for more.

I have been going to this place for over a year now and Dr. Lee is the best dentist I have ever seen. Everyone is very kind and professional. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a new dentist!

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I had such a fun experience! The dentist was very nice and explained everything well even though I went for a cleaning! I highly recommend this place! 😊

Dr. Qin Li did a great job! I am very happy with my 6 month smile, my results are more than I could have imagined. Thank you BC Dental Clinic for the excellent service and friendly staff. They always help and care for their patients.

I have had 6 months of smile treatment at BC Dental and am very happy with the results. Dr. Lee was professional, friendly and took great care to make my new smile exactly what I always wanted. He was great at setting expectations and communicating what had changed with each visit. The hygienist was always good and I had to come in every month so it was very safe to be in the office whenever there was an outbreak.

When a good friend introduced me to B.C. Recommended dentist, I was hesitant at first because of the horrible service I’ve had at other dentists in the past. However, I am very happy to write this review for an efficient, caring and high quality dentist.

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My dentist Dr. Lee is amazing and knows his craft. The dental assistant (I forgot her name) was great and very friendly. Even the Buffalo owner is knowledgeable and hospitable. Every time I go, it’s like I’m in another world. Currently, I am in B.C. There is one root canal and two deep fillings.

I have a long way to go, but at least I’m working with experienced professionals.

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