Best Dentist In Antalya Turkey

Best Dentist In Antalya Turkey – Adalya Dental Center is located in Antalya, Turkey, which is one of the best tourist destinations. At our dental center in Antalya Turkey, we provide the highest quality in all dental treatments at competitive prices. We await you at our dental center in Antalya for privileged treatment.

Continuing with the aim of becoming the best dental center in Antalya, Turkey, Adelia Dental Center provides services in all modern surgical and aesthetic treatments with its experienced dental staff. We continue to make a difference with high quality standard treatment results.

Best Dentist In Antalya Turkey

Our difference comes from the quality of materials we use, our technological investments and our experienced human resources. So we aim for the highest quality standards for you.

Dental Centre Turkey Antalya The Best Implants #1 Technology

At our dental center in Antalya, Turkey, restore your perfect smile and your dental function thanks to the expertise and experience of our dentists.

In addition, we provide high quality treatments in our dental center in Turkey at 1 in 5 cost compared to Europe and UK. To take advantage of these benefits and restore your aesthetic smile and teeth, contact our dental center in Antalya.

At our dental center in Antalya Turkey, we design the most suitable smile for each patient. In addition, we restore our patients’ functional teeth.

We offer services in the fields of implantology, smile design, orthodontics, gum disease and pediatric dentistry. Thus, we strengthen our claim to be the best dental center in Turkey and Antalya.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Turkey? Dental Implants Cost Comparison 2022

Thanks to our dental staff with expertise in various dental fields, we are able to provide services in all dental treatments at our dental center in Antalya, Turkey. Contact us for Dental Implants, Hollywood Smile, Cosmetic Brochure and more treatments.

Before and after treatment photos of our patients who we completed at our dental center in Antalya, Turkey. This way you can gauge the quality of our service.

We ask you to send panoramic x-rays and photos and express your expectations to us. Our dental team will evaluate your situation and inform you about the most suitable dental treatment plan with estimated cost, accommodation and how long you need to stay in Turkey.

Once you are satisfied with all the detailed treatment plans that I have sent you, you can schedule the most suitable treatment date for you. You can plan your flight by choosing one of our options that will provide you with a comfortable accommodation experience.

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We meet you at the airport in a private VIP vehicle. Our patient coordinator will stay with you during your treatment. Our patient coordinator will be responsible for your transportation between the airport, your hotel and our dental center in Turkey.

After picking you up from the airport, we will take you to our dental center in Antalya, Turkey and start your treatment on the same day without wasting time. Adalya Dental Center Turkey is able to complete your treatment in a short time with the help of the latest technical equipment.

We turn your dental treatment into the perfect vacation in Antalya, Turkey. At our dental center in Turkey, your daily treatment lasts an average of one hour. You can spend the rest of your time exploring Antalya’s touristic and historical sites. A wonderful dental holiday in Turkey awaits you.

We offer our patients permanent results with safe and successful treatments. After your dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey, you can stay with us for the rest of your life. We consider each of our patients as part of the Adalya Dental Clinic family and provide them with all kinds of support.

Dental Treatments Prices In Turkey

We host our patients from many countries of the world at our dental center in Antalya Turkey. This is how we meet people from all over the world and consider them as part of our family. We never lose touch with all our patients, whom we consider as members of the Adelia family. Therefore, we want them to feel that we are with them all the time.

What ensures this strong connection with our patients is our success in treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our patients, who have smiles and functional teeth, regain their self-confidence.

In this way, they live the rest of their lives happily and with more confidence. For confident and happy smiles, contact our dental center in Antalya Turkey.

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We have answered frequently asked questions that will benefit you before choosing our dental center in Turkey. All the answers you can find about treatment in Turkey and our country.

The cost of dental implants in Turkey varies between €450 – €850. As Adalya Dental Clinic, we work with the top 4 dental implant brands in Antalya, Turkey. Dental implant prices in Turkey are determined by brand, number and difficulty of operation.

How To Get Your Teeth Done In Turkey ?

We perform dental implant operations according to our patients’ preferred brands of implants. Contact us to know everything about dental implants in Turkey.

Dental implants in Turkey are 1 in 4 cheaper than in Europe and the UK. In addition to their treatment, our patients also enjoy their vacations in Antalya in comfort.

2 separate visits in one week will be sufficient for dental implant treatment in Turkey. This is important for the implant to bond firmly to the jaw.

After the first visit, it will take about 3 months for the implant and the jaw to join together. If a bone graft or sinus lift operation is required, the healing process can take up to 6 months.

Global Dental Center Turkey

These procedures are critical to the success of dental implant treatment. Our patients make a second visit to our clinic after the expected recovery period.

We provide our patients with a temporary solution during the dental implant healing process, allowing them to return home without losing their teeth. Therefore, it is not visually noticeable that our patients receive dental implant treatment.

We complete the treatment by creating the permanent tooth on the implant and covering all the crowns according to the size of the teeth taken at the second visit.

Turkey is one of the 3 countries that provide the best dental treatment and vacation services in the world in terms of treatment quality and price ratio. The number and quality of dental centers in Turkey is increasing every year. Thanks to technological investments in the area, it is on its way to becoming the best dental destination in the world.

Dentist In Antalya

Smile makeovers have a multidisciplinary approach and are performed by applying multiple procedures simultaneously. So it varies according to the method of applying smile makeover prices in Turkey.

Smile Makeover 20 porcelain teeth and 20 zirconia crowns cost around €3,500. However, as we said, the prices will vary according to the respective transactions.

There are many good dentists in Turkey who have developed in the fields of dental aesthetic treatment and implantology. We, as Adalya Dental Clinic and Center, work with dentists who follow and adapt to the latest technologies in dental fields.

At our center, we can provide services in all areas of dentistry with our specialist prosthodontists, orthodontists, periodontists and pedodontists.

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Zirconia crowns cost 205 euros or 240 dollars or 175 dollars per tooth in Turkey. In our dental center Turkey, our zirconia crowns cost around £3500 or €4100, or $4800 for 20 teeth. Contact us to know everything about Zirconia Crowns Turkey.

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world for dental treatment and holidays. All the necessary measures for covid-19 are carefully taken by the state and private companies.

The high vaccination rate also places Turkey among the safest countries. As Adalya Antalya Dental Clinic, we provide regular maintenance and hygiene of our clinic.

We often apply disinfection in our clinic. You can learn more about disinfection steps by watching our video.

Best Dental Clinic In Turkey

Our patients who have undergone dental veneers treatment in Turkey can use these veneers for many years. However, these times vary according to the types of leaflets and people’s focus on oral hygiene and doctor’s recommendations.

Our patients can easily use porcelain and all ceramic.

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