Best Daycare In Ottawa

Best Daycare In Ottawa – Ottawa’s licensed in-home child care program has been providing quality child care for children from birth to 12 years of age since 1983.

We offer unlimited child care spaces throughout the City of Ottawa and subsidized spaces are available with City of Ottawa approval. Parents tell us that this program gives them the “best of both worlds” because they get the benefits of a family environment and personal attention along with legal standards for quality and safety. Our program is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and governed by the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Best Daycare In Ottawa

In accordance with the Minister of Education’s policy statement on programming and education, its programs are guided by “How Learning Happens,” Ontario Education for the Early Years and “Early Education for Every Child Today (ELECT).

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Our team of licensed home childcare consultants are all experienced early childhood educators or have extensive experience in childcare and education and must be approved by the Ministry of Education. We ensure that all of our registered Early Childhood Educators are members of the College of Early Educators and each member of our team must maintain valid First Aid and CPR certifications and police background checks for services in weak areas. .

Our providers are independently contracted in Ottawa. We select candidates who are culturally and linguistically diverse and ensure that they are first aid and CPR certified. We require all providers to attend ongoing workshops on a variety of relevant topics including menu planning, the importance of exercise, first words, developing age-appropriate activities, how to learn, and more. Providers and/or all residents here. Their homes are regularly visited by police background checks for services in vulnerable areas.

Center-based and home-based child care programs operate on the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waiting List (CCRAW) if space is available.

We have several priorities that we consider when inviting new families to join us. In order of our priority:

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Families interested in applying for a spot in Ottawa’s licensed home child care program must register on the city’s Child Care Service List and Waiting List by selecting Home Child Care and the department where you wish to receive a child care. Register in Ottawa. As much as you love puppies, there may be days when you want to go somewhere where dogs are not allowed. For that time, you need the best dog daycare service in Ottawa.

We’ll also look at some of the costs you can expect when using some daycare and dog daycare services.

Here is a chart to show the approximate cost of popular dog daycare services in Ottawa. These estimates are taken from some of the companies we are reviewing today.

Most services are quite affordable, but a lot depends on which daycare you book. Experience, facilities, staff qualifications, products, and other factors can determine the final charge when you’re ready to have your dog tested.

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And if you use more than one service, such as daycare sessions and combined cleaning, the costs will definitely add up.

Fortunately, some of the nurseries we cover today offer promotions and discounts to loyal customers.

Considering the costs associated with their care, now is the time to check out the best dog daycare centers in Ottawa for your beloved dogs!

A rugged home is a home away from home setup when you need to go somewhere that doesn’t allow pets. The service offers affordable packages for loyal customers who can choose from five, ten or 20 full or half-day visits at discounted rates.

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Each dog undergoes a temperament test ($15 cost) to screen for appropriate grouping with dogs of similar temperament and size. What makes this BBB-accredited daycare unique is its aversion to “time-out” boxes or pens because its staff believes in positive reinforcement.

The facility is 3,300 square feet, so there’s definitely plenty of room to keep the dogs entertained during their stay. If your fur baby is prone to dog bites, don’t worry because this daycare has four divided play areas filled with obstacles, ramps and other fun stimuli.

Cleaning and training services are also available at Rough House. The downside is that it does not accept overnight boarding for pets.

“Fantastic facilities, the dogs are very well looked after. The place is clean and the staff are polite. The services offered are reasonably priced and the reservation system is simple and easy. 10/10 recommended.”

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I brought my dog ​​Dexter here to get his nails done. He’s a good kid, but he’s scared and has some heavy baggage. The Rough House staff are kind and understanding and do a great job with less than accommodating customers. John knows Dexter by name, and recently, Declan did an amazing job on Dexter’s black dachshund’s nails. Super short, super clean (no splits), super boring – we love it.

Socialization and exercise are two of the most important things that the Lucky Dog Care team believes is best for dogs. Three acres of fenced land and another hundred acres for exploration underscore this belief.

The company does not discriminate by age or size when it comes to allowing dogs to exercise and socialize. And regardless of the weather, two to three scheduled daily dog ​​walks are usually routine.

Lucky Dog Daycare makes it a point to keep small groups for walks and explorations so the dogs don’t get into trouble with other dogs. It allows walkers to let the dogs out and explore the area to their heart’s content.

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There are strict pick-up and drop-off times to accommodate your dog’s schedule for walks and playtime.

“We have been bringing our dog to Lucky Dogs for 5 years for a good reason – he has a great time, does different sports and is treated like family! Yute and Carlos are experienced groomers and “Give they are good communicators. This is his second home and we couldn’t be happier!”

Ute and Carlos are like family. They are very loving and caring not only to dogs but also to their owners. When we told Kate we were going to meet Ute and Carlos, she was so excited she headed for the door ready for her next adventure.

Dogs can enjoy the 50 acres of kennels at Dog World. The grounds are full of grassy gardens, well-maintained walking paths, and even in-ground pools where little dogs can run and play.

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Its interior environment is also not fragrant. It is always climate controlled, so the dogs will always be comfortable whatever the weather as they go about their customized daily activities.

Dog World also offers grooming and training services for dogs who need them. The center has a qualified dog trainer who uses a balanced training method and can visit the client’s home for private training sessions.

And furry parents will be happy to know there’s 24-hour service too! There are several boarding packages that cater to the needs of different dogs, such as medium or high energy dogs and senior dogs (with discounts for two dogs from the same family).

Rogan absolutely loves Dog World, this place is a blessing. The staff is great and their care and attention is tailored specifically to Rogan’s needs. We love the dog world!”

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The Kennel Club strongly believes that dog kennels and boarding facilities should always have a relaxed environment for social encouragement. That’s why it sits on 13 acres of land near Bearhaven, with a 1.2km trail dedicated to walking visiting dogs.

Inside, there is a climate-controlled play area with attractive floors and plenty of room to move and relax. There’s even soothing music to keep all visiting dogs calm and happy!

Customers with particularly aggressive dogs will not be turned away by the kennel club. Experienced trainers with extensive experience in protection and dog work are available to learn how to properly handle anxious or aggressive dogs.

The daycare also offers long-term dog boarding services. Clients can book these services for anything from one month to over four months with options for special care or selective socializing with other dogs!

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I have a labrandez puppy and he absolutely loved it at the Kennelclub boarding! They sent us pictures saying he was having fun with other dogs! That’s why we’re bringing him back this month!”

“Great place for your dog or puppy! Great owner and my dog ​​went home happy and tired after a seven day stay!

Dog Days offer the kind of comfort that weary dog ​​parents often seek in one place. There are daycares, boarding centers, grooming, training and other “fun stuff” for your favorite dog.

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