Best Dating App In Vietnam For Foreigners

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Meeting girls in Vietnam is not easy on the Internet. Many dating sites and apps have been launched in the last 10 years, giving you access to thousands of single Vietnamese women of all backgrounds.

Best Dating App In Vietnam For Foreigners

For men, Vietnam is like a treasure. Just upload a nice photo. A few photos of myself Write an interesting profile. Usually you promise to compete with hundreds of beautiful and intelligent girls.

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95% of Vietnamese women are looking for a serious relationship. So forget about one night. it can happen from time to time But this is not the best country for that (see my article on the best country to meet girls in Asia).

I have used all the tools of dating on the website in Vietnam In this article, I will tell you the best. If you are a foreigner, a traveler, Vietnamese or even someone who has never been to a country before.

If you are new to Vietnam or just staying for a few days. We recommend paying because it will help you get the equipment faster. It is also the best way to meet beautiful and beautiful girls on those sites.

For example, in the free version of Vietnam Cupid, you will be limited to only chat with the girls you have hired. by group You can send anyone you want to the site. Even women who have not seen your profile.

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In most dating sites, girls are generally not interested in meeting men who do not live in Vietnam. They think they just want a one night stand and aren’t ready to commit.

In VietnamCupid things are a little different here, most of the men are expats who live abroad, so the girls on the site will not be surprised if you tell them that you live in the US. And they don’t want to talk to you.

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam in the next few weeks, VietnamCupid would be my first recommendation.

This site has a large number of female profiles, usually at least a thousand women are online at the same time. But this number can reach 2000 people. Not many men So it is easy to get your answer.

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I also noticed that Vietnamese girls don’t care about age difference. Even if you are over 40, you can still find a 20-year-old who would be happy to be your friend.

You can sign up for Vietnam Cupid for free and upgrade to a paid account. If you find an interesting profile Prices start at $9 for an annual plan or $25 for a monthly plan.

➝ You can find girls elsewhere in Asia or the world. (Very useful if you are traveling around)

OkCupid is my second most used site in Vietnam. I interacted with many women there. Although after a few days, there are few new profiles.

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What I like is that all my matches are normal girls. (not prostitutes or scams) work full time and good level of English They are less than VietnamCupid, few people start the conversation. But when I tell them that I don’t live in Vietnam They will lose interest

Another advantage of OkCupid is that you can easily change your status in the settings. and this feature is free (At least for now.) This is very useful if you are traveling.

OkCupid is probably one of the biggest dating apps in Vietnam. You can write a long profile. Enter a lot of information about yourself. But if you are looking for a specific person. You can filter your search specifically. This is interesting for people with non-binary gender identities.

Finally, what I like is that you can answer hundreds of questions about your personality. and how others answer these questions. This will give you a match percentage that can be a good indicator of your compatibility with that person.

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Bumble (for popular girls) Bumble is one of my favorite dating apps because women message guys first. That saves me from having to find a call other than “Hello, how are you?”. You must respond within 24 hours or the contest will be forfeited.

The girls on Bumble are usually the most respectful. especially You have many Vietnamese girls studying abroad in the United States. United Kingdom or Australia This is an app with foreign girls.

They often say but most people don’t care if you’re just a traveler.

If you’re rich and looking for a hot and smart girlfriend, is a great but controversial option. As the leading Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby website in the world, there is a wide selection of sexy Vietnamese girls who want to have a relationship with rich men.

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➝ Hot girls are easy to date (If you’re willing to commit)

There are many people who use Tinder and I do not recommend for Vietnam. 5 years ago, I would have an average of 20-30 matches per day (of 50 likes) but today I am happy if I have 5-10 matches.

I’m not 100% sure how to explain this change. Maybe I’m getting old or maybe there are more guys adding their profiles. This feature costs about 3-4$ and makes the profile appear more often in the given area. This takes about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this means that the profile of those who do not use Boost will be smaller.

I’m willing to pay But I can see that women are quick to respond to messages. and when they do respond, it is difficult for them to have meaningful conversations.

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➝ Interesting but expensive paid plan: To quickly upgrade to a gold profile and buy small incentives, you will need 35$ per month easily.

If you’re just looking for sex (and preferably with liberal women) Adult FriendFinder is the best site. It is intended for independent men and women in relationships. Cuckold BDSM Partner Exchange Swinging fists, sex, etc.

There are definitely more men than women on the site, but one of my best friends uses it. But he managed to meet a large number of women. It also works well if you are a couple looking for someone else.

Note that websites may be blocked by the government, in which case you will have to download a VPN to access it, if you don’t know which one to choose. I have introduced a few here: Best VPN to unblock websites.

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Skout is similar to OkCupid, except it has more ads and a worse design. if you don’t know The point of this website is to be able to send anyone you want.

Badoo is great: there are many women from all walks of life. I don’t use it very often today because I don’t have anyone. I think a lot of guys are paying for premium plans. (“Show more”, “Be the first”, “suggest”, etc.) to become a free user. Your profile will not be visible. There are still many prostitutes and fake profiles.

➝ You can message 5 girls a day for free and you can “like” as many as you want.

Tags: Asian Girls , dating , Hanoi Nightlife , dating , Online dating in Asia , Saigon Nightlife , Vietnam Nightlife Although recently started in Vietnam. But now there are almost 100 online dating apps, a review of the most popular dating apps in Vietnam.

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And many people use smartphones Mobile applications therefore become more diverse to meet growing demand. including dating Although recently launched in Vietnam, there are now nearly 100 online dating apps in use in Vietnam.

The main feature of these applications is free to use. for an additional fee Only basic features are required. The app provides a platform for users to meet people outside of the traditional school or work environment. Here, a review of five dating apps in Vietnam.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. With 100 million downloads and 10 million users per day, as the most exciting dating app on the market, Tinder has built a culture of openness through its large and diverse user network.

What are Tinder users looking for? The answer varies depending on the person: dating, one night stands, couples with friends, couples, couples, or even just friends.

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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. With 100 million downloads and 10 million users per day, Tinder attracts a large number of users with its easy-to-use interface. Just take a few minutes to sign up. After that, you can start “swiping” and connect with others. But this also has its disadvantages – user data on Tinder.

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