Best Dates In Arizona

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In ancient times, dates were mentioned more than 50 times as sacred. The palm tree is the oldest cultivated fruit, and there are more than thirty known species. Our specialty, Medjool Dates, are considered the best dates in the world. Because of their weakness, everything must be done by hand. They want amazing work all year round. The royal plant of ancient times, our Medjool days delight even the most prejudiced.

Best Dates In Arizona

Dates are a sweet and healthy option for health-conscious consumers. It is low in fat and sodium, has no cholesterol and is high in fiber and magnesium. Dates have more potassium than bananas, and are loaded with iron! So good for you, yet tastes like candy… natural candy!

Martha’s Gardens Medjool Date Farm

We focus on growing the shopping days of our customers. We don’t sell all of our dates so we know that every point has to be perfect! You get our best dates from our fields. Martha’s Gardens Medjool Date Farm is a must stop if you are traveling on I-8 near Yuma, AZ. There are Medjool dates

Fresh, moist, spicy, not too sweet, but very tasty. And the day trembles, oh! Let’s just say it’s a good thing we don’t live in Yuma because that would be a daily routine! A date shake is rich, full of flavor and dates are healthy so how can you go wrong? We tried their regular shakes, chocolate date shakes and peanut butter date shakes. It’s all amazing, but our favorite is simple. Some are a little higher weight. But try if your heart wants. Facts about Medjool Day

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Martha’s Gardens Medjool Date Farm was founded in 1990 by Nels Rogers and his wife Martha. He planted 300 mejool palm trees and today there are about 8000 dates on more than 100 acres of land. Their first harvest was in 1999 and Yuma as a whole had very good days.

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Taking dates or having a rocking day are the main reasons why we go to Martha’s Gardens, they have a small cafe where they serve salads, sandwiches and hot dogs.

They also have farm tours that you need to book. Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange transportation while in town. Dates (no meaning) are not compatible with our system.

If you are in the Yuma area and have never tried shaking a date or medjool dates, or even if you have, Martha’s Gardens Medjool Date Farm is a must. They have the best dates and date shakes we have ever experienced.

Thank you for your time in reading this article. Have you had a rocking day at Martha’s Gardens or know of another great place to visit in the comments below. We love hearing about other places to try. An award-winning food writer and cookbook author, Molly Watson has created more than 1,000 recipes focusing on local, seasonal ingredients.

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Dates are among the most delicious fruits in the world. They grow on large palm trees and come from the Middle East where they have been enjoyed for thousands of years. The sweet, juicy fruits come in many varieties and are sold fresh and dried. Dates can be eaten plain or used as a topping for sweet and savory dishes, and can also be added to salads and mashed into sauces.

Meaning “finger”, it probably refers to the shape of the fruit. Dates come in many varieties, but only a few are found in the United States. Most dates are allowed to hang on the tree to “cure” and dry out a little before harvesting for a longer shelf life. They will still be soft but have a great quality to them. These are the “new dates” available in supermarkets, specialty stores and farmers’ markets. Fresh dates contain a lot of sugar, which increases as the fruit dries; Therefore, fresh dates differ in taste and texture from the sugary, dried, cut dates sold in grocery boxes. Some varieties, such as mejool, are more expensive than others because they are difficult to harvest.

Fresh dates are delicious when eaten, along with a cup of coffee or tea to cut the flavor. That said, there are many other ways to enjoy it, from spicy to sweet. Before you start any kind of preparation, you need to remove the pits first. Just cut the date length and the hole will come out easily.

Fresh dates can be cut in half and placed on top of toast spread with honey ricotta cheese, or the fruit can be sliced ​​and sprinkled on ice cream. You can also serve them buttered and filled with blue cheese. Or, of course, dates play a major role in baking, adding sweetness and texture to cakes, breads and pastries.

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Dried dates can also be eaten as a snack, or you can cut them up and throw them into a salad or sprinkle them over warm oatmeal. You can also include them in smoothies – they just need to be soaked in hot water for 10 minutes to rehydrate.

If you have never had a fresh harvest date, it is best to look for their sweet, caramel-like flavor and – this is where they really differ from dry dates – their soft, sweet texture. Because the sugar is more concentrated when the fruit is dried, dried dates are sweeter than fresh ones, and have a firm, chewy texture.

You will be surprised to find a variety of recipes that include fresh and dried dates. When it comes to dates, we can think of baked goods, but there are also Moroccan specialties such as delicious hors d’oeuvres, such as devils on horseback (dates stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon) and chicken tagine with dates and honey. Amazing ways to enjoy this fruit. Of course, the natural flavor of dates is widely used in dessert recipes. If you are looking for a sugar substitute, you can turn dates into “sugar” by simply roasting and roasting them.

There are perennial varieties of dates that grow in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. In the US, however, Medjool and Daglet Noor are the most common dates. Medjool dates are purple to black and large in size. They have a moist texture and a sweet taste. Daglet Noor dates have amber-colored skin and a long shape. They are firmer and drier than mejools with a slightly nutty flavor.

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Depending on where you live, you may also come across names like Barhi, Diari, Halavi, Khadrawi, Thuri and Zahidi. If you are lucky enough to find twelve dates (they are too hard to ship), round dates are best eaten because they are sweet and very soft.

Palm trees thrive in deserts, so the US it. Palm trees grow in the deserts of California and Arizona. It is then harvested between September and March, making it an autumn and winter fruit. Farmers markets in Southern California and Arizona may have fresh dates when they are in season. They are also available by mail order from other manufacturers and are available in specialty stores and, often, Middle Eastern markets. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find fresh dates pre-packaged or in bulk at your local supermarket.

New dates can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Look for fresh dates that are plump and have a slight sheen to their skin. Avoid dates that have sugar crystals on their skins (a little white is fine, but no actual crystals), as this means they are not as fresh as you would like.

Dates will last up to one month when stored in an airtight container at room temperature. However, their taste will fade after a while, so for a better flavor, it is better to eat dates during the week. Long-term storage, or their storage

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