Best Cupcakes In Montreal

Best Cupcakes In Montreal – Vanilla fudge with salted caramel. Heavenly! Subtly undertones of creamy frosting and tiny white candies, it reveals the flowing and rich caramel at its heart. Throw it down! It’s like enjoying the idle pudding of our childhood. Isn’t that pure cupcake spirit?

Of course, Steph G has a sweet tooth, so she definitely had to try the wedding cake, the mini “red velvet” cupcakes from Les Glaciers…yummy!

Best Cupcakes In Montreal

One of the most popular cupcakes is the famous red velvet, vanilla or non-chocolate cupcakes, topped with a delicately flavored, cheese frosting. An appetite for discovery in my mind!

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When morale is low and your to-do list is growing, treat yourself to a little sweet treat. Luckily, the Clin d’oeil team are on hand as guinea pigs to uncover the best treats in town. Discover our favorite glasses.

This summer, when I went to enjoy Montreal’s Old Port a couple of times, I couldn’t stop at Les Glaceurs and enjoy a cupcake with Bilboquet ice cream. The formula is delicious; We really enjoy combining the flavors of cupcakes and ice cream or sorbet…

The little sweet treasure is a direct delight in the mouths of guests. We simply fell in love.

“Cupcake” says “life is perfect”! Les Glaçeurs have the most beautiful cupcakes in the world! When we saw them, we had the exact same reaction as when we see a baby…”Ohhhhhhh!” OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The little sweet treasure is a direct delight in the mouths of guests. We simply fell in love.

Southern Champion 9 X 9 X 2.5

The staff is friendly, we enjoy the sugar yes, but it’s like buying a dose of happiness, it feels so good!!! The location in Old Montreal is conducive to welcoming and local tastes.

During our unplanned visit the store was robbed and the shelves were empty…according to the clerk this pattern repeats itself daily…Cupcakes sure seem to be a victim of their own success!

Speaking of fabulous, the bride and groom opted for a cupcake tower – they even had coral velvet to go with their theme! – More than a big wedding cake. A scaled-down version sat atop the tower, accommodating both the traditional cake cutting and Bertrand’s passion for Lego.

Les Glaceurs (multiple locations) are known for their scones, but it’s not uncommon for them to indulge in some seasonal specialties during the winter. Their creations in a traditional Christmas play on the logo include a delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, topped with truffles and (edible!) gold sprinkles.

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Red Velvet has teamed up with “Les Glaceurs” (Montreal’s best cupcakes) to create a new ice cream flavor. We did a city-wide tasting, compared the highs and the lows, and named one cupcake “Montreal’s Best.”

Today we bring you an update to this post with bakery changes, new location openings and kitchen staff changes. You deserve to be informed and I will be more than happy to ‘do the job’. (mm, sugar)

If you haven’t read the original post about cupcakes, I strongly encourage you to do so and familiarize yourself with the terrain, as it is a mafia-enthralled area (speculation here), high prices, frosting and sprinkles! You’ll learn not to judge a cupcake by its cover, the average price for one is a little over $3, the places to hit when you’re in the mood, and the places to avoid like the plague.

This time at the trial we were a different team: three boys, two tots and me instead of a group of girls. Good or bad things don’t get left behind when polished! Hmmm, boys definitely have a different metabolism than girls!

Our Current Collections

We didn’t go back to the two places I reviewed last year, Cho’cola and Itsi Bitsi, because I was informed by multiple sources that things remained the same at each establishment. In summary, Cho’cola: bad to very bad and Itsi Bitsi: good to fairly good. Yes, I know this is totally vague, but as I suggested, read the first cupcake review for details.

(Note: If you’ve had a different experience than mine at one of these places, please let me know. For example, the fresh, knee-jerk cupcakes from Chocolate or the contrasting cupcakes from Izzy-Bitsy. I’ll be back like I always am. Game for sweets!)

I have to say sorry because down the hill from Olive and Gourmand we really aren’t holding our breath for a cupcake joint in the Old Port. Fortunately, Les Glaceurs sells Bilboquet ice cream, which is a big draw in itself.

Although they have location, location, location (literally a stone’s throw from Notre Dame Basilica) and the look of everything going for them (great decor, beautiful presentation, clean bathrooms), they’re a great example of how if you’re up to scratch. Deeper than the surface, things are not so pretty. In short, I don’t like their cupcakes.

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We tried six different flavors, the ones pictured above and Choco-Choco and Coffee-Vanilla. Noah and I couldn’t wait for the tasting, and we got into it

Choco-Choco, apparently one of their best sellers. I stopped after the first bite and he continued, it was a lesson to never trust a two year old’s palate!

I found myself mentally admonishing the kitchen to add something more, to improve their brand of chocolate. It wasn’t chocolatey enough, probably never would have cut it for my tastes, it was dry and completely forgettable.

I’ve never had this southern specialty so I went for the red velvet next. Top them off with a Les Glaceurs cream cheese frosting and it looks super cute. It was gone in a flash and I found it more tempting than the chocolate, maybe because of that

Cookies And Cream Cupcakes — Chocolats Favoris

I had no expectations. The color is a bit alarming, but I am a cream cheese frosting lover.

However, as we tried, I started to see a pattern. The cake part of each cupcake was dry and mostly tasteless, and the frosting took center stage and left us licking our fingers. (We especially love peanut butter) But in my opinion, toppings and toppings, the star of the show, should take a back seat to the cake and not overpower it. At Les Glaceurs, the cakes are so bad that without the frosting, the cupcakes might be worse than Cho’cola’s Betty Crocker samples.

The final answer? Sure, I’ll probably come back. I take all my out-of-town guests to the Basilica and with the two kids I’m taking now we’ll definitely need a pit stop with air conditioning and a bathroom, but you can rest assured if we have one. Case in point, we’ll go around the Bilboquet ice cream and skip the scones.

Clockwise from top left: samples of homemade marshmallows (yes, please!), sucre a la creme, tea cranberry violet, sour cream, raspberry and chocolate cupcakes

Gluten Free Cupcakes In Montreal

My last visit to PG was my first and only one. I was shocked at how bad the cupcakes were, because they resembled a day-old Tim Horton’s bran muffin if I recall. And I hate Timmy. However, I hear the original bakery has moved on and the new team has created something memorable. In addition, they have added a mini to their repertoire. We had to find out whether those rumors were true or not.

Yes, indeed, these cupcakes are now made by a team of four guys who love to play with frosting and sprinkles, and they do it well. Their flavor combinations are creative, the cupcakes are delicious and satisfying, and Mini looks like a tasting menu. Cheers!

While I’m impressed with the performance of all the men’s teams (almost anything would be an improvement over the last bakery), of course, I have a few quibbles, and after careful consideration, I complain that the scones could benefit. By Une femme’s gentle hand.

For example, on the pear-vanilla cupcake, large poached pear quarter towers on the cupcake below. I wouldn’t be here if I wanted a cup of fruit. I like a little snow.

Best Montreal Red Velvet Cupcakes

Blueberry tofu is the ugliest cupcake I’ve ever seen, but it gets points for originality and taste. Frozen blueberries bleeding all over the white frosting? How hard is it to use fresh ones? It’s still delicious

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