Best Criminal Defense Attorney In Mississippi

Best Criminal Defense Attorney In Mississippi – For more than a decade, Biloxi attorney Corban Gunn has been helping people in need of legal representation throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast and across the country. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence or misconduct at work, in public, or while traveling, our office is here for you.

At Corban Gunn, Attorney at Law, you will find an experienced attorney with an excellent track record who will provide you with honest, straightforward and reliable advice along with an efficient approach to meeting your legal needs.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney In Mississippi

If you have been arrested and charged with fraud or another crime, Biloxi criminal lawyer Corban Gunn will represent you in your criminal case with skill, professionalism and compassion.

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If you cannot reach us, please fill out the form below. Our initial assessment of personal injury cases is always free. Here, our attorneys share the best criminal defense and defense attorney strategies we use to fight charges, win cases, and get cases dismissed in 2022.

These legally proven defenses and arguments are based on the experience of former prosecutors who have handled more than 8,000 criminal cases and trials.

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A criminal defense attorney’s job is to choose the best criminal defense strategy after considering the facts and circumstances of the case.

Each case is unique, and the best criminal defense attorneys consider all factors to develop a case theory and criminal defense strategy that is most likely to be successful.

Criminal defense strategies are the legal arguments and steps taken to dismiss charges and protect the defendant’s liberty. This includes the discovery of an error of law and any doubt in a criminal trial that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction.

If you are facing jail time or a serious sentence, it is important to consult with a top criminal defense attorney. No matter how smart you are, it’s almost impossible to defend yourself smartly.

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False witness identification is a major source of false accusations. This can happen if a person’s description matches that of a criminal, or if a witness believes someone has committed a crime because of their circumstances or is trying to cover up their crime.

Most crimes in California criminal law involve intentional crimes, which involve the intent to commit a crime.

If your criminal defense attorney can show you that the act was random without criminal intent, there is a substantial defense to the charge. Even if it is a charge of first degree murder.

If someone commits a crime simply because they believe they are in imminent danger, their actions may not be considered a crime because they were committed under duress.

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In 1970, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the case of In Re Winship that the United States Constitution requires the government to follow the law’s “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard in determining guilt of adult and juvenile criminal charges.

Under US law, the more serious the consequences, the higher the burden of proof should generally be. Because a felony conviction carries the possibility of imprisonment, the highest standard of proof applies.

The beyond a reasonable doubt standard requires that the evidence be sufficiently convincing that no reasonable person could doubt the guilt of the accused.

A judge (in some cases a jury) must be morally convinced that the defendant is guilty and that the evidence does not provide a reasonable explanation or conclusion other than that the defendant committed the crime.

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The defense need only establish a reasonable doubt as to one of the basic elements necessary for the crime to succeed. A good criminal defense attorney will often impress the judge with this mindset

They must be morally certain, after considering all the facts, that there is no doubt that there is only one logical conclusion: the defendant is guilty. Criminal jury instructions note that all 12 jurors must agree on a guilty verdict.

Defendants can plead guilty to many crimes if their Santa Monica defense attorney can prove that they were elsewhere at the time of the crime and therefore could not have committed the crime.

Entrapment occurs when a generally law-abiding citizen commits a crime as a result of threats, coercion, or law enforcement to induce someone to break the law.

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Different types of secret police operations. Experienced lawyers often limit protection against prostitution, child pornography and drug crimes.

Eliminate or reduce your expenses and protect your future! If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, we invite you to call us 7 days a week for a free, confidential consultation.

Unfortunately, some police officers behave inappropriately during investigations. The police may want to hide mistakes they made during the initial investigation, or they may simply believe the suspect is guilty and misbehaved in order to build a stronger case.

If your Newport Beach attorney can identify and prove police misconduct, it will give you leverage to have your case dismissed and possibly pursue a civil claim for damages.

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In many cases, the police have been known to coerce false confessions from innocent suspects using various psychological tactics and even physical threats, starvation and sleep deprivation.

Young people are particularly vulnerable to pressure. If the defense can show evidence of coercive tactics, the confession can be thrown out and excluded from evidence.

In 1968, the US Supreme Court in Terry v. Ohio cases say it’s reasonable for a police officer to arrest someone without probable cause if they can point to “specifically articulable facts” that justify “probable cause.” for the stop, search and arrest of that person.

Absent probable cause, the defense may file a motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence. Suppressing key evidence can get the case dismissed.

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People are often accused of crimes they did not commit. For example, they can be accused of child abuse, sex crimes and domestic violence

A Long Beach criminal defense attorney can work to get the charges dismissed or prove that the charges are false or against the credibility of the plaintiff.

If the crime is alleged to be committed out of a just and honest mistake, the person is not guilty of most crimes because there was no intent to commit the crime.

In California, the statutory defense of “necessity” excuses wrongdoing when it is done to prevent greater harm. An accused person is acquitted if they believe that they or others are in danger or harm and the only option is to commit a crime. The necessity to commit the crime must be proven by evidence.

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California recognizes the “castle doctrine” that applies to homes, businesses, or other property. People who injure or use deadly force do not have a duty to retreat. But chattel rights end when a person is no longer in possession of his land.

Therefore, there is a valid defense to the crime of battery, for example, if you believe that you or someone else is in imminent danger and you use only reasonable force to do so, that danger and flight is not an option. light.

“Attorney Nicole Enyart handled a difficult case for me recently. He and his office did a great job. We were hoping for a plea reduction to dry up the Santa Barbara DUI charges. Ms. Enyart denied the charges without penalty. I would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone looking for an excellent criminal defense attorney. “

Most criminal laws require “specific intent” to commit a crime. If the defendant is unknowingly intoxicated, that is a complete defense to any crime.

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If someone puts a drug in the accused’s drink and causes him to become intoxicated against his will. Or if a doctor prescribes a drug without warning about possible side effects. However, you can claim involuntary intoxication only if you did not drink voluntarily

In most cases, you will not be guilty of a crime if you were legally insane when you committed it, because intentional intent is a required element of a crime.

California courts use a definition of legal insanity known as the M’Naghten rule (pronounced and sometimes spelled McNaughton) named after Daniel M’Naghten, a Scottish lumberjack who murdered an English official in 1843 while suffering from paranoid delusions.

Kansas, Montana, Idaho, and Utah do not allow the insanity defense. Other jurisdictions use one or more of the following four laws

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