Best Comedy Clubs In Brooklyn

Best Comedy Clubs In Brooklyn – Let’s take a look at the best New York comedy clubs for cheap dates and celebrity dates – the days are getting shorter in New York, and frankly, they can be worse. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to get out of bed and turn off social media, turn off technology, and find a purpose to laugh out loud. We’ve rounded up the 5 best places to see stand-up comedy in New York.

New York Comedy Club has two locations and this NYC comedy club does not disappoint with either. They have some of the best comedians and really know how to connect with the audience during their set. It is one of the most popular comedy clubs in the city and hosts many unexpected celebrities.

Best Comedy Clubs In Brooklyn

I just left this place and my stomach is in knots – good timing! Comedians are really funny and not a waste of time!! Kudos to Matt Richards and Richie Redding for an amazing night. Most importantly, the most important person: Rachel and the bar did her thing tonight. He and the waitress (nice girl, forgot her name) served drinks/food quickly and on time. Thank you all xoxo

Comedy Tickets In New York

It was fun in this comedy club! It was an hour and a half of really talented comedians! The show was free for group dates with two drinks included. I can’t say enough good things about this hidden gem. I’ve lived in New York forever and I’ve lived in this amazing place. We will definitely be back with friends!

My friend from Florida wanted to see Mike Feeney host tonight. I had never been here before and we were really impressed! Oz greeted us warmly as we entered. He explained the rules, basically – at least two units or a good bag of soda. If you don’t drink alcohol, $21 per person gets you unlimited soft drinks, juice, fresh juice and your choice of popcorn or cream and onion rings. I loved this promise when I was pregnant or in my early teens.

The jokes were so funny! From everywhere there was a great view of the stadium. Some comics used video clips to end the show, ours never closed.

The bathroom was clean and the “adjacent room” has a private/unlimited bathroom even though it’s in the same building. This bar has plenty of seating if you’re dating but want to keep the party going after the show.

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I can’t wait to go back, especially since the front desk gave us two free tickets to return the next day. It’s worth everything we’ve spent and might be my favorite comedy club in town.

The Dangerfield joke is named after the late Rodney Dangerfield. It is the oldest comedy club in the world, founded in 1969. When the club opened, comedians such as Joan Rivers, Milton Berle and other famous names would perform here. During that time, you saw comedians like Sam Kinison, Jay Leno, Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler and many other superstar comedians. This comedy club only releases comedy series every few days, so follow them on Twitter or Facebook for the latest Dangerfield Comedy Club chats.

So much fun!! Can’t wait to come!! I laughed the whole time. The original Dangerfield. I wouldn’t change a thing. Really funny and funny! I will be back!

This is my favorite comedy club! They don’t always disappoint, they always shout. If you ever feel down or bored, these guys will definitely cheer you up.

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I went to see a great show tonight. So nice to see all of Rodney’s old stuff. It’s not really renovated, but it’s been well maintained and you feel like you’re back in the 80’s. I loved Rodney, so this place is unforgettable. I was surprised by some of the reviews. Drink prices are really good compared to half of the city I thought. But what do I know? he liked the place.

This is a very funny club (at least considering the night we were there). They were three comedians who each had 20-25 minutes. They were all very nice and one was special! We have been to many clubs and their shows are some of the best. They could definitely upgrade the bar and theater but I want good entertainment. Their drink prices are higher than other comedy clubs, but don’t let that put you off because the comedians are great (or you can buy food, soft drinks or water to keep them in the bag). Highly recommended!

The Eastville Comedy Club was once located in the East Village. They often include some A-List comedians such as Aziz Ansari, Conan O’Brien, Andrew Dice Clay, Bill Burr and Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK and many others. The great thing about Eastville, even though they have some of the best comics on the show, you never know who’s going to show up. It recently moved to Brooklyn, becoming the only professional comedy club in the area.

It’s great to have a dedicated comedy club in Brooklyn! I really like this new place! It’s not three blocks from my house, but it’s much cleaner and more open than before. Which I guess means it lacks the grit that Village Village is famous for, but I don’t care.

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I saw 5 comedians, each of them is funny. Jeanine Garofalo sang and I think she must have a place to live because she’s always online.

EastVille is a great club. I went from the East Village. I have seen many talented comedians. Nathan Mackintosh was furious. The staff is amazing and the service is great. They recently offered a minimum of a very helpful Drink! My only complaint is that they have been subscribed to the magazine Woman Comedian for years!! Stop Eastville. You need to change things for people who want to visit more often! Thank you!

East Ville moved to Brooklyn and it was a smart move. The comedians were amazing! The host was funny and no two drinks at least! The bar is nice and cozy. Comedy Club is fun. I thought the joke line was pretty good. I would definitely come back

My best friend has been talking about this place for a long time and I finally got a chance to check it out last Saturday. I am so happy! Ok, I’ve been to my fair share of comedy clubs and this one is the best! From what I understand, this club was in town and moved to Brooklyn. We arrived before the show and there was quite a line, but it moved quickly. It’s $22 per person with a two-drink minimum, which is pretty much the same price as other comedy clubs. When you enter the beautiful bar with modern decor, walk through the bar and into the room where the magic happens. It was packed – couples, groups, people of all ages. The service was good even though it was very busy. There were about 6 shows and everyone had a great time! And they were famous names, one of them is Gad Elmaleh, who has a lot of time in comedy. I was hoping there would be 1 or 2 acts that might be funny because that’s my experience in other comedy clubs. Thumbs up EastVille – highly recommended!!!

Need A Laugh? New York’s Top 8 Comedy Clubs

They say you can fall in love with someone by making them laugh. Well, this Tribeca Comedy Lounge manages to do both. That’s why it’s listed as one of New York’s best comedy clubs. Tickets are usually $25 per person and the food is good. Tribeca Comedy Lounge is located in Gran Morsi Italian Restaurant. The large bar offers modern and contemporary Italian cuisine, as well as pizza and cocktails. Italian restaurant. Here are links to the Grand Morsi menu

It all started with a simple idea. In a city known for its comedy and world-class cuisine, why not combine the two for a unique experience? In most comedy clubs, the food is standard (and often as funny as anything you’ll hear on stage).

He came here for the first time last night. KEEP COMEDY (including host Zach McGovern) doing incredible comedy. Waiters were slow but the drinks were good and strong to make up for it. The food was amazing

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