Best Colleges For Welding In Texas

Best Colleges For Welding In Texas – Welders are always looking for jobs in the labor force, finding jobs in manufacturing, petrochemical, manufacturing and aviation. Welding is a sector that is resistant to economic growth and leads to high incomes and job security. We invite you to apply to Texarkana College, the top welding school in Texas. Don’t forget to take off your hat – your future is bright!

If you enjoy working with your hands and want to train in an in-demand field, welding may be for you! Texarkana College has two welding training positions for you. You will receive personal training from highly trained instructors who will give you the opportunity to practice and improve your skills using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including the VRTEX 360 Virtual Welder where you can practice. in different environments using different techniques. There is a reason why Texarkana College is one of the best schools in Texas. Find out for yourself and apply today!

Best Colleges For Welding In Texas

Introduction to the basics of equipment used in oxy-fuel and arc welding, including welding and protective cutting, basic oxy-fuel welding and cutting, basic arc welding process and basic metallurgy.

Future Welders Of America: This High School In Boerne Is Forging The Path

Introduction to pipe welding through the shielded metal welding (SMAW) process, including electrode selection, equipment placement and safe shop practices. Clamp in welding position 1G and 2G using different electrodes.

Study of industrial projects. Emphasis on terminology, symbols, graphic descriptions and welding processes. Includes measurement systems and industry standards. It also includes the interpretation of plans and drawings used by the industry to facilitate implementation and production. By submitting this form, you give your express written permission for Western Technical College to contact you about programs and services by email, phone or text. Message and data charges may apply. For more information: 1-800-225-5984 or 1-866-297-6127.

With a combination of hands-on training, flexible schedules, online and classroom work, and global experience, we’re confident Western Tech is right for you! Check out our different programs below.

The East (main) campus is located on a 150,000 square meter building on 13 acres. The facility offers comfortable classrooms and shop space for the following programs: Advanced Welding, Automotive Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration, Diesel Mechanics, Commercial Driver Training, Medical/Clinical Assistant, Refrigeration/HVAC Technology and Bachelor of Technical Management. Our main campus has a Learning Resource Center, student computer labs, a cafeteria and a Matco Tool shop.

Average Cost Of College In The U.s.

The Northeast Campus (branch) is spread over an area of ​​48,000 square meters on 5 acres. The branch campus includes the following programs: Aerospace and Defense Technology, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Business Administration, Electronic Engineering Technology, Information Systems and Security, Master of Business Administration, Medical Billing and Coding, and Physiotherapy Assistant. Diana’s campus also has a study center with computers, a student lounge with snacks and a microwave, and an outdoor patio to enjoy.

From our friendly Career Services representatives to our knowledgeable instructors, the entire team at Western Tech is 100% committed to your success. You will never be a random number or shape when you are here. From day one to graduation and beyond, you’ll definitely feel that we care…because we do!

At Western Tech, we understand how you learn best. Small class sizes make all the difference in learning new skills and practicing them with confidence. With small class sizes, you can connect on a more personal level with classmates and professors, giving you a more fulfilling college experience.

Go ahead and dream big – we have the place! In a spacious and modern space you will find modern equipment and all the latest technology. This is what makes Western Tech unique and gives you a great advantage to prepare you for success in the real world.

Thrown A Pandemic Curveball, Welder Starts Academy

For most of our students, the decision to go to school is a family decision. We welcome families to Western Tech and invite and encourage them to participate in the decision-making process. From admissions and financial aid approval to housing issues and homelessness, we’re here for you!

Flexible curriculum, hands-on learning, Student Services department, great professors, and life in sunny El Paso… there’s a lot to love about being a student at Western Tech. Our entire team is here to support you in your success and make you feel like you belong. That is the promise.

Since opening our doors in 1970, family-owned Western Technical College has helped more than 22,000 people, just like you, start their dream careers. From skilled trades, medicine, business and technology, we offer a wide range of courses in a growing field, with a focus on global education.

“Western Tech gave me a great education that allowed me to continue my career,” Faison said. As a graduate of Western Tech’s Business Administration and Management Program, Faison was hired as director of operations at the Better Business Bureau. “I’m excited for Western Tech […]

Reasons Why Welding Is A Good Career

“After three months on the job, my boss told me I was the best investment they ever made in the United States,” said Jonathan Wilder, a graduate of Western Technical’s Electronics Technology program. College. “I told him he could thank Western Tech for that.” After completing the program, Jonathan was hired by On Site Safety, Inc., […]

“The Diesel Mechanics program at Western Tech prepared me for the real world through hands-on training and classroom theory,” says Rick. She said that Career Services’ mock interviews made her more confident and prepared for job interviews. “They showed me how to express myself and explain what I know with confidence.” […]

“Thanks to Western Tech, I have gained a solid foundation through Real World training and certification to succeed in a highly competitive environment,” Jeff said. “Training and equipment, along with hard work, have given me many opportunities to improve my work.” After graduating from the Microcomputer Technology Program at Western Technical College, Jeff worked […]

“The way Harrigan carries himself and the actual training he’s received sold me on his future with us,” said Willie Estrada, BMW Service Manager. “He knew he had to keep learning, and he was willing to do that.” Before graduating from the show production program at Western Technical College, Wytfar Harrigan had […]

Weighing Your Welding Training Options: The Pros And Cons

“Western Tech has been a part of my personal and professional life since I started there as an automotive student. The knowledge and training I received at WTC really helped me mature as a technician. , not just a girl trying. a man’s job,” Gaston said. After […]

“My experience at university was difficult and sometimes scary, but during my life I thought about the benefits of it.” He added, “I want to thank my parents for supporting me, Western Tech for preparing me for the real world, and those who said I couldn’t […]

“It was really fun learning how to take things apart and put them back together like in the real world. I really enjoyed learning about the parts of the engine and how they work,” Gonzalez said after graduating from the Mechanics Program at Western Technical Diesel. . “My favorite field and teacher is the electrical field […]

“I had a family,” Alvarez said. “I was able to work and go to school at the same time. That led me to Western Tech. I would not recommend any other university. I know the possibilities that Western Tech provides. For someone like me, who has a family and has to work, it’s really a university […]

Texas State Welding Certification

“I never thought in a million years that I would own a house,” Chance said. Before graduating from Western Tech’s Technology Program, Chance was exposed to the real world. He was interviewed by Halliburton and immediately offered a job in Odessa, Texas as a field technician paying $60,000 a year. “Faith […]

“Western Tech helped prepare me to work in a variety of environments … they helped me become a stronger student and a stronger professional … ready to take on the real world,” Andino said. Wilfredo Andino Jr., graduate assistant in physical therapy, said, “I learned to appreciate the hardest and most difficult moments of the program because Western Tech […] in a hybrid/online learning environment.

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Gain the knowledge and skills needed to join the Texas workforce in the commercial, industrial and small business sectors. Industrial instructors provide hands-on training in modern welding techniques, including:

What To Know About Being A Welder

The welding program is aligned with industry credentials and equips students with a broad knowledge base to help improve the hard and soft skills that employers pay for.

SCI’s is the best welding training in Texas, helping prepare students for residency

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