Best Coffee Shops In Seattle To Work

Best Coffee Shops In Seattle To Work – Whether you work remotely, need a break to catch up on email, or have been banned from your workplace for stealing hot sauce from the kitchen for the past six months, sometimes you need a coffee shop. There’s wifi, plugs, and maybe food, because you can’t do anything without eating. Here are the best coffee shops where you can actually get a job.

We usually try to avoid the fancy stuff, but Vivace makes the best espresso in town. It’s a place that puts so much emphasis on their coffee that they’ll replace your shot of ristretto for free if you drop it on the sidewalk after you leave (which certainly wasn’t the case for us). There’s always a constant stream of activity, but it’s never so busy that it’s hard to focus. If it’s good, they leave the garage door open, giving the whole cafe an open feel.

Best Coffee Shops In Seattle To Work

Small place but quay, if you want a quiet place to park and do some work, like a change of scene for once without moving to another cafe. If you like to work while people watching, there are window seats, a back room full of desks for visitors, and if you’re unemployed, a micro-house with skylights, living room and bed. . They serve local Washington roasts like kuma and camber, and sometimes fun specials like lemon-lavender cold brew.

The Best Coffee Shop In Every State

If doing boring computer projects all day in what looks like a multi-million dollar Redfin listing is important, come to Santo on Roosevelt. With overstuffed desks, velvety green sofas and black marble tables, it’s especially useful if you’re having a meeting and want to look like you’re together. It’s impossible not to order a panel latte sprinkled with Colombian sugar beets and orange slices.

This South Lake Union cafe is all about cleanliness, so if you want to relax in the middle of the tech area, choose Hagen Cafe. Come inside for a stress-free atmosphere with an astroturf patio, lavender oatmeal rugs, and dry plants.

Most cafes in Seattle don’t do well for car owners — thanks to two hours of on-street parking. Check out Pilgrim in North Seattle for a free mall location. The cold brew is refreshing, the wifi is fast, and if you’re hungry, they serve up a delicious mason jar night of oatmeal filled with peanut butter and granola. You can hold a variety of conversations in one chair, from a long communal table to a large lunch meeting.

Sometimes you want to sit at the bar to do something, but you want caffeine instead of alcohol. Elm Coffee has a large marble bar where you can sip a latte and check out things to do. Our favorite place to be productive is Pioneer Square.

What Are The Best Coffee Shops In The World?

Victrola has a great location, great espresso, great chat from the other crew and a big bowl of water for you, your laptop and floating life. Victrola on Capitol Hill really checks the boxes. Plus, they’re air-conditioned in the summer—a must when there’s a heat wave, so when you grab an iced vanilla latte it doesn’t melt in the miserable air.

From the outside, Realfine Coffee could be a gas station. It’s small, with a garage door in the heart of West Seattle, and shares a building with a living room. But inside, it’s a perfectly designed place to escape to when you’re looking for something to do in your box. There are plants on the tables and shelves that make the house look nice and the coffee is great. Also, if you’ve been working hard and you forget to trim your split ends, you can always step aside to trim them.

Empire might look like a coffee shop inside a cramped converted garage, but it’s more: an upstairs lounge and record store, a relaxing rooftop terrace, and serving food that’s better than frozen breakfast burritos. We’re big fans of Belgian waffles, whether they’re topped with blueberries and icing sugar or maple syrup and butter. Wash it all down with a homemade date sweetened kava milk latte.

It’s a great place to kick back, grab a macchiato and work while surrounded by action. People come and go all the time, and there’s an outdoor patio overlooking Green Lake. You can sip cocktails and eat upscale meals like burrata or short ribs. Definitely not your sidewalk espresso bowl. Best of all, if you need a break, there’s three miles of waterfront right outside your door.

The Hottest Coffee Shops To Check Out, November 2021

If you want a place like Mountain Books, Green Bean is your place. There are a variety of chairs and private and communal tables (be sure to grab one by the window). The coffee is served in mugs that are perfect for the people in your house and everyone here is really nice and friendly.

Union Coffee makes things simple. The design is minimal, the entire menu fits on a small board, and the interior looks like your Amazon friend’s one-room open plan: white walls, huge windows, and lots of plush. The music isn’t too loud, the baristas are really nice to you, there’s a natural brewpub if you want to grab a bottle to take home, the upstairs balcony is a great place to sit with a cup of tea, and finally, finish writing this article about the best coffee shops to work in Seattle. This example is hypothetical only.

If you’ve ever finished work at Barnes & Noble and read 16 magazines/ordered a piece of peanut butter cheese with your pocket money to meet a deadline, Little Oddfellows is the coffee shop for you. Elliott Bay Book is inside the business, but has been removed from activities affecting the book package to avoid distraction. From their espresso to cafe vita, you don’t have to be afraid to skip a meal to fuel yourself through the day – they have plenty of paninis, avocado toast and cakes.

If you are someone who values ​​quality coffee above all else, Millstead is the place for you. They serve a great cup of coffee, and if you’re running late and need to finish at your kitchen table at 3 a.m., they sell Intelligentsia beans. Most of the seats are shared, so if you’re good at rallying others or just need a place for your team to work, use this space.

The Best Coffee Shops In Seattle

Fremont Coffee Company is great when you really want to work from home, but you need to be open to the public to make some progress in your business. An old house with a porch, hodgepodge chairs, rugs and good coffee. Don’t go home like this, whether it’s a plain American or a peanut butter latte. Centrally located in Fremont with great lunch nearby.

Mr. West is ideal for off-site meetings. If you need some privacy and you need space, you need a shared space. They serve up delicious food from dried avocado toast to breakfast sandwiches, and whether you’re craving a black cold brew or a cardamom latte, the coffee is amazing. It doubles as a one-day wine bar where you can enjoy frozen rosé cocktails and local wines made from grapes grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe coffee isn’t your thing. Henna tea is a leafy vegetable with enough leaves to hang a coffee bean, and we’re fine with that. Grab a private hot tub or glass of hibiscus bread iced lemonade (aka liquid conditioner). Chairs are plentiful, baguette sandwiches are plentiful, and if you can’t say a word without having some latte spilled on you, their stuff is great.

The worst thing about freelancing is planning to hit your “Shine Today” to-do list the day you decide to hit it. General Porpoise is the place to spend the day indoors

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