Best Cattle Crush In Australia

Best Cattle Crush In Australia – The Taurus Auto Draft System takes cattle handling to a new level. The system can handle large numbers of cattle quickly, safely and with minimal operator input. It can be configured to pull out the crusher or by using the pull gates in front of the crusher

A new set of cattle farms in western Victoria is boosting cattle operations for Rob Abbott at Mt William Charolais. With an ongoing labor shortage and increasing safety risks at Robert’s Old Yards, it was an easy choice to upgrade to Te Pari Yards to make working with cattle faster, safer and easier.

Best Cattle Crush In Australia

The beating heart of cattle breeding. The Taurus Auto Draft System takes cattle handling to a new level. Watch Josh Garton speak now

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The Taurus HD3 Automatic Drafting Cattle Crush uses compressed air to open and close the inlet and outlet ports.

Once the animal enters the crusher, the rear sliding gate automatically closes and the weighing cycle begins.

When a stable weight is recorded, the appropriate exit/fate gate is automatically opened and the animal is released. The 5-function handheld radio controller allows the operator to remotely control the main functions of the crusher and spray gates.

The radio is a compact design with large buttons for ease of use. The remote control controls up to 6 functions including the two draw gates, racing slide gates, crushing slide gate, parallel clamp and main bar. The remote control also allows you to switch from automatic to manual control at any time. The remote control is ideal for catching cattle in the main stirrup with full proportional control.

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The addition of an additional slide gate in the flow, located one animal length back from the cattle press, aids cattle flow and throughput. The radio remote control allows the operator to open and close the gate to control stock flow without being there. The addition of a racing slide port improves the overall throughput of the Taurus HD3 Auto Drafting Crush.

The control panel on the back of the crush is standard on all Taurus crushes. This control panel allows you to mount your weight at an ideal height. A lockable cover fits over the front of the control panel and keeps the balance and controls out of the elements and secured against theft. The control panel also includes a storage compartment for your tools, tags and accessories, and a cabinet where air regulators, EID readers, batteries and the like are conveniently kept out of the way. These buttons control every function of the romance except the remote control

No power no problem – the main bar and slide gate can be operated manually as the handler is supplied with the main bar handle. Simply disconnect the air line and you are in business with manual operation. This is handy in the event of a power outage or if you just need to take care of a single animal, as this can be done without turning on the compressor.

The patented Te Pari eRail “double gate” system is an EID antenna integrated into the 3-piece crushing gate system. The ERail system provides a large reading field, which ensures that all material is accurately read, even those that move quickly or upside down. Since the antenna is actually part of the steel gate, it is extremely strong and there are no visual or functional limitations that can be caused by retrofitted panel readers.

Science Key To New Cattle Crush

They are quieter and quieter handling cattle has many advantages, including improved weight and greater operator safety. Having a rubber floor provides a more natural surface for the cattle to stand on and they are also easy to clean and disinfect when needed. Finally, a rubber floor helps prevent slips that can panic the animal and allows your herd to walk with confidence. That’s why a rubber floor is standard on all Te Pari Bovo-Crushes models

The configuration is called “inline editing” the cattle leave the crusher and are directed out design gates in front. This setting is very safe and efficient to use as it provides a faster sequence time.

This configuration uses the side ports on the cattle crush as editing ports. Pneumatic pistons open and close the side gates automatically. This suits situations with limited length. The farm design for this facility must consider operator safety because livestock may enter the work area.

The Crush with Draft Module option can be configured with a 3-way or 5-way design that pulls the front of the crusher.

Heavy Duty Australia Cattle Crush With Head Bails In Galvanized

The Taurus HD3 Crush system can help with labor efficiency by reducing labor demands on farms. This also minimizes human contact, which reduces warehouse stress. Operator efficiency increases and staff skills are maximized, potentially reducing management costs. Design decisions can be made in the office before cattle are brought to the farms.

Identification is also made easier by accurate automatic reading of individual animal ID tags that can be read through mud, water and meat. This helps identify low-performing animals as well as the best farms and paddocks.

When used in conjunction with a scale and EID reader, the Taurus HD3 Crush system helps with stock management by automatically identifying animals for scheduling based on weight or other criteria such as treatments, sex, breeding information and farm location. Through improved stock monitoring, audits, better animal management and recorded data, the system has the ability to detect animal health issues quickly and efficiently, which ultimately helps maximize farm profits and stock turnover.

Many livestock producers have proven that using EID readers in combination with an automatic drawing machine can provide a significant economic advantage. The investment for a Taurus HD 3 crushing system per animal is small compared to the potential to realize more productivity from your operation.

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Beaumont Station, in the heart of Southland, New Zealand, finishes a thousand Hereford cattle and around ten thousand lambs a year, so when Alistair Paul wanted to make his business more efficient, automatic draft cattle crushing was the perfect solution.

With Auto Drafting Crush you will process your cattle faster and therefore show more often. With a cycle time of approximately 10 seconds per animal, it is realistic to weigh 300 animals per hour with very little operator intervention. If you factor in labor costs, the ROI on auto-editing bull print is very good. Plus, you’ll weigh yourself more often because it’s so easy to do. This will help you manage your herd better and improve your farm performance. It’s not pretty, but the dam pictured here, located at Australian Country Choice breeding site near Roma, makes a compelling case for the title, based on the site’s high throughput of cattle over an annual cycle.

Feedlot manager David Breed estimates that 230,000 cattle passed through the crusher in 2014. That’s close to 5,000 cattle per week, which is an amazing number for any feed processing facility.

As highlighted in this morning’s separate article ‘Top 25 Lotfeeders: No 7 Australian Country Choice’, Brindley Park’s 23,000-head feedlot, together with ACC’s smaller 4100-head Brisbane Valley Farm, accounted for a whopping turnover of 154,800 head. of yearling calves and heifers last year.

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This is because cattle on both farms are not fed to meet a grain-fed figure requirement, but average only 55-65 days on feed, to meet Cole’s MSA and carcass targets. This means a very high stock turnover, by all feed lot standards.

Manufactured in Queensland by Warwick Cattle Crush Co, the Rustler Premier pneumatic crusher shown here was installed in July 2011. It replaced a Thompson Longhorn crusher that had served the site for ten years and processed close to three million cattle during that time, Mr. Race rated.

In addition to its heavy construction, one of the features that appealed to the Warwick CC unit when it was time to upgrade was the vertical weight brackets at the base of the frame that sit above the Gallagher weight bars that lift the crusher. The deck, making it easier to clean underneath. The yellow mountains can be clearly seen in some of the pictures available in the gallery at the bottom of this page. The quietness of operation of the Warwick CC unit also appealed.

Every feed animal that arrives at the feedlot undergoes the crushing upon induction, and it sees an additional 1,000 animals a week or more as part of ACC’s routine check-weighing program.

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Despite the extremely heavy use, maintenance is quite low, with sets of rubber replaced occasionally, and the odd hinge or mount.

With characteristic understatement for emphasis, ACC CEO David Foote described the 6,000-plus cattle movements from the two ACC farms (in and out) per week as “requiring disciplined livestock logistics programs.” The Dyraaba Cattle Crusher is the perfect all-round crusher, for both smaller and larger applications. It operated side injection gates, a bayonet fixed feature that allowed the front access doors to be pushed inwards.

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