Best Catholic High Schools In Sydney

Best Catholic High Schools In Sydney – Choosing the right school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a parent. Your child’s school will shape their learning and social experiences and may even affect their overall well-being. Because every child has different learning and personal needs, it’s important to find a school that prepares them for success. If you are in Sydney, these are some of the best private schools for your child to attend.

Sydney Grammar School is a private, secular school for boys. Founded in 1857, the school draws on the academic values ​​of the Western European Enlightenment to provide students with a liberal education. Boys have the opportunity to take part in academic extension programs and extracurricular subjects including music, sports, debating and drama. The school also runs an innovative curriculum where boys are encouraged to discuss issues of local or global importance, ethical or moral issues or general cultural interests during regular lessons. This program engages students in presentations, tours of museums, galleries, and visits by distinguished scholars and guests.

Best Catholic High Schools In Sydney

Since opening in 1885, Abbotsley School has provided a holistic Anglican education for girls from pre-school to Year 12. The private school is located on Sydney’s North Shore in the suburb of Wahroonga and has two campuses set on 15 acres of land. While Abbotsleigh values ​​high academic achievement, the school also encourages innovation and creative pursuits so that girls feel empowered to unlock their potential both in and out of the classroom. To promote academic excellence, the school offers a differentiated curriculum, challenging extension assignments, individualized programs, ability grouping, and developmentally appropriate practices. The school also has its own environmental education area, consisting of over half a hectare of land, designed as a unique outdoor classroom.

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St Aloysius College is a private Jesuit school for boys in Sydney. Since 1879, the school has been educating its students in the traditions of Catholic humanism, inspired by the example of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Overlooking Sydney Harbour, St Aloysius College encourages boys to pursue their interests, develop their strengths, learn about the world and is founded to share their privileges with others. The academic curriculum encourages curiosity and questioning and is based not only on intellectual development but also on the education of the whole student, including character, social justice and commitment to deeper religious values.

Meriden School, located in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield, is a private Anglican school for girls. Although based on Christian values, the school welcomes girls from different religious beliefs and cultures. With a reputation for academic achievement, Meriden consistently ranks among the top schools in the Higher School Certificate, with students regularly listed as HSC Comprehensive Achievers. The school is located in a historic location and prides itself on creating an environment conducive to the personal, intellectual and physical development of young women, offering purpose-built classrooms, tennis courts, a swimming pool, performing arts. Meriden graduates are regularly accepted into elite universities in Australia and overseas, including Harvard, Cambridge and Seoul National University.

Reddam House is a co-educational and non-denominational private school in Sydney. The school, which provides education for students aged one to 18 years, is a member of Inspired, the leading global premium school group with operations in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Using Inspired’s fresh and modern approach to education, rethinking traditional teaching methods and curricula, the school prioritizes the strengths of individual students. Reddama House’s co-educational system, which values ​​respect, relationships and responsibility, offers students the opportunity to build healthy and respectful relationships with each other.

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Get a beautifully curated selection of what’s hot in luxury with stories and advice from our experts. St Vincent’s College is an independent day and boarding school offering a modern Catholic education for girls aged 7-12.

We are a vibrant learning community that values ​​our Catholic heritage and encourages creativity, courage, resilience and leadership in young women.

What is it really like at Saint Vincent College? Join a personal or small group tour led by some of our own students.

Want to learn more about college? View our digital brochure to request more information or start your registration.

Magdalene Catholic College

Interested in studying at St Vincent’s College? See all requirements and timelines for our registration process.

Many girls have graduated from St. Vincent’s College over the past 160 years. See where their time at Vinnie’s has taken them and be inspired by what they’ve achieved.

The solid foundations of St. Vincent’s College were laid by the Sisters of Mercy, who began studying at the site in 1858. The college’s future is now secured under the leadership of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

“Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are Anger and Courage: Anger as things and Courage to make them what they are.”

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The tapestry, which tells the story of the Sisters of Mercy in Australia, was designed and hand stitched by Margaret Grafton in 1988 to mark the centenary of the Sisters’ arrival in Australia.

Get an insight into our rich and supportive learning environment and the comprehensive learning framework our teachers use to empower young women to achieve their highest and best results.

St Vincent’s College is the oldest Catholic girls’ school in NSW and the oldest registered girls’ school in Australia.

In the heart of Potts Point on Sydney Harbour, we offer students a unique experience of a peaceful oasis just minutes from the center of one of the world’s greatest cities. Students from Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney pose with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP after receiving their 2019 awards. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

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From quiet and largely invisible activities to the largest gathering of Catholic youth in the world, the recipients of this year’s Archbishop’s Award for Excellence at approximately 50 Catholic schools have stood out for their faith and values ​​in one way or another in extracurricular activities.

Activities that led to their recognition by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on Friday 6 September ranged from forming prayer groups with other students to serving food on the streets of Sydney CBS and listening and lending.

Including Tina Martic from St Ursula’s College, Kingsgrove attended the Theology of the Body course in December 2018.

What does a young Australian student do when he takes on the vast body of work produced over several decades by the Polish philosopher Pope?

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“It really opened my eyes to different things about the church and its teachings. There were some things I wasn’t educated about and didn’t know much about. It taught me about the church and sexuality, its views on marriage and chastity. It opened my eyes to all the different perspectives that we don’t learn about in school or hear about in the media or anything like that.

Archbishop’s Excellence Award winner Tina Martic from St Ursula’s College, Kingsgrove. Among Tina’s interests: unpacking and sharing the Pope’s theology of the body at St. John Paul II

Choir member of the Croatian St. Antonina in Summer Hill, she likes to learn about her faith and has attended many lectures and seminars led by religious leaders – she has also contributed to St. In the liturgical life of Ursula College through the word proclaimed and served at Mass. . as Commonwealth Minister Extraordinary.

In part, Archbishop Anthony Fisher told an audience of several hundred students, families, friends and school staff that he is always happy to present the annual Awards of Excellence, which were started in 1999 by Cardinal Clancy and are now in their 20th year.

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“This is a great opportunity to recognize and applaud the leadership and example you and other young people have shown in our schools as part of the Church’s wider mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to herald Sydney’s 21st year. He said. hundreds of spectators with family, friends and teachers.

Tom Goddard of Marist College, North Shore, volunteers at the Matt Talbot Homeless Hostel, run by the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Every two weeks he goes to Night Watch. Together with volunteers, he prepares sandwiches and snacks for the homeless and distributes them from a van on the streets.

Award winner Tom Goddard from Marist College, North Shore, volunteers at the Matt Talbot Homeless Hostel, run by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

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From the St Vincent de Paul depot, the van will visit Martin Place, Ward Park and Central Station in the CBD to serve food and hot drinks and talk to those who too often have no one else in life to share their thoughts, feelings with. and experience.

Michael Nguyen from St Mary’s Cathedral College also volunteers with Matt Talbot and the experience has taught him some important lessons.

“It made you see that there are so many people who love.

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