Best Cardiologists In Toronto

Best Cardiologists In Toronto – The Department of Cardiology was established in 1938 as one of the first departments dedicated to the treatment of children with congenital heart disease. Eighty years later, the region remains one of the most prestigious and productive areas in the world.

As an integrated partner of the Labatt Family Heart Center, it is an integral part of a multidisciplinary and “professional model of care” team with dedicated cardiac intensive care facilities, a world-leading imaging team, and internationally renowned interventional cardiology and electrophysiology services. Agency. , and one of the largest cardiac function and transplant groups.

Best Cardiologists In Toronto

The Cardiac Diagnostic and Interventional Unit (CDIU) is made up of highly specialized doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who diagnose and treat a variety of heart conditions.

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Doctors may use special catheters, long, thin tubes, and other small, flexible instruments to block or open a hole in the heart, widen narrowed passageways, repair valves, take a heart sample, or do a biopsy. Doctors may also collect information about the structure of your child’s heart and valves. pressure in the chambers of the heart and blood vessels; the amount of oxygen in the chambers of the heart and its blood vessels; The amount of blood your baby’s heart pumps through the body and the rhythm of the heart. Your health care team will use this as important information to make a clinical plan for your child.

The device also has a suite of interventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that help doctors see what they are doing in real time without the use of radiation.

The cardiac imaging team of specialists at the Sick Children’s Hospital provides a professional, non-invasive diagnostic assessment using cardiac and chest X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) techniques at CDIU. State-of-the-art imaging technology is tailored to each patient to provide detailed, personalized information about cardiovascular anatomy, function and hematology. This information contributes to treatment decisions, surgical planning, and optimal patient outcomes.

Our team is highly specialized and experienced. We work closely with our surgical and medical partners at the Labatt Family Heart Center. Each cardiac MRI or CT subspecialty is directly monitored by a cardiac imaging physician. We are always committed to providing the highest quality patient-centered care.

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The Cardiac Imaging team at Hospital for Sick Children has a strong legacy of global education and outreach. We offer dedicated, subspecialty fellowships of one to two years in Cardiovascular MRI. There is also a two-year research fellowship in cardiovascular imaging.

Cardiac imaging therapists work with Research Institute morphologists to continuously advance their imaging techniques and pathological knowledge to provide the best possible care for their patients.

The Cardiac Imaging team’s top priority is to provide exemplary individual patient and family-focused care to achieve the best results every time.

Medical imaging plays an important role in diagnosing and managing fetal heart abnormalities during pregnancy. Ultrasound is now the standard for fetal imaging, and there is growing interest in using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate the fetal heart when ultrasound cannot provide a complete diagnosis.

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Fetal MRI is difficult due to the size of the fetal heart structures, the relatively high fetal heart rate, and the various sources of motion during the scan. The Fetal MRI group focuses on novel approaches to addressing the technical challenges of fetal imaging and exploring new ways to assess and manage diseases affecting the fetal heart and placenta.

The Cardiology Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and follow-up of children from birth to 18 years of age with congenital or acquired heart disease. About 10,000 patients are visited annually with heart complications requiring surgery, genetic or metabolic disorders, or heart defects that require ongoing medical care. For more information on specific heart defects, see Children’s Health Information.

The Cardiomyopathy and Cardiac Function (CHF) program began in 2005 and has been an integral part of cardiology since then. The CHF program provides expertise in providing inpatient and outpatient care to children with cardiomyopathy, such as cardiomyopathy, and children with poor heart function due to “weak muscles”.

For more information about childhood heart attack and other childhood heart diseases, visit the Heart Learning Center.

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The CHF program has regular interdisciplinary clinics every week, additional specialized clinics for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Friedreich’s ataxia, and regular heart screening clinics for children with affected families. We provide cardiovascular care to children with neuromuscular disorders such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy and children who have received chemotherapy for childhood cancer. We also operate a strong in-house systolic program and care for children who need ventricular assist devices (for pediatric heart failure treatment).

The CHF team includes pediatricians and practicing nurses, nutritionists, social workers, child life, occupational and physical therapists, pharmacists and genetic counselors.

From a research perspective, the CHF program is at the forefront of innovation, continuing to engage in a range of research activities including innovative drug trials, multicenter enrollment partnerships, advanced genomics and stem cell research, cardiac precision medicine, digital technologies, and more. . Quality improvement efforts.

The echocardiography lab at Labatt Family Heart Center provides echocardiography for children with suspected or known heart disease. Evaluate patients from infancy through childhood through adolescence. Using state-of-the-art equipment, ultrasounds are performed by highly skilled pediatricians and interpreted by a world-class team of clinicians.

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Follow Sean’s journey through the Echo Lab and find out what to expect if you visit for one of our echocardiography (or ‘echo’), vascular ultrasound or Cycling Stress Echo tests!

The Clinical Echocardiography Service specializes in the diagnosis and evaluation of structural heart defects and the evaluation of cardiac function. Studies are performed according to well-defined imaging protocols with best quality control. We introduce a revolutionary concept of functional pediatric echocardiography to analyze cardiac function using state-of-the-art equipment including 3D echocardiography, tissue Doppler and cardiac tonic imaging. We offer stress echocardiography with dobutamine or supine cycles that allow ultrasound imaging of children during exercise.

The left panel shows an echocardiographic four-chamber view of a normal heart showing the right atrium (RA), right ventricle (RV), left atrium (LA), and left ventricle (LV). The right panel shows a four-chamber view of a heart with hypoplastic left ventricle syndrome. Notice the small left ventricle and the dilated right ventricle.

Our Fetal Heart Program (described later on this page) performs fetal echocardiography to diagnose heart problems in your developing baby during pregnancy. After echocardiography is performed, multidisciplinary counseling is provided by team members who work closely with other prenatal care providers. The program also provides fetal care and interventions for certain abnormalities or diseases.

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We have an integrated cardiovascular ultrasound research program to develop and explore the clinical utility of novel echocardiography techniques for the diagnosis and management of pediatric heart disease. Founded in 2005, we provide a unique environment for cardiovascular imaging research where researchers, engineers and research ultrasound experts collaborate to study vascular and cardiac function in children.

This image shows how blood flows in the left ventricle of a newborn baby using blood speckle imaging technology.

Our lab is dedicated to educating and training both physicians and audiologists. It aims to teach imaging protocols and approaches to image optimization using structured, hands-on training programs. We also give observers around the world the opportunity to see our lab in action. We operate an echocardiography course for congenital heart disease with an international expert faculty and aim to improve the knowledge of those who perform and/or interpret pediatric echocardiography.

The Congenital Heart Disease curriculum includes lectures on echo-morphological correlations, live scanning demonstrations, and a faculty of international experts in echocardiography. Benedict M. Glover: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

The echocardiography laboratory is home to a large team of doctors, sonographers, nurses, colleagues and administrative staff. This group is Dr. Luke Mertens (Echocardiography) and Dr. Edgar Jagey and Dr. Lindsey Freud (fetal cardiology). The team managers are Lauren Skanes (Clinical) and Christine Kerr (Research).

The Fetal Cardiology program at Labatt Family Heart Center (Children’s Hospital) includes a multidisciplinary team that provides comprehensive assessment, counseling, and treatment for heart problems in developing babies during pregnancy. We work closely with family physicians, midwives, community and high-risk professionals, geneticists and other pediatricians across Ontario. We partner with Mount Sinai Hospital to provide a range of prenatal care through the Ontario Prenatal Center. The Fetal Cardiology Program is an educational program affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Heart failure in a developing baby can be due to factors affecting the baby, such as abnormal heart development (congenital heart disease), heart rhythm disorders, complications from twin pregnancies, genetic conditions, and the mother’s health problems, diseases, and medications. include. danger.

The goal of the Fetal Heart Program is to ensure that families receive the highest level of care for heart problems that occur during pregnancy. to improve our understanding

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