Best Cardiologist In Australia

Best Cardiologist In Australia – Clinical director of Sutherland Heart Clinic, dr. Mark Pitney has been recognized for his service to cardiology with an Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honors 2021.

When asked about the honor, the doctor said that behind many of the projects for which he received recognition, there are many other people.

Best Cardiologist In Australia

“When you ask me what the award means to me, I’m a little uncomfortable because the award is for things that wouldn’t happen without many people.”

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Heart Clinic Dr. Sutherland began more than 15 years ago when Sutherland Hospital needed a “cat lab” or cardiac catheterization lab. Pitney is with him.

But he wants to first acknowledge the many others – including the volunteers who helped start and nurture what is known as the Sutherland Heart Clinic and the important role it plays in the local community today.

“It was not easy to organize, I was just one of a large group of people who worked long and hard to make it happen.”

“We have had very strong support from the community, particularly from Colin Lauder, head of the community network at Sutherland Hospital. We had the support of cardiologists from the hospital and our sister practice, Eastern Heart Clinic.

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“We knew it would save the government money and provide a better model of care than was actually available.”

Currently Sutherland Hospital is one of 11 hospitals in NSW that are part of the Pre-hospital Assessment for Primary Angioplasty (PAPA) system. Dr. Pitney says this is unusual for small hospitals, because usually larger teaching hospitals include emergency triage.

“All the other hospitals are much bigger than Sutherland Hospital. From that perspective, Sutherland certainly punches above his weight.

In the event of a significant heart attack in the community, the triage system allows the hospital’s cardiologist to be contacted quickly, so that by the time an ambulance arrives at Sutherland Hospital, a cardiologist is ready and waiting to see the patient. Immediate treatment.

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“In practice, it works so that an ambulance brings a person who is suspected of having a serious heart attack and performs an EKG on the spot. This data is sent directly to the phone of the on-call cardiologist. The cardiologist can immediately check the EKG and make a decision. If it looks like a heart attack, everyone is called inside.

“By the time the ambulance gets to the hospital, we’re usually up and ready to go, so the ambulance can go straight through the emergency department to the cat lab,” he said.

“On average, we save an hour. Time is the heart muscle, and the heart muscle is life,” dr. Pitney says.

“This is the best model for heart attack treatment and people in Sutherlandshire are very fortunate to be able to access this type of emergency model for acute heart attacks,” he said.

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Otherwise, patients in the Sutherland area would have to travel to St George’s or Liverpool hospitals, a much longer journey.

Dr. Pitney is recognized as the initiator of the Action Day meeting for cardiology doctors, nurses, radiographers, associates and registrars, supported and coordinated by the Sutherland Heart Clinic.

In 2010, dr. Pitney has established this important annual meeting where participants can present any cases that did not go as planned to their peers so that they can be reviewed and discussed to ensure optimal outcomes for all future cases.

The meeting now attracts more than 500 cardiologists and other health professionals working in the field from across Australia.

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“Over a period of 10 years, it grew from a small meeting of 30 or 40 people to about 500 or 600.”

“Medicine is one of those rare things where you can get what you want, and at no one’s expense.”

“In our game, if someone has a heart attack and you fix them, everyone’s a winner. It is the most rewarding thing. “

In addition to a busy schedule of clinical cardiac procedures, the Sutherland Heart Clinic is also a vibrant center for cardiac research. Ph.D. One of Pitney’s research projects.

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A research team is interviewing 100 heart attack survivors in hopes of shedding light on why they called 911 – or didn’t.

The project’s findings will help emergency services and the government better target individuals who are reluctant to call 911.

“This will allow us to understand what stops people from calling 911, concerns about fees, being too embarrassed, underqualified or not knowing how to do it.”

The co-location within the Sutherland Hospital in Karingba gives the clinic a full 24-hour operational capability, which is important given its role in servicing a large emergency department and large intensive care unit.

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It is one of a small number of hospitals in Sydney that provides 24-hour emergency procedures for cardiac patients with pre-hospital triage via the ambulance system (known as the PAPA system). So no matter the time of day, you can get emergency cardiac treatment and care at Sutherland Heart Clinic.

Co-location means that both private and public patients have access to a highly specialized service regardless of their referral source. It is associated with high volume (more than 3,500 procedures per year) safety and improved outcomes.

Sutherland Heart Clinic offers a wide range of procedures, including diagnostic studies, angioplasty procedures (with stents) and pacemaker procedures.

Learn more about our clinic, cardiology procedures and what you can expect when you visit us for the procedure. Below is a list of the best cardiologists in Melbourne. To help you find the best cardiologists near you in Melbourne, we’ve compiled our own list based on this rating.

Dr. Praveer Aggarwal

• Dr. John Morgan – Victorian Cardiovascular Services • Dr. Susan Corcoran – The Alfred Hospital • Dr. Daniel Doyle – heart specialist John Faulkner Cardiology

If you are a cardiologist or know other cardiologists in Melbourne or places included in this list, please submit your details here and we will review your application.

Dr John Morgan completed his medical and cardiology residency at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, with 18 months of intensive care and 3 years of cardiology training. He completed a 2-year fellowship in echocardiography at RMH and later spent 2 years at Massachusetts General Hospital specializing in all forms of transcardiography, including research and clinical components in all forms of echocardiography, including stress echocardiography.

He is currently a Visiting Medical Officer and Cardiologist in the Cardiothoracic Department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Dr Young Yu · Cardiologist · Sydney

Dr Susan Corcoran studied medicine at the University of Sydney. She trained in cardiology at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, followed by further training in cardiac electrophysiology and pacing at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Her main area of ​​expertise is the examination and management of patients with syncope (blackouts).

She works at the Alfred Hospital and researches blood pressure control disorders associated with syncope at the Bakeridi Heart and Diabetes Institute.

Aged care, community services, medical, surgical, mental health, diagnostic and investigative, rehabilitation, emergency, trauma and intensive care and specialist support.

“Compassionate, good listener, competent, not in a hurry. We look forward to his care for many years to come. – Dennis W.

Melbourne Cardiology Group

Ph.D. Daniel Doyle graduated with honors from the University of Melbourne in 1973, first equivalent in medicine, and trained in cardiology at St Vincent and Prince Henry’s Hospital. He completed his post-graduate studies as a National Heart Foundation Research Fellow at Vincent’s Department of Medicine and St. Vincent’s School of Medical Research, followed by a Canadian Heart Foundation Research Fellow at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. He began his clinical practice at Sacred Heart Hospital in 1984, first as director of the intensive care unit and then of coronary care. He co-founded John Faulkner Cardiology with Roderick Warren and developed cardiac tests at Sacred Heart Hospital and John Faulkner Hospital. He recently developed CT Coronary Angiography (CTCA) in collaboration with I-Med and is a Level B specialist in CTCA providing high quality studies. Since 2000, he has traveled extensively in Africa to assess health projects for the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia and recently assisted a major solar project at St. Therese in South Sudan.

“Excellent doctor. I spent a lot of time with me and my family. I never felt rushed. He is friendly and explains things well. ” – Anton C.

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