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Best Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles – No one imagines that they will get into an accident while traveling in a car. However, Los Angeles has the highest rate of road accidents in the United States. All car accidents are serious. Even a small bend in the fenders can put a huge burden on your life – a burden you’re not ready for. Bills for medical treatment, incomplete work, emotional distress and dependent care add up as quickly as a car repair bill from a mechanic. With such frustrating and depressing experiences, you may feel like your world has been turned upside down. You may feel like the end of a joke as you try to recover from the shock and pain and try to piece your life back together.

At Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we understand the stress you face and the difficulties you face. Our car accident attorneys are here to provide you and your family with the support you need to overcome the hardships caused by your car wreck. We believe in protecting the rights and welfare of car accident victims to ensure speedy personal and financial recovery.

Best Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

If you have been injured in a Los Angeles car accident, please call us at 424-237-3600 or complete the contact form on our website for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Attorney George Chakmakis has 28 years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death cases. He is a former Los Angeles Supreme Court prosecutor. Los Angeles Magazine and the New York Times have named him a Super Personal Injury Lawyer for seven consecutive years since 2014. He recently received a $2.5 million award in Orange County District Court for his client who was injured; and a final $1 million award from the Fresno Supreme Court.

Tried jury cases involving wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, governmental negligence, slips and falls, medical malpractice, dog bites and other liability issues. George Chakmakis is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) and a former speaker at the Los Angeles Consumer Advocates Association Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Chakmakis worked at the insurance defense firm, Gilbert Kelly Crowley & Gennett, before opening his own law firm in 1995. This experience allowed him to understand damages from a defense perspective, but now he only represents injury victims. Prior to Gilbert Kelly, George Chakmakis worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the Federal Office of the Public Attorney. Mr. Chakmakis studied at UCLA and Southwestern University School of Law. He is also a pilot with instrument licenses.

At Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we are always honest with customers in all aspects of their claims. At the outset of your claim, it can be difficult to establish the exact value of your case due to the number of undetermined variables. The estimate is also not true and fair. However, as your claim progresses, you will become aware of certain variables so we can better estimate the value of your claim. The value of your injury claim depends on details such as how you suffered your injuries, your ability to prove your injuries, and the extent of your injuries.

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At Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we prepare any wrongful injury or death case like never before. Insurance companies know we are a business. Although we cannot recover your injury or suffering, we can put the pain and suffering into words to help you recover as best as possible. We provide professional, experienced, aggressive and compassionate representation. Don’t be victimized twice – don’t pay less than you deserve.

On paper, claiming and claiming your compensation seems like a fairly simple process. At Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we know that this process can quickly become complicated, scary, and overwhelming. Our role is to be advocates for car accident victims. By taking care of everything you need in the car accident process, we want to relieve the stress and pain after an accident so you can focus on recovery and recovery. This includes contacting your insurance company, the legal system, and keeping you informed of all developments in your case.

If the police had responded to the car accident they would have checked the area. This usually involves taking statements from the parties involved, sketching the scene and taking evidence from witnesses. But if the police can’t answer, insurers have to rely on the customer’s account of what happened. Unfortunately, this does not provide a clear picture of what happened. It may also contain false and misleading statements from another driver.

Personal injury claims often involve a lot of negotiation between the parties involved to recover damages after a car accident. Negotiations with the insurance ombudsman begin with the issuance of a summons, which forms the basis of the other party’s liability and outlines the claim. It should be noted that negotiations can be one of the riskiest parts of a claim if the victim chooses not to hire an attorney.

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If the settlement offer is unsatisfactory or your claim is denied, we are fully prepared to file a lawsuit in California civil court. The statement of claim must state the claim for damages and the basis of liability. A car accident case can take a long time to get the compensation you need and qualify for a full recovery.

At Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we often work with investigators, forensic experts, accident reconstructionists and medical experts to conduct a thorough investigation and independent analysis of the accident. This includes taking and reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, visiting the scene, taking photos of the scene and the vehicles involved, taking video from surveillance of the scene, viewing medical records and investing in space and other people involved. An in-depth investigation helps us get a clear picture of what happened during the accident and identify the cause of the failure.

Insurance companies have large teams of experienced lawyers and liquidators who deal with compensation claims on a daily basis. By hiring us you can get full compensation in land leveling. We have years of experience working with insurance companies and understand the scare tactics they use to deny a claim or offer a lowball settlement.

At Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we want the same for you. We are committed to helping you regain your financial, physical and mental health and achieve the best outcome for you.

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Any car accident can cause serious injury and property damage. At Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we believe that every car accident victim has the right to representation, no matter what happened in the accident. Below are the most common types of car accidents we deal with:

In most cases, frontal collisions cause serious injuries. This type of car accident occurs when two cars collide in opposite directions, especially when one of the cars tries to overtake. Even at moderate speeds, a frontal collision can damage the front of the car and seriously injure the driver and passengers.

Sideswiping usually occurs when a car moves into another lane. In this type of collision, one side of the vehicle collides with the other side while both are moving in the same direction. Side derailments are often caused by drivers of busy vehicles re-entering traffic without making sure the lane is free and drivers not checking blind spots before changing lanes. Side-impact collisions at high speeds can cause severe and serious injuries.

Also known as a side impact, a “t-bone” collision occurs when the center of one vehicle hits the front or rear of another vehicle. This type of conflict is very damaging to both sides.

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These types of accidents occur when one of the accident drivers decides to flee the scene without providing their contact details.

Rollover accidents occur when the vehicle overturns due to driving off the road or colliding with another vehicle. Rollover accidents are often serious, especially roof crashes.

A rear end accident occurs when a driver collides with the vehicle in front of him. These accidents range from minor to serious depending on the speed at which the vehicles travel and the exact circumstances of the accident.

This type of car accident affects only one vehicle and results in crashing into a stationary object or driving on the road. These accidents may be caused by driver error due to factors such as fatigue toxicity, or may be the result of external factors such as unsafe road conditions or extreme weather.

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