Best Cakes In Marietta Ga

Best Cakes In Marietta Ga – Cinnamon Spiced Pancakes at Tiny Lou’s Caramel Apple Crepe Cake with Apple Butter, Cinnamon Mascarpone and Brown Butter Crumbs. Charmain Gadgets

Cinnamon Spiced Pancakes at Tiny Lou’s Caramel Apple Crepe Cake with Apple Butter, Cinnamon Mascarpone and Brown Butter Crumbs. | Charmain Gadgets

Best Cakes In Marietta Ga

Dessert may be the last course of the meal, but it is certainly not the most important. Fortunately, it is full of delicious desserts and boredom is not a necessity. Here are restaurants where you can choose from a variety of desserts, from the simple and to the point, to the decadent and downright stunning.

Ohhhh Fudge Cake By O&h Danish Bakery

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Like their dinner menu, the spring desserts are elegant yet simple and take advantage of what’s currently in season in Georgia. Each of the three desserts on the menu is on the lighter side. Consider yogurt panna cotta with citrus, peanuts and candied Meyer lemons.

These sandwich wizards in Smyrna know a thing or two about desserts, too. A characteristic feature of the restaurant is the goat’s cheese cake with seasonal compote. Don’t let the small, universal serving fool you – it’s rich and perfectly shareable.

Rumtastic Gourmet Rum Cakes

Why bother with perfection in a classic riverside restaurant? The buttery-sweet concoction of popcorn, caramel and house-made Cracker Jacks flavored ice cream has been on the menu since Canoe opened more than 20 years ago.

As with the dinner menu, expect to find comfort in the desserts at Twisted Soul in Blandtown. Chef Deborah VanTrece’s crime-acclaimed restaurant offers Southern comfort food that’s fresh and modern. Menu includes bourbon peach whipped cream and sweet potato pie.

This west coast baked goods program is now directed by Claudia Martinez. Here, he brings his talent for fruit smoothies and unique toppings to the dessert menu. Look for desserts that make use of seasonal fruit, such as white chocolate panna cotta and coconut tart with wine-poached pear and satsuma, and chocolate hazelnut mousse with hazelnut cream.

After a hearty dinner at this Ford Fry-powered steakhouse, there may not be enough room for dessert. Go ahead and order the Boiled Alaska. This is a demonstrator. Cakes and ice cream (flavors change often) are covered in marshmallows, dipped in wine and burned at the table. If you order takeout, try the 12-layer chocolate cake.

The 8 Best Bakeries In Atlanta

It’s simple, but the sugar cream pie at Redbird is a standout on the Westside Provisions District restaurant menu. The dessert is a tribute to Chef Zeb Stevenson’s mother and is also the state cake for his hometown of Indiana. Topped with custard and cinnamon, it’s a nice addition to Stevenson’s vegetarian menu.

Former Atlas chef Christian Castillo now works his magic at Chastain, across from Chastain Park. This means that dessert is not optional here, it is mandatory. Desserts change often, but think something like a large soft chocolate cake with banana jam and cocoa-tipped pralines.

Pastry chef Erica Lee loves pastries, and it shows in this dessert menu at the hotel’s Four Season restaurant. The menu changes often, but look for creations such as peach creme brûlée, puffed vanilla pudding with peaches and caramel.

Chef Craig Richards’ Italian gem in Midtown has many worthy desserts on its menu. But the tiramisu here stands out more than the others. For chocolate lovers, order the Orange Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells

This downtown restaurant is known for its brunches, but it doesn’t sleep on the desserts at Joy Cafe. Cookies and Milk Cakes are cookies that consist of creamy, decadent chocolate chip cookies soaked in milk with whipped cream and more.

Charmain Ware assumed the role of Executive Pastry Chef at Tiny Lou’s in 2020 following the departure of Claudia Martinez. But she quickly appropriated the role with desserts like cinnamon pancakes with homemade apple butter, mascarpone and brown butter.

The bustling Candler Park Grill makes a great banana pudding for dessert. Something to order every time. Fox Bros. on Ottley Drive. For those looking to purchase takeout, be sure to purchase whatever is on the dessert menu. A second restaurant is now open at the Works in Underwood Hills.

This Dunwoody neighborhood restaurant is known for its pasta and pizza, but its gelato is distinctly different. It’s made in-house (originally operated by Cremalosa owner Meridith Ford) and is incredibly rich and creamy. There are seasonal flavors, but regular flavors of hazelnut Nutella swirl and pistachio are on offer.

St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Clover Layer Cake By Blue Owl Bakery

Mango and blue sticky rice? Yes, and Thai 26 does it brilliantly in each of its four locations. It’s rich, creamy, and the rice is served hot, which is a nice contrast to the cold mango (especially after a spicy meal). In addition to Brookhaven, there are Battery locations in Cobb County and in Buckhead and Midtown.

Chocolate cake lovers should check out another dessert from General Muir. A rich and decadent Brooklyn meltdown is topped with layers of dark chocolate cake on the outside, salted caramel filling, ganache frosting and chocolate chip cookies for an extra crunch factor. There is also a location in Sandy Springs.

Cuban Bakery Buena Gente brings a taste of Miami to the Decatur Mall. It’s only fitting that the shop offers a decadent lemon tart on its menu. Get there early because this dessert sells out fast.

Pyrenean Pig takes a modern approach to Spanish cuisine, but the churros on the menu are as traditional as can be. The shortbread is crispy on the outside and airy on the inside with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar. This fried dumpling is perfect for dipping into the accompanying chocolate sauce. There is also an Iberian Pig location in Buckhead.

Actually, Maybe These Are The Best Newsroom Cakes Ever

Rachel Wright runs the pie program at Leon’s Full Service in Decatur. Although Wright’s Desserts is known for its pub food and great cocktails, it’s always worth ordering. Try the grown-up candy version, made with peanut butter crust, banana caramel, dark chocolate ganache, and a sea salt garnish.

Deer and Pigeon in Decatur offers a hard-to-find dessert these days: chocolate soufflé. It is made with chocolate ganache, hazelnuts and benne seeds and served with sorghum ice cream.

Doraville Lao Street Restaurant doesn’t have an extensive dessert menu, but don’t overlook it entirely. For example, try nam van, a mix of coconut milk, tapioca water chestnut jelly, jackfruit, longan, corn, honeydew, watermelon and sweet basil seeds. Both straws and spoons are needed for this dessert.

A county institution since 1997, Zyka on Scott Avenue in North Decatur offers delicious Indian cuisine from halal meats to vegetarian options in a casual dining room setting. Ordering the kulfi, a thick frozen dessert, is a must here. The dessert comes in a variety of flavors including pistachio and mango and is served in a small clay pot. There is also open space in Alpharetta.

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